Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Leyla. It's Time for You to Come Out, Dear.

Okay, maybe the last post was a bit too much. So tonight I am gonna introduce you to my future wife, Leyla. Honey, give your sexiest pose please? Here goes, Leyla. :D She's a 600cc super sport bike. I'm totally in love with her but the hantaran is RM70k. So, goodbye for now, Leyla. Wait for me!!!

Anyway, the name 'Leyla' really was the name given by Honda to this CBR600RR 2010 model, which really suits the sexy design and of course, the speed. This bike's top speed can reach 260 kilometers per hour (kph)!!! The name 'Leyla' refers to to the non-solid paint theme designed in black and white, on the fairing. This is an announcement, I'm officially married to Leyla in Facebook! Call me crazy, but really, I don't care! XD

CBR600RR 'Leyla'

Love At First Sight :3

I know this sounds so sudden, but I think I've fallen in love. Totally! Maybe this is what people call love at the first fright or night or sight or whatever you may call it. For more than two years, I think I gave up in love. And more than two years, this heart had been empty. Hollow. You know what I meant, before I go all melly-mellow. First, I want to tell all of you her name. You may call her Leyla. That's what her dad call her at home and most of her friends called her by this name and of course, all of her fans! But you know, I'm the man so now she chose to be with me.

Unbelievable. It's less than 2 weeks but I feel like I am the king of the world! Is this my happy ending? Here's the story. I've actually known Leyla through the internet and I've seen her a few times already. But as fate may had decided it, we totally had instant chemistry. Everything about her is so fucking perfect to me! Fucking! Ooops. I mean, she's totally cool and everything about her is just perfect to me. Oh Leyla, how can I live without you?

Fellow friends and readers, some of you might wonder who is Leyla? Wait for my next post. I'll show you her picture, Leyla, my future wife.

p/s: Oh my God, I'm so in love it's so embarassing!


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Love Hate Complex

Recently, I've been listening to this Malay song entitled "Bencinta' by Faizal Tahir. Not much of a local pop genre fan, this song is simply spectacular. Why? I don't know if it's true for everyone else, but this is the first Malay song particularly themed about love and hate complex I've ever listened to. Maybe I'm wrong, but what's told in this song is truly a reality.

Love as I understand it, does not exist in an objective sense. "If it's love than love that is, nothing else", this a false and naive statement. Love, much like the existence of darkness and light, exists in equivalence with hatred. I love you, yet I hate you but I love you despite of the everything that I hate about you. I love you, I hate you but I love you much more than I hate you, thus I don't give damn about everything that I hate about you and the fact that I hate you. I hate you but I love you. I love you yet I hate you. Being able to love and hate is a privilege that I would treasure, ever.

By saying this, I'm not referring specifically to romantic relationship of course. Remember those times when you feel annoyed about your friends, situations like, "Ui, pengutur juga si anu ni nda pandai buang sampah." or "Oi, pinggan pun nda mo basuh lepas makan." or "Hutang aku dia bila mau bayar ni?" or anything else, use your imagination. But then you realise it, maybe after a few days, weeks, months or years, that a good friend of yours is still the best. Despite of what made you felt annoyed, pushed away, ignored, angry etc etc, after all they are still the few persons you would appreciate forever.

Interested about the song? Google it. Use Mediafire. Or buy the album.

A Contest For My Blog Readers! Prize: A Sachet of Maggy Curry Flavor

Last night, I've finally done something I never did before. Well, it wasn't that wonderful for most people, but at least it's a new experience for me. It's near two years, I'd been out of luck on getting my driving license; a long story which I'll talk about sometime, though I've got a full-pledged license for motorcycle. In fact, for most of my life as an adult now, riding bike is my major means of transportation, both in Sabah and Shah Alam. I love riding bike more than anything else and I've had near death experiences more than my fingers could count. Isn't that a part of the fun? Ha ha ha.

So what happened last night? After finishing my assignment (recording verbal thoughts of a writer in order to analyse their writing strategy), my friend offered me to drive her car to Asia Cafe. Honestly I told her, "I don't have car driving license, so I think I shouldn't". But she insisted. Then I said, "How about the police... Roadblocks?" Still she insisted. Then, what the heck, I went for it. Thus here's the story, I actually drove to Sunway and Subang without a driving license. Kalau kena saman? Hentam sajalah. It was my first time driving in a highway with a car, though I went to KL so many times with my trusty Moskito. Don't laugh please, halt that grinning face, this is my first time driving a car in a highway, so bear my jakun-ness. Oh, in before any speculation, the girl I mentioned above is my group mate for MT Writing, I'm not dating her and I don't have any intention to and I'm not interested in any relationship, except with... Let's just leave it at that.

My first time driving on highway, no doubt it felt a bit awkward, added with the fact that the car's owner is someone I just knew. I thought what the heck, I drove on the fast lane at 130-something kmph, not that fast eh? Hmm... The highest speed I rode my Wave125 back in Sabah was 137kmph, with minimal wind resist and manual aerodynamic pose, which means you lower your head under the handle bar. On a motorcycle, riding at this speed without wearing a helmet will make you cry, not because of you went all emo, dingbat, because of the wind! Anyway, I drove alright until... I met the toll booth.

