Monday, February 1, 2010

That Girl, This Girl

It had been a few days since I wrote my last post! So before this become a habit, I decided that I should post something, anything, soon, now. Thus, the title stated above will be my topic of blogging at this moment.

It's a nature, it is, for any guy that we have natural attraction to the opposite gender a.k.a. girls. That is if you're straight, mandatory. If you're tilted a bit to your own gender, you're out. If you find yourself attracted to a creature with somewhat similar genitalia, then you're definitely out. Homosexuality, if you want to compare it to other sexual fetishes or genetically imprinted, as an individual freedom, then I also have the right to disagree. Like the color of blue over yellow, eh?

What do we male creatures like about girls? Specifically me, a representative of the whole species, in this post. Some say the face, that wishful eyes, that innocent smile, that . Some say the body, that huge rack, those solid curves, that pouted lips, that lustrous hair, that silky skin. Some prioritize investments, that indispensable resource, that filthy rich parents. Some say the heart, the kind ones, the naughty ones, the wild ones. This one, that one. That girl, this girl. That I want, this I want. So many we demand yet, so little we get. Ha ha ha. So little we know, so little we have yet so much we want.

Of course, people might say, "But that does not apply for everyone". True, if you said so. But if you're promised such a perfection you demand, would you honorably say "no"? For something that you can grasp within your hands, would you dismiss it without a tint of regrets? That is for you and me to answer.

Honestly,  after years and years (twenty two going twenty three by now) of dealing with this issue and female occupied environments, I came to a conclusion which some of you might already had. 

Imperfection perfects imperfection.

The formula works this way:

(Imperfect male A) + (Imperfect female B) = Perfection x (Nobody is perfect)

For God's sake, I don't care for anything else, though I might enjoy the sight of huge racks, overly exposed skin, beautiful girls and those X rated stuffs. Girls, women, they are most perfect when they can make me laugh and let me forget about worldly issues for a little while. Not your makeup, not your face, not your expensive clothes, not your money, not your tits, not your performance in bed. 
Your humor.
But not the mindless ones.
Your laughs.
And also your sadness.