Monday, August 30, 2010

Servitude of Destruction

we are none but slaves
in a servitude of a delusion
of lusts and worldly confusions
we are none but dream chasers
in and endless race of materialization
of greed and secularization

to a misled path
an absolute destruction
of mind, body and soul.

Monday, August 23, 2010

A Serious Post #1 - Tumblr, Blogger and English Teaching

Being a teacher, one of the best things we felt so blissful to experience is to witness appreciation from our learners. About a month ago, I created another Facebook account just for my students since asking about it became an everyday routine. So I did and I received lots of friends requests from my dear students. Unintentionally, my Blogger and Tumblr blogs were known by some of them and days after days, I began to receive more and more followers, which of course are my students. 

Despite of the profanity of my writings and bad poetry, I've been receiving positive responses from them. In a way, other than classroom-based language teaching, I'm able to delve into the deeper and more authentic use of language that they use, rather than a language jotted down on papers in which it was bound by conscious restrictions and formality. Of course, with this advantage came another realization; kids these days are actually more exposed to profanity thanks to internet  and they discover both negative and positive influences faster than how we used to. 

Between these two extremes, what I can conclude is not necessarily negative, these kids are actually given the opportunities to witness reality and society, both its ugly defects and aesthetic aspects. They are growing up, developing their thoughts in a rate faster than we could imagine. The alarming threat here is the fact that through this rapid development, they have to attain some kind of measure to control that impulsive desire to discover, to know more. Remember, with computers we can undo a mistake, but in reality we can never 'unsee' what we have seen, we can never 'unknow' what we have known, we can never unimpregnate what we have impregnated.

Back to the original purpose of this post, Tumblr and Blogger helped me to connect with my students in a way that is beyond teacher-student communication. There is nothing more valuable than seeing these students write their posts with authenticity, with real emotions and feelings, with voluntary interests, without restrictions. However, this doesn't mean that their writings are error free and grammatical issues should be put away. But still, prior to focusing on language, wouldn't it be better if we can focus on meanings and motivate them to use the language more? Just saying.

That's all. Strangely this post feels familiar... Academic writing? My bloody AE, I'm so dead.

Why Mark Zuckerberg Needs a Malaysian Admin

 *I posted this on tumblr but never mind*

When Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook on February 2004, he forgot something that is trivial yet increasingly noticeable in few years time.

That trivial thing is to hire a Malaysian administrator.

Why? For a few years now, I’ve been accepting friends requests, stalking through pages, joining massive redundant and senseless groups, yadayadayada and I’ve noticed something, no, a lot of things actually.

Ta-da! The Facebook names of Malaysian users! (and also Indonesian users)

Or I mean, ridiculous Facebook names which can make Mark and his folks laugh their asses off if they could understand Malay.

Let’s see some examples:

1. Din Dang Datang Lagi - This is a real ID, try searching it. Trivia: Din Dang is a popular mainan dalam kotak which was popular in the 90’s.

2. Orang Gila - Real ID and there are several users with this name.

3. Tali Kasut Merah Jambu - Real ID of my friend but I don’t know if it still exists.

4. Karipap Ayam - Real ID of one my customers once ago.

5. Kentut KuatKuat - Okay I made that up.

6. Kentut SenyapSenyap - Also made up.

7. Periuk Nasi - A suggestion

8. Tongkang Pecah - A suggestion

9. Bida Yang Telampau - Also a suggestion

10. Buku Muka - Real ID and also typical.

11. IchaRatu KentutSejagad - Just found it.

12. Muka Pecah Rumah - Nice name.

I wish I can email Mark and tell him the meanings of all these names. Hahahaha

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Round of Applause Please.

Somebody is about to commit a grave mistake.

Clap clap clap! Not yet.

Wait, just for while, just a little more time, it's nigh.

What the LOL.

Anyway, my Fransiscan students are reading this blog now.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Subconscious Feelings

I wish I can just tell you how it feels.

Friday, August 13, 2010


Something I've noticed long ago but it's gradually worsening recently. It's about this dude.

Vanity is a part of human nature. But sometimes and in some cases, some people developed it way too much.

Now I'm starting to doubt your gender... Or rather sexuality.

Holyshit dude.

You've just hit the exact spot.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hot Hot Hot

Recently, I came to a conclusion. Based on some personal reflections... At last I can conclude the criteria that will make me categorize a girl into my personal 'hot' category.

1. A girl with positive ions. It means totally positive outlook towards life. Or simply they look happy and a little crazy (not demented), not that weed-happy-face please. But being positive has its limit. I'd love positive ions, not dumb positive ions.