While I'm in Shah Alam, it's not hard to guess that I've never paid for toll since I'm riding motorcycle. Therefore, last night was my first experience personally dealing with toll booth. I asked her if she's got Touch n Go card, but she said nope. So I went for the cash booth. So here's an illustration for the embarrassing situation:

The Situation

Can you understand the situation from the picture above? Pardon the ugly illustration, it's done with Windows Paint just now, I'm too lazy to use Photoshop or Photoscape. Now dear readers, I want you to guess what actually happened in the picture and submit your answers to the Comments section. Will you? :D

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Melancholic Free Verse for Your Tea Time

It is one of the hardest promises for me to agree upon
A promise that I would totally betray
A lie that I would gradually be caught upon
Lies are the sweetest
While truth timely told often hurts, damn its noble cause
Folly, trust me I'd known it since ages lot
Ignorance is my true companion
Masquerade of jolly faces and grins
Beneath a hollow heart and lapses of voids
I loathe you yet I beseech your glimpse
Sanity, I left it sunken so none could see its loss
For strength and purpose are my only forte
For what I lost is not merely me
Grant me reasons
Grant me an end
A song I can spitefully sing
A verse I can remorsefully recite
An ultimatum for a jolly ending.

For it is hardest to
Not to care when I do.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Hitam dan Putih

Ini bukan cerita pasal warna kulit
ini cerita benar
yang juga bohong
ini cerita benar
yang isinya tak kosong

Hitam dan putih lahir bersama
kerana hitam wujud kerana putih ada
bagai cahaya dan bayang
bagai panggung dan wayang

Hitam dan putih itu juga hati
apabila berkecamuk menjadi kelabu
apabila kelabu menjadi keliru
apabila keliru haru dan biru

Orang dulu orang sekarang
putih hitam adakah beza
bukan kulit tapi nilainya
hilang ruang jadi pemisah
biar hilang maruah
biar muka diconteng arang

Putih hitam lahir bersama
tapi wujud tak serupa
kerana yang lahir yang zahir tak sama

Hitam putih itu petanda
putih itu syurga
hitam itu neraka
ikut hati mati rasa diikut binasa
dimana mahu kutempah syurga
kerana kelabu itu yang kita suka.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Aktiviti Hari Ini (Atau Malam Ini)

Hari ini aku dan tiga orang lagi telah pergi ke Seksyen 7 Shah Alam untuk menghisap (perkataan ini lawak dan mencurigakan) shisha dan melepak sambil membuang masa. Dengan gembiranya kami pun pergi ke restoran encik Bandi yang bernama Bun D. Eh, aku baru perasan, kenapa pos-pos aku baru-baru ini selalu berkisar pasal bistro encik Bandi yang mahal itu? Sila abaikan tuan dan puan. Otak penulis berada dalam keadaan ekstasi.

Jadual malam ini adalah ringkas:

Jam 12.00 : Tunggu Akmal datang dari Bangi.

Jam 12:05 : Kumpulkan ahli, berjaya mengumpul seramai empat orang.

Jam 12:07 : Merancang untuk menghisap shisha dan bermain Left 4 Dead 2.

Jam 12:15 : Aku pergi tandas sekejap, kencing.

Jam 12:20 : Turun tangga dari rumah aku yang berada di tingkat kelima. Cibai betul tinggi.

Jam 12:23 : Bergerak ke destinasi.

Jam 12:30 : Sampai ke destinasi.

Jam 12:35 : Cari tempat kosong, orang terlalu ramai.

Jam 12:47 : Pelayan datang ambil order. Dapat abang aww-aww. Cilaka.

Jam 12:48 : Dutz order Coke bunyi macam "cock". Ketawa kaw-kaw. Order shisha perisa Sweet Melon + Strawberry + Mint.

Jam 1:00 : Minuman sampai.

Jam 1:05 : Shisha sampai. Sambil cari-cari awek lawa yang kerja sini. Memang cun ooo.

Jam 1:19 : Layan shisha. Kami mendapati formula shisha kami boleh membuatkan otak naik sheikh. Hahaha. Gurauan. Membuatkan kepala pening. Macam "high". Pelik!

Jam 1:25 : Terus melepak dan menyumbang idea. Sampai keluar cerita-cerita tidak senonoh.

Jam 2.00 : Masih melepak.

Jam 2.40 : Berambus dari kedai shisha dan mula mencari kafe siber.

Jam 2:50 : Kafe siber semua tutup. Cis!

Nota : Waktu dan masa yang dinyatakan diatas adalah dijangka dan dibedal sesedap rasa.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Desperate Times, Desperate Measures

Due to the no good account management in our "base" institution a.k.a. IPGM Gaya, my business in PSP industry has to make its comeback. Why? Because first, we haven't get our allowance yet so frankly speaking we, or especially me, are prone to malnutrition and famine. Second, last semester I managed to dry up my savings. Oh yeah. I need not to explain. We are in a deplorable state!

