Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Leyla. It's Time for You to Come Out, Dear.

Okay, maybe the last post was a bit too much. So tonight I am gonna introduce you to my future wife, Leyla. Honey, give your sexiest pose please? Here goes, Leyla. :D She's a 600cc super sport bike. I'm totally in love with her but the hantaran is RM70k. So, goodbye for now, Leyla. Wait for me!!!

Anyway, the name 'Leyla' really was the name given by Honda to this CBR600RR 2010 model, which really suits the sexy design and of course, the speed. This bike's top speed can reach 260 kilometers per hour (kph)!!! The name 'Leyla' refers to to the non-solid paint theme designed in black and white, on the fairing. This is an announcement, I'm officially married to Leyla in Facebook! Call me crazy, but really, I don't care! XD

CBR600RR 'Leyla'


syam said...[Reply]

i knew i was rite :p

shine in black..si leha..eh..leyla. haha :p

Fits said...[Reply]


Nrvnqsr J said...[Reply]

Syam : Leha?? Hahahahaha!!

Fit : Memang best bro... Ko kawen la sebijik, bley konvoi...

NexCorvus said...[Reply]

Mas kawin dia 75k tu...

Anonymous said...[Reply]

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