Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Love At First Sight :3

I know this sounds so sudden, but I think I've fallen in love. Totally! Maybe this is what people call love at the first fright or night or sight or whatever you may call it. For more than two years, I think I gave up in love. And more than two years, this heart had been empty. Hollow. You know what I meant, before I go all melly-mellow. First, I want to tell all of you her name. You may call her Leyla. That's what her dad call her at home and most of her friends called her by this name and of course, all of her fans! But you know, I'm the man so now she chose to be with me.

Unbelievable. It's less than 2 weeks but I feel like I am the king of the world! Is this my happy ending? Here's the story. I've actually known Leyla through the internet and I've seen her a few times already. But as fate may had decided it, we totally had instant chemistry. Everything about her is so fucking perfect to me! Fucking! Ooops. I mean, she's totally cool and everything about her is just perfect to me. Oh Leyla, how can I live without you?

Fellow friends and readers, some of you might wonder who is Leyla? Wait for my next post. I'll show you her picture, Leyla, my future wife.

p/s: Oh my God, I'm so in love it's so embarassing!



NexCorvus said...[Reply]

How come ur wife and mine are the same? >.<

Nrvnqsr J said...[Reply]

Oh me Gawd! Wife swap!!! Oh shii

starRocker said...[Reply]

hahaha.ingatkan incident di jayati. ;P

syam said...[Reply]

i bet she is shining in black.

Nrvnqsr J said...[Reply]

starRocker : Bukan!!! XO

Syam : You'll know soon. Hehe.

N3_XieRRa said...[Reply]

ape ni joe....btul ke ni?

Nrvnqsr J said...[Reply]

Hahaha~ Nantikan di episod seterusnya. :p