Since my previous ads were deleted by Mudah.my after two months period, there were two actually, one is specifically for PSP 1000 and PSP 2000 models and the other ads for PSP 3000 and PSP 2000 with the cursed motherboard TA088-v3, I had to create a new advertisement. Much to my surprise, this year I've got a competitor from Shah Alam and Klang area and additionally, he's offering such a low price per service that is cheaper than my price, which is actually much cheaper than many shops in KL and Shah Alam usually offer. Therefore, I had to come up with a new business strategy. So for my first advertisement, I decided to focus on a package which will soft-mod the PSP which will unleash almost of its full potential. So here's my advertisement at Mudah.my:


Soft mod your PSP and expand its full potential you've never experienced before!
Only for PSP 1000 and 2000, 3000 and 2000 with mobo TA088-v3 is doable but requires longer time.

My soft-mod package includes:

1. Custom themes for your PSP - better than Sony's official

2. PDF reader - great for traveling

3. Emulators - play old school games. E.g. GBA, NeoGeo, SNES, NES

4. Power Saver plugin - save 10% of battery life

5. File explorer - IRShell, Xplora, XMB direct

6. Create categories in game section

7. Manga reader - manga on the go!

8. PSPTube- watch Youtube on your PSP

9. Magic the Gathering card game - home made

10. Adhoc Messenger - between PSP to PSP

and many more.

Price: RM60

Since this requires you to leave your PSP with me, I advise you to come to my place. So your PSP's safety is guaranteed. Address and details? Call or SMS me via the number below.


So how is it? Is that expensive? I've indirectly offered this package to my customers before and my price that time was RM80 and they eagerly agreed. So I hope this will work. And I've got a call from a customer already today! Tomorrow I'm going to post my second advertisement.

Oh, pictures.

As you can see here, in the background is my laptop and at the front is my PSP. So what's the wonder? The PC display is transferred directly to the PSP via VNC server, through a wi-fi router. You can control the mouse and emulate the PC keyboard function, complete with the PC's synchronized, real time display. You can do this meters away, as long as your router support it.

This is a PDF reader for PSP. Bookr version 0.7xx. Nothing much, except what's in my PSP screen is the Satanic Bible. Oh, I don't worship Satan or LaVey. I'm just interested on what's written in the book. Research stuff.

Here's the system information screen for PSP. I spoofed the MAC address and firmware version to my liking. Though this looks cool, it's actually pretty easy, it's not even a HEX edit. In the background is a customized XMB wave for PSP. It's animated but this picture is static. Duh.

This is Xplora, a homebrew software which is used as a file explorer. Though there's a better one called IRShell which I didn't show here, I liked Xplora because it looked like Windows OS. That's a Start menu, mind you.

This is an emulator of NES (Nintendo Emulation System) on Contra. Old-school game. Perfectly functional. Credits to the programmer. I have lots of other different emulators complete with ROMs but there are just too many to include here.

This a comic reader for PSP, which is called... Comic Reader, obviously. It reads... Comics obviously. Or manga. Oh, the manga shown here is Claymore.

Anyway, all of these homebrew materials are available online. I didn't create them, but you have to know where to find them and how to use them. Read! Credits to the hackers and programmers. I'm a power user and I offer technical service to other people. I'm an opportunist, am I? Sigh.

Simone Simons: Goddess With Red Hair

If you're an avid listener of symphonic metal or gothic metal or progressive metal, Epica is one of the bands you should have probably known. But I am not going to talk about this band and its album, but the band's vocalist, Simone Simons. As unique as her name sounds, Simone has a crazily, extremely wonderful vocal and if exaggeratedly said, she has the voice of a goddess though some critics tend to compare her with Tarja Turunen. This angelic voice of hers drives me crazy!! Not that kind of crazy, but the crazy that says, "Will you marry me, Simone?" (In my dreams, of course, you don't have to remind me)

I've never told this to anyone yet, but I had a thing for girls with red hair. Red heads. Whatever you name it. Not that fake dyed red hair! (no offense) Really, I think natural red hair is so freaking hot! Wait, I don't have hair fetish if that's where you're going. Red hair is just so... Alluring? Anyway, here's a picture of Simone, my girlfriend.

Simone Simons

Oh, one more thing, that blue eyes of hers. Ohh... I just can't stop staring at it. Too bad for us Malaysians, any of us seen with pigment of blue in their eyes will be remarked as imitators.
"Alaa... Mau jadi orang putih ka? Pi mati laa..."

"Aik, bukan mata ko hitam ka last week?"
And other forms of sarcasm that you can think about.
So in conclusion, goddess-like voice, crazy red hair and blue eyes, three of my favorites in one package. Plus, she totally rocks in her live performances. Her vocal quality is almost studio like. Simone. Marry me!

Oh, to Lato especially. If you're reading this entry, here's my girlfriend, Simone. :p

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Story of A Little Smart Ass

Due to some undisclosed reasons, this story had to be removed as instructed by the Ministry of Sound, Euphoria. Sorry.

