Thursday, January 7, 2010

Oh Carol

There's only one way to achieve this.
It's either death or revival.
I would resort to poisoning if I could. But she sprung back to life instead. But not him.
Bitter truth but you swallowed it anyway.
What's with this tall tale? What does it tell?
It tells you. Impossibility.
Have you got what it takes?
You lose nothing you gain nothing.
It takes much more. Not just cool and lust. Perseverance is a must.
Not just childish dream but commitment.
Or you'll lose your own stand.
In no place to say I spat my words.
But I spill it anyway.
Oh what else is better eh?
Than being cloudy and dovey?

P/S: This gibberish is not related to anyone in particular, especially you. Seriously.