Thursday, March 19, 2009


Why would we rather lie to ourselves about a truth that we fear would happen, though deep in our hearts, we knew that eventually what we expect is coming, right there for us and we were exactly right about it?

Edit August 11: As I expected, it happened. Karma punched, kicked me hard.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Welcome, humans.

Welcome to my blog, if there's anyone there yet.
First of all, I'd like you to know that whatever I'm going to write here is heavily based on my own opinion. It's just my opinion and if you think there's something you quite disagree with, then you're wrong because it's my opinion. Ha ha.

This will be my second attempt to write a blog. Last time, I did wrote some on Friendster's blog, but later found that it was no good and the server is frequently problematic. I thought to myself, why do people write blogs? Is it matter that people read what you wanted to talk about? Or would it even change anything in this world that dissatisfy you? Probably, no. After all, people have their reasons. As for me, I write because it's my interest and I feel like doing so.

For this first post, I really have nothing to talk about just yet. Maybe not now. Adieu. More will be coming.