The Main Character of This Story, the Little Smart Ass. Cute, is he?

Yahoo Messenger Poof!

Due to my action of oversleeping during the day, right now I'm enjoying this insomniac moment at 3.15 in the morning. I can't sleep! Is it because I kept listening to Epica with my PSP? Or because I was thinking too much? These couldn't be the reasons since these are my routine. Listening to symphonic metal as a lullaby is the best form of entertainment people usually miss!

So what's up with the title? Tonight, or technically correct, last night at around 10 or 11 p.m., I was happily clicking on that yellowish smiling face, the Yahoo Messenger icon to be exact. I'm not much of chatter and most of the time I stayed invisible to avoid certain-certain parties. Then during this happy and innocent seconds, I logged in into the Yahoo Messenger UI, checked who were online on my Friends list, suddenly something quite uncomfortable happened. One of the online participants in the list suddenly went offline. "Poof!"

I was like, "Eh?"

This is not something that is hard to guess, since it is a natural action anyone would do in the case of avoiding something. But in this case, I was that 'something'. Adoi, kecik hati aku. Also, I would not confidently say that it was coincidence when someone suddenly went "Poof!" seconds after I logged in. Connection problems? Perhaps, but I experienced it well enough to know that a group of people belonging to a same network won't disconnect separately. If one sinks there goes the others. Unless it's intentional or the power source dies. Or the Windows fucked up. What makes me so sure, suddenly it went online again, smoothly without disconnecting I may add, perhaps a change of heart? Oh well, I don't know. And the thing was that, I didn't even had the attention to chat with or bother this suspect. I lost my mood, logged out and checked Google News.

Did you know that there is robot sex slave released last week? The price is 9000 dollars. Most people in Malaysia would choose to marry for this price. Me? I would buy a 600cc superbike. Kawasaki ER6F. Plus, the robot is so fucking ugly.

The robot. I say, no. You?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Sick and Sound x Safe and Sound

I've just got back from a hospital in Klang, visiting Dayl. She actually fainted at her home yesterday. Lucky it seemed that it was not serious (I hope) from the look of it. She'll be back on her feet in two days. Get well soon!

Judging from such situation, it really made me think. We are vulnerable to sickness, disease and apparently death. As God had promised it, we have no way to predict when we will get sick and fall like withered flowers. Yet what do we do?

We are nothing compared to this universe. If I die today, tomorrow will always be the same. A small part that is not even a cog or gear as its loss would shatter the whole mechanism. We are just dusts, a nano-particle in an endless ocean.

All I wanted to do is live this life and give my all as long as I own this vessel. Pardon my laziness. Pardon my stupidity. Pardon my procrastinations. Pardon my naivety. Pardon my forgetfulness. Pardon my arrogance.

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. I have no new year's resolution. But I will always live on. I will not give up. For a meaning that I will define.

Drama King and Drama Queen

Last night was the first time I heard this song while watching AJL with my housemates. The title of this song is Drama King, sang by Meet Uncle Hussain featuring Black. I found the lyrics very meaningful though the song was cynically dedicated to their former vocalist, Lan.

Meet Uncle Hussain's Drama King.

Kali pertama aku mengenalimu
Mahu bersama
Mahu bersama
Raut wajahmu bersih
Meyakinkan hati ini
Aku terpaut

Semua dusta palsu
Aku tertipu
Berubah menurut nafsu
Panggilanmu gelaranmu
Baru ku tahu

Lakon layarmu hebat
Terpukau ku melihat
Isi hati upahan
Sampai bila
Kau mahu tersesat
Tidak kau penat
Hidup penuh muslihat
Mahkotamu Raja Drama

Kau masih berpura-pura
Kata-katamu hanya propaganda
Mengejar hijau ungu
Mata kelabu
Ini bukan kau yang pernah ku kenal dulu
Panggilanmu gelaranmu
Baruku tahu

Panggilanmu gelaranmu
Baru ku tahu
Kau bertapa
Bagai maharaja di atas lembah
Lakon layarmu yang terhebat
Memukau mata melihat
Tidak kau penat
Hidup penuh dengan tipu muslihat
Sampai bila Raja Drama
Sampai bila Raja Drama

Tidak kau penat
Hidup penuh dengan tipu muslihat
Sampai bila Raja Drama

Sampai bila Raja Drama
Tidak kau penat
Hidup penuh dengan tipu muslihat

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sama Tidak Sama dan Skeptisme

Dari dulu lagi aku tahu ada sesetengah mazhab Kristian menggunakan nama Allah. Tapi tidak pernah pula aku keliru dan beritahu kawan-kawan aku yang lain agamanya,

"Eh, Tuhan kita sama bah."

Mengapa? Pasal aku bukan bodoh. Pasal aku diajar tentang agama Islam di sekolah agama dulu. Pasal aku tahu Islam dan Kristian itu lain ejaannya, tidak sama. Aku tahu agama aku dan kawan-kawan aku ada yang berlainan. Kami berbeza di aspek itu. Tapi tidak pernah pula aku mahu menetak kepala mereka. Atau pergi membakar rumah mereka. Apalagi gereja tempat mereka beribadat. Malah semasa tadika aku suka seorang gadis Katolik yang bernama Amy. Bukan Amy Search.

