Thursday, January 14, 2010

Simone Simons: Goddess With Red Hair

If you're an avid listener of symphonic metal or gothic metal or progressive metal, Epica is one of the bands you should have probably known. But I am not going to talk about this band and its album, but the band's vocalist, Simone Simons. As unique as her name sounds, Simone has a crazily, extremely wonderful vocal and if exaggeratedly said, she has the voice of a goddess though some critics tend to compare her with Tarja Turunen. This angelic voice of hers drives me crazy!! Not that kind of crazy, but the crazy that says, "Will you marry me, Simone?" (In my dreams, of course, you don't have to remind me)

I've never told this to anyone yet, but I had a thing for girls with red hair. Red heads. Whatever you name it. Not that fake dyed red hair! (no offense) Really, I think natural red hair is so freaking hot! Wait, I don't have hair fetish if that's where you're going. Red hair is just so... Alluring? Anyway, here's a picture of Simone, my girlfriend.

Simone Simons

Oh, one more thing, that blue eyes of hers. Ohh... I just can't stop staring at it. Too bad for us Malaysians, any of us seen with pigment of blue in their eyes will be remarked as imitators.
"Alaa... Mau jadi orang putih ka? Pi mati laa..."

"Aik, bukan mata ko hitam ka last week?"
And other forms of sarcasm that you can think about.
So in conclusion, goddess-like voice, crazy red hair and blue eyes, three of my favorites in one package. Plus, she totally rocks in her live performances. Her vocal quality is almost studio like. Simone. Marry me!

Oh, to Lato especially. If you're reading this entry, here's my girlfriend, Simone. :p