Thursday, May 13, 2010

Highlights of My Solo Trip to KL Today

1. No matter how cool you think the songs you have in your mobile phone, when it's played in the KTM, everyone considers it as a noise. Don't trust all those Digi, Celcom and Maxis commercials that everyone would be dancing and prancing happily.

2. Similar to the previous facts, no one would think that you're cool even if you're able to talk non-stop for about two hours and keep on laughing at trivial things and tasteless jokes.

3. Don't ever mix mozzarella cheese, rice, onions, tomatoes, chicken and sauce into a single meal. Trust me, it tastes worse than a failed fried rice.

4. I actually took three pictures of Asics badminton shoes, send it to my brother-in-law in Sarawak, waited for almost one hour for the choice, waited another almost one hour for the money to be transferred-- which result in suspicion from the shoppers I was trying to scam the freaking shoes.

5. Beneath the very crowded view inside the KTM, I had a view of this very beautiful girl... Until I saw her all the way down after the people disperse.

6. After going out for almost everyday the whole week, I noticed that recently I've built a remarkable amount of stamina. Boredom makes people healthy I bet, despite of my smoking habit.

7. Above all things, don't ever tell your relatives that you'll be back to your hometown late. If not, be prepared to face the wrath of excess baggage.

8. Talking to a Malaysian waiter in English as a Malaysian in an overpriced restaurant is the most awkward drama I've ever experienced, especially if the waiter was the one who initiated the conversation, with half-assed English.

9. At KL Central, I saw this two cool dudes performing a wonderful song only with a guitar and their voice, for free and merely for entertainment. Salute!

10. I bought a T-shirt which was imprinted with "Not Made In China". So fucking cool!

11. Malaysians are notorious with their habit to clog the sidewalk, either with romantic side-by-side walking style, or simply with their tendency to enjoy sight-seeing regardless of the clogging traffic behind them. Moving aside is not tolerated.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Smile Like You Mean It

*Profanity alert*

Today let me tell you about smiles. I think, most of us were given the uncanny ability to smile. Some smiles looked so freaking angelic and soothe the hearts yet some are fugly and may induce pants wetting aura. Despite of that, a smile means a lot and yes, smiles are fucking big deal. Without a proper smile, a politician won't get supports from his or her people. Without smile, you will not be able to get through that shopper that you were shoplifting. Without a fucking smile, you will not be able to lie about your feelings. Without a smile, people will think that you are mental. MENTAL. So that's why a smile is a freaking big deal. At least that's what I think. You don't agree? My pleasure.

So what is this post about? As usual, the few previous lines in this post are merely ramblings. So what's the big deal about smile huh? As a person, I think I sucked big time at this. Seriously. Who said while taking pictures, we must smile? Who wrote this ridiculous unwritten law? See, UNWRITTEN. Mind the word, smiling is not compulsory and plus, it's boring. I bet you guys are taking it seriously now eh? Okay, I'm kidding. I really wanted to smile more, but you know, I am kinda in disagreement with 'picture perfect' photos. Big fake smiles and beneath a reality which you usually don't wanna talk about. So that's why I refused to smile. Er, maybe not, my life is not that fucked up. Right, moving on.

Smile, smile, smile. I really adore people's smiles. And the best smile I've ever seen is from the Joker from Batman's graphic novel The Killing Joke. It looked like this. 
Now that's what we call an honest smile. No shit whatsoever. This is how everyone should smile. Before this post gets more ridiculous, let's get on to the most important point.

I think I'm in love with your smile. And of course everything that comes with it.

That's all.

Now I'll run and hide.

Don't look for me.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

tumblr Alert!

Few days ago, I registered to tumblr and I was attracted with its simplicity.
So it was a birth of another blog!
For tumblr, I plan to write shorter (not that I write too long anyway), lighter and more hilarious stuff,
while this blogger blog will always contain more serious contents and my attempts on poetry.
Oh, I don't have a plan to quit Blogspot.
Now I'll be writing in these two blogs.

So if you favor my writing and mediocre posts,
do visit my tumblr blog at

The title of the blog is 'comawhiteblack', a sister project to comablackwhite.

So welcome!