Kenapa mesti begitu skeptik? Adakah benar jika nama Tuhan itu sama kita akan jadi keliru? Jika benar ada yang keliru, maka pastilah itu salah ibubapa yang terlupa untuk memberitahu anak mereka bahawa mereka beragama Islam.

Daddy: "Sonny, I forgot to tell you for the last twenty years that we are actually Muslim!"

Sonny: "What?? I thought we were Jews??"

Aku pergi ke sekolah agama semasa aku masih belajar di darjah. Kemudian semasa sekolah menengah, selama 3 bulan aku belajar di Sekolah Menengah Agama Toh Puan Hajjah Rahmah yang mempunyai lebih 20 subjek yang hampir separuh dalam bahasa Arab. Kemudian aku pindah ke Sekolah Menengah Sains Sabah. Adakah ini bermakna kita perlu pergi ke sekolah agama dulu baru kita tahu Tuhan kita tidak sama? Tidak. Senaif-naif dan dungu aku semasa kecil dulu pun aku sangat faham yang Islam dan Kristian itu berbeza. Lainlah kalau keluarga aku mengamalkan paganisme. Kita bangsa berilmu, kita diberi pendidikan dan kerana itu kita tidak patut skeptik dengan perkara ini jika kita yakin otak kita masih berfungsi.

Seperti yang aku kata tadi, orang yang terkeliru tentang Tuhan ini hanyalah orang yang tidak berpendidikan atau ibu dan ayahnya yang melepaskan tanggungjawab agama. Sinisnya, di sebalik kekecohan ini, mungkin berapa keratlah lagi ibubapa yang masih mengingatkan anak-anak tentang solat dan tentang Islam? Berapa ramai yang tidak puasa?

Terima kasih mama, mamalah yang selalu mengingatkan aku. Hingga usia 22 tahun ini.

"Ri! Sudah sembahyang Mahrib kah?"
"Ri! Bangun Subuh bah!"

Suara yang aku tidak akan lupa. Tapi apabila aku di sini aku tetap lalai juga. Siapalah aku mahu berkata?

Puisi Malam Sunyi Sepi feat. Black Friday

Pada malam "Black Friday" 8 Januari 2010, aku, Hafiz dan Awang telah pergi melepak dan menikmati shisha di bistro Bun D yang pernah aku ceritakan dalam entri sebelum ini. Agak memalukan, kami langsung tidak mengetahui peristiwa pengeboman tiga atau empat gereja menggunakan "molotov cocktail" yang berlaku di Kuala Lumpur semalam. Kemudian, kira-kira pada jam 2 pagi 9 Januari 2010, kami telah bergerak menuju ke Kuala Lumpur untuk bersiar-siar di tempat-tempat yang terpaksa dirahsiakan. Keadaan malam itu sungguh mencurigakan kerana Dataran Merdeka telah ditutup dan kelihatan banyak kereta berhenti disana-sini, begitu juga sekatan jalan yang dibuat oleh polis dimerata-tempat sekitar bandaraya.

Inilah yang terjadi bila media meyalahgunakan peranan. Haha. Tapi tidakkah ini memang peranan media dari dulu? Menjadi saluran politik dan pakar dalam mengapi-apikan lagi isu yang sudah sedia membara.

Oh, malam itu semasa kami melepak dekat Bandi kami telah bekerjasama mengarang sebuah puisi gara-gara kesunyian dan kebosanan yang tidak terkata. Ajak beberapa orang lagi semua tidak jadi. Akhirnya kami bertiga saja. Ada dua versi berlainan dari aku dan Hafiz.

Puisi Malam Sunyi Sepi versi Hafiz:

Tiga jejaka duduk semeja
menghisap shisha berduka lara
hajat mahu hidup berpunya
namun tiada siapa yang beria

Alkisah lalu seorang dara
bermuka manis comel rupanya
hajat hati ingin menyapa
namun apakan daya tak mampu bersuara

Lalu kembali menghisap shisha
dengan hati tambah terluka
apakah ini nasib mereka bertiga
membujang sampai ke tua?

Puisi Malam Sunyi Sepi versi aku:

Tiga lelaki duduk semeja
untuk mengubat hari yang lara
sambil menikmati kopi tanpa gula
kerna gula naik harga
harapnya esok tak sama
kerna nanti minyak juga naik harga.

Di kedai itu ada pelayan muda
tubuh kecil hangat menggoda
apa lagi lirikan matanya
tapi mulut matikan kata
walau mata terus menoda

Hati berkata "Sampai bila?"
rasa hati sunyi tak pernah lupa
tapi bila dikenang-kenang
masa muda ini tidak semestinya untuk bercinta
banyak lagi yang lebih berguna.

Malaysia, I Am Afraid. Very Afraid. I Love You.

Since I was a child, the name of Allah had never been an issue. I had lots of friends with different religion and mostly Christian of course. I heard from older folks conversation with my dad and I heard the word "Allah" very so often. I don't know for sure if this is the same case for all the mazhab of Christian. But for sure, this wasn't an issue. For a very long time already, I knew it well that we shared the same name of God. So what's the problem? We have our own faiths that we bear with our hearts. And these bloody skeptic, extremist and uneducated fools did something that was not even encouraged in the holy quran, in fact it was there stated explicitly that we are not allowed to damage religious compound and structure even in the act of war. If I really were to kill people, I would kill these foolish bastards and burn their homes and drown them so that I can etch it their bloody skulls that Islam had never taught such act.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Trägst du mich mit dir.

So schnell du auch fliehst,
So weit du auch kommst
Trägst du mich mit dir
Wohin du auch gehst,
Was immer du tust
Ich bin ein Teil von dir

Wohin du auch gehst,
Was immer du tust
Ich bin ein Teil von dir!

Oh Carol

There's only one way to achieve this.
It's either death or revival.
I would resort to poisoning if I could. But she sprung back to life instead. But not him.
Bitter truth but you swallowed it anyway.
What's with this tall tale? What does it tell?
It tells you. Impossibility.
Have you got what it takes?
You lose nothing you gain nothing.
It takes much more. Not just cool and lust. Perseverance is a must.
Not just childish dream but commitment.
Or you'll lose your own stand.
In no place to say I spat my words.
But I spill it anyway.
Oh what else is better eh?
Than being cloudy and dovey?

P/S: This gibberish is not related to anyone in particular, especially you. Seriously.

Small, small heart

Hari ini. Hati aku menjadi kecil. Macam kuman. Kecil hati aku.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ini Cerita Lawak, Bukan Cerita Sedih

Jumaat ini harga rokok akan ditetapkan minimum RM6.40 sekotak atau RM0.32 sebatang. Ini bermakna, rokok-rokok kelas bawahan seperti Era, Luffman, Saat, Astro, Rave, dan entah berapa macam lagi rokok-rokok murah yang keluar macam cendawan ini juga secara automatiknya akan menjadi rokok mahal. Tapi tidak pasti pula jika rokok-rokok bermaruah dan kasta tinggi seperti Dunhill, Marlborro, Winston, Imei, Camel, dan segala macam rokok lagi akan turut mengalami perubahan harga.

Tidak dinafikan, ini merupakan perkembangan yang baik kononnya untuk negara ini yang cukup padat dengan perokok. Pelajar sekolah rendah dan menengah juga mungkin akan berfikir dua-tiga kali sebelum membeli rokok. Mungkin ini dapat menghalang lebih ramai lagi dari budak-budak hingusan ini dari terjebak dengan aktiviti merokok. Walaupun aku merokok, aku juga tahu tabiat ini memang satu pembaziran dan tidak bermanfaat.

Tapi persoalannya disini, benarkah ini penyelesaiannya? Atau mungkin akibatnya budak-budak ini akan mengalami kehabisan wang lebih kerap kerana membeli rokok? Sudah-sudah nanti duit ibubapa juga yang dihabiskan. Hahaha.

Ini juga berkaitan dengan kenaikan harga gula tahun ini. Salah satu alasan bagi menyedapkan hati kita atas kenaikan ini adalah saranan bahawa pengambilan gula berlebihan adalah tidak baik untuk kesihatan.

Seperti yang dikatakan Hishamuddin Rais melalui tulisannya di Tukar Tiub;

Kalau sayangkan rakyat dan kesihatan rakyat dipentingkan, mengapa hospital mahu diswastakan?

Ini lawak tahun baru 2010.

Tomorrow, Hear My Plea

Tomorrow a.k.a. Wednesday, my classes will start from 8.30 p.m. until 7.00 p.m.! Five classes! With gaps of course but still... This is the greatest schedule ever! There's nothing we can do about it since this semester is bound to be hectic like a brothel. Minus and plus everything, the other group who claims their schedule was better than ours, still got four classes on Wednesday with almost no gaps. Nothing to complain eh, it's fair and square.

So the question is, as suggested by the title of this post, should I go to the faculty tomorrow? Or should I play truant instead and waste my time at home and everywhere else?

My reasons are:

1. This is the first week of the semester so the lecturers are probably lenient about attendance. I know this reason is lame but I don't give a damn.

2. I think this semester I feel kind of burned out with our previous routines in Shah Alam and obviously we're going to have the very same redundant, tiring, annoying and stupid routine again this semester. No doubt about it. I wanna go somewhere else.

3. I am broke and I don't want to waste my money eating outside and not cooking, at least I can save my money for a day. This is another lame reason, so is the second.

4. I'm lazy.

5. I think I'm going to have stomach ache and fever tomorrow. Maybe it's the second wave of H1N1? I hope H1N1 wasn't a bullshit though.

6. Err... Because right now I'm still typing this post and not getting a good night's sleep.

That's all. I gotta sleep. So let's see what happens tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Mengarut Sambil Memformat

Sementara aku memformat laptop si Farah yang bermasalah ini, aku terfikir untuk menulis blog (bukan Farah yang bermasalah, laptop dia).

Aku manusia. Kita manusia. Memang itu hakikat. Aku seorang pelajar. Begitu juga kebanyakan yang membaca blog ini. Kadang-kadang aku terfikir. Mengapa kita harus belajar di universiti? Mengapa ketika kita masih lagi hingusan ibubapa menyuruh kita ke sekolah. Sebilangan selalunya berkata, "Jadilah orang yang berguna." Atau "Belajarlah rajin-rajin, nanti dapat gaji besar." Atau "Ubahlah kehidupan kita." Atau "Kau malas-malas begini nanti hendak jadi apa?" Dan pastilah banyak lagi.

Fikirkan sekarang. Sebagai seorang pelajar yang masih belajar kini, apa yang sebenarnya kita mahukan. Kadang aku terfikir, apa yang sebenarnya aku lakukan? Adakah sebenarnya aku belajar sekadar untuk terus hidup dan meneruskan legasi keturunan? Tidaklah semudah itu, aku pasti kamu juga berfikir sama. Nanti aku ingin membeli komputer yang boleh mampu menampung permainan komputer yang terbaru yang kosnya mencecah ribuan ringgit. Aku mahu membuat bilik bacaan aku sendiri. Aku mahu membeli motosikal besar. Aku mahu membeli konsol-konsol permainan baru yang aku telah ketinggalan seperti XBox 360 dan PS3.

Nanti bila bekerja pastilah kereta menjadi keperluan. Kemudian bila aku semakin tua aku akan perlu membeli rumah. Bagi yang berminat dengan kereta pastilah inginkan kereta-kereta import yang harganya mahal macam jahanam di Malaysia ini. Bila sudah memiliki kereta mungkin ada yang gilakan modifikasi. Ada yang gilakan telefon-telefon bimbit yang canggih dan harga beribu meskipun buta teknologi. Bagi yang bernama wanita pastilah sebilangannya inginkan mekap-mekap yang harganya bukan saja beratus malah beribu. Baju dan pakaian juga bukan murah harganya ditambah lagi dengan obsesi kita terhadap penjenamaan. Walhal kain tetap juga kain. Tidak mungkin ada kain kapan berjenama Gucci atau Adidas. Walaupun ada, tapi mungkin bukan di sini. Jika ada pun, terima kasih.

Jika hendak aku panjang lebarkan lagi, pasti tulisan ini akan menjadi lesu dan membosankan. Terlalu banyak yang kita mahukan, kita inginkan yang sekarang kita impikan. Dari kita kecil hingga dewasa, tidakkah kita dibesarkan dan dididik dengan segala kemahuan ini? Bukan salah ibubapa. Kita hidup dalam sebuah dunia yang mendambakan benda-benda seperti ini. Bermula dari permainan kuda plastik atau masak-masak buatan China, kereta kawalan jauh, kepada Playstation, komputer riba jenama Vaio dan kereta-kereta yang dimodifikasi. Tanpa kita sedar, kita kini terlalu banyak berusaha mendapatkan apa yang kita mahukan lebih dari apa yang kita perlukan. Seperti mekap yang bagiku tidak begitu perlu bagi seorang wanita. Yang pasti, aku juga tidak terkecuali, aku juga adalah produk zaman ini.

Sekian, terima kasih.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Sejak Bila...

-kebanyakan kita menganggap melayari internet itu keperluan?
-mesti membuka Facebook setiap hari?
-menghantar mesej melalui telefon bimbit untuk hal yang remeh-temeh?
-menonton televisyen jadi antara tabiat harian?
-membeli majalah-majalah yang kandungannya bukanlah keperluan?
-menganggap mendengar muzik itu menjana kreativiti?
-kita dengar Lady Gaga itu mungkin khunsa? Hahaha...

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Apa yang Mungkin Berlaku.

Tahun baru ini aku berfikir dan terus berfikir. Apa yang baru? Semuanya tetap sama. Perut tetap sama besarnya. Komputer riba masih yang sama. Benci tetap yang sama. Hidup juga serupa. Politik Malaysia juga sama. Masih kapitalisme. Apa yang baru? Kenaikan harga gula! Pastilah nanti harga rokok naik juga. Semua pun naik. Gaji saja tidak naik-naik. Kalau mati pucuk pastilah tidakkan naik lagi.

Jadi apa yang bakal berlaku? Tahun ini dan tahun lepas banyak mengajar aku. Meski tahun ini baru seketika. Aku benci keadaan ini. Aku benci dengan kebodohan aku. Kenapa percaya? Kenapa berharap? Tidak pasti itu sudah pastilah tidak sama dengan ya atau tidak. Jika tidak katakanlah ya. Mungkin tidak ada yang akan faham apa yang kukatakan ini. Baguslah. Nanti aku juga yang kena.

Aku mungkin menjadi misogynist. Ha ha ha!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

What I did on 1st and 2nd January 2010

1st January 2010

4.30 p.m. :
Went to Pusat Komersial a.k.a. 7 Bintang with to have a lunch (yes, lunch) with 6 others and later went to Seksyen 7 Baru to play Left 4 Dead 2. Tough luck, our favorite cyber-cafe was closed. Maybe the owner that we knew went for his new year vacation. Then we went to other unfamiliar cyber-cafe just nearby. I asked the cashier, "We'll need 7 PCs for all of us". She answered, "Yes, can, but you'll sit asing-asing lah." I answered, "Bah, mana ja kau". After a confusing session of discussion between all of us, we managed to get to the PCs. Then I try to start the game, a hacked version of Left 4 Dead 2 of course. It was confusing and I took 20 minutes to create a server and the computer got hang once and I had to do a hard reset which probably could have fucked up the PC. At last, we couldn't play a versus game for all 7 of us so we had to divide ourselves to two groups and play different campaign. This was practically a bummer. Then, my disappointment continued, the PCs couldn't really support the game in high detail so the graphics suck, a lot. The mouse was stupid and at times it moves on its own and I was left staring at the sky or the ground and the zombies hit me and I died. This was not fun. So my 1st January afternoon was not fun at all and I was secretly pissed.

7.30 p.m. :
Got bored and pissed off from playing with such uncomfortable condition, we went back early. Downloaded a A Perfect Circle and David Garret's music from Rapidshare. Asked Farah when she'll need to fix her laptop. Watched Californication. Smoked a bit and ran out of cigarette. Scratched my head. Whined when will we get our allowance. Wasted time until 10.30. This is a sign of another unproductive year. I hope it's not.

11.00 p.m. :
Went to Seksyen 7 to have a meal and a good shisha but my friend forgot the name of the place. Then we went to the section. We went to Pusat Komersial instead and later realised that was not the place! Redirected ourselves to Seksyen 7. The name of the restaurant was still not remembered but my friend said the name somehow contains the syllable "Ban". "Jamban?" "Bantal?" "The Barn?" We guessed all wrong. The restaurant's name is Ban-D which was recently opened during the holiday. We think it is owned by the vocalist of Amuk since his name is Bandi and since some Amuk related decors were on the walls. It was awesome! It got live performance and good shisha. A great place to hang out. And one of the waitress was really cute. I think I had a crush. Seriously.

2nd January 2010

2.00 a.m. :
We went to karaoke in Kepong which is cheaper than the Quality Hotel, Shah Alam. It was a bit far but it's really worth it. Screamed on the microphone. Oh, who cares, I can't sing but I can scream. The one hour package expired and we planned for our next destination.

3.00 a.m. :
As explained in the previous post.

4.30 a.m. :
Lepak-lepak at an unknown mamak restaurant.

5.30 a.m. :
Decided that we should get back and stop blabbering about nonsense. Got home.

6.00 a.m. :
Went to the loo for good business and wrote this post.

A Night In Brickfields

Tonight, I went to Brickfields with my friends for the second time. Second time for the three of us, and the first time for the other two.

Now, if the place doesn't sound familiar to you, Brickfields is a street behind the monorail station in front of K.L. Central. So what's interesting about Brickfields now? It's because here lies lair of harlots. Or in other words, I mean prostitutes. Rather cheap ones, just around RM30 to RM40. Okay, stop, stop a moment. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I went there to have cheap, steamy and kinky sex with any of them. No thanks.

I went to the place to observe and enjoy the ironic scenery and especially for the value of experience. Why ironic? Because here you can find police patrol bikes parked right in the same alley and the police station is obviously nearby. Yet here, the business is good. Not only prostitution, but also illegal gambling, there are at least two jackpot premises here. In addition to this, all the parking spots here are controlled by Indian gangsters. So, if you want to park your car here, you have to pay them RM3 or your ass will be beaten or you'll get all your tires flat or maybe tomorrow you'll be crying over your scratched car. Now do you see the irony?

Let's talk about the harlots lair. After I checked and took a tour into most of the rooms (I practically went in to most of the available spots), these are my founding. Typical to Western and Japanese red districts, these premises used the same iconic signature. So if you're looking for them, just look for stairs and lots with red lights. That's a sure sign that business is running. And for your inspiration, for such price, the harlots here are considerably attractive and tempting. Not all of them of course, minus the old ladies, the younger ones surely will somewhat make you think twice and maybe thrice. Some looked really young, perhaps around 16 to 18. You'll see the true concept of 1Malaysia here, Filipinos, Indonesians, Pakistanis, Indian, Chinese, Malays, you name it.

The last time I went here, I was culturally shocked, really. I was very shocked to see how the prostitutes were lined up from room to room similar to how you choose which fish or meat to buy in market. It's really that easy. Just pay the cheap amount and there you go. The first time, I went here to see if I can resist temptations and I did. So this second time, we went to the place again to see if these other two friends of mine will be able to make it safe till the trip ends. Ha ha ha. They did it! Give a standing ovation for them. Salute!

Brickfields oh Brickfields. What irony do we have here in Malaysia.