2. A little weird but not a freak. Weird in my context means she does not go ga-ga over every unnecessary thing like shopping, dresses, every single shoe available at shop, make-up, extremely vain about her looks blablablabla. A little is alright but moderation is the key. Don't fall into the traps of consumerism. If she likes unusual things, that will be better.

3. Drumrolls~~ It's best if she can play Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker so damn good. That will be so fucking awesome and cool and yeah and woot. Okay, maybe not.

4. She doesn't mind riding a motorbike because even if I had 100K falling from the sky... The second thing I will consider to buy other than land or house will be an R1 or CBR600, not a car. Motorbike is the greatest type of transport ever and more people should use it.

5. She speaks English with Costa Rican or French accent... That will mark 40% in the hot meter. Alright that is impossible.

6. At least, able to cook something. Simple dishes. But not eggs, instant noodles, fried packed foods or water, that is not cooking. I can do a lot better than that.

I think that's all so far. So now let's see what's not in the list:

1. Giant and bouncy rack is totally not necessary. It sips away too much nutrients.

2. Should be legal age.

3. Not one of my students.

4. Not dumb.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Grinch and Fudge


Correction, remember yesterday I said I had nothing much to do? Turns out, I was so wrong.

There are millions of papers to mark and check for both English and Sivik (yes I prefer to spell Civics that way, people kept getting the wrong idea about the car).

Uhhh. Now I can't find the time to finish my thesis. And I'll have to run away from that extra pushy doctor who had PHD. Oh yeah.
*as if I will be rushing to finish it even without all these extra work? Hahaha*
p/s: I still love my thesis title though. I hope the proposal will be approved.

Bye-bye evening outings.

Grinch and fudge.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

First Broadcast From the Staffroom

3rd August, 2010. Officially today the second Setara test for Form 1 and Form 2 in this school begins. Also officially, this is the the first blog entry that I wrote in the staffroom, heck yeah! Since I've got nothing much to do after all for this week. It's a good news that I don't have to write any lesson plan for 6 days straight, but then it turns out this is pretty boring. I'm not implying that I enjoy writing lesson plans though. I know lesson plan is necessary and its importance but then, to enjoy writing it for every single lesson? Uh no thanks. But still it pays to see how the girls enjoyed and things working out after a frantic toil of writing it the previous night or in the morning.

Breaking news I read at Google News just now:

Gosh, these folks are crazy yaww. Not!

p/s: I'm not promoting pornography but hats off to those hackers who managed to pull that off. Salute! But don't try this at home.


I bet at the moment everybody knew about the price raise of petrol, sugar and gas. The rationale for the raise was along this line:

"We need to cut down subsidy in order to boost the growth of economy. The money we can save from cutting down subsidies for these three items will profit to this country's economy."

Another rationale for the heightening price of sugar was along this line:

"After all, it's good for the citizen's health. They need to cut down sugar in their daily nutritional intake. Therefore, cutting down the subsidies is a brilliant idea."

My respond to these two irrational rationales?

"My arse."

Growth of economy? Hmm. Have you heard about submarines? Ooops. Umm. Curiously lost jet engines? *cough*

This is national level comedy.


Yeah, you guessed it correctly. This is totally a rant. No, rants.

For God's sake, where the hell is our allowance??? It's 3rd August today and we have yet to receive a legitimate source about our allowance. Some said last week. Some said probably October. Some said after Raya.

Don't freaking kidding me.

I heard rumors that our allowance is coming late because the money had to be prioritized for KPLI students first. Yeah you heard that right. We don't need a cent for practical. Those who drive, they don't need money for fuel. Neither I need money to buy my teaching aids. We could care less about preparing good lesson plans for our practicum. After all, we do love budgeting and enjoying malnutrition.

So, ladies and gentlemen,
We don't mind at all even if you decide to give our allowance on December. We really don't mind, not at all. We really appreciate this. At least we can put more burdens to our parents and siblings.

Okay thanks bye.


Suddenly I've noticed, lately my post in Facebook, my entries in my blogs, including the answers in my Formspring mostly are related to school and teaching. Wait, maybe all of it, rather than most.

Oh. Where's my crazy weekend life?

Suddenly I miss my crazy moments back in Shah Alam and K.L.

Let's spice things up here!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Bohemian Rhapsody

Shame on me for the lack of update. Yeah Coma, I miss you.

Who said teaching is easy? If you did, I'll be glad to load my shotgun and shove it to your face. For the note, it's not like I hate the students, the school, the politics or anything related to those. I loved seeing how they cooperated very well, how enthusiastic they were to learn, and so on. And the school folks were nice and all. I'm not complaining.

But the routine... I think I'm getting weary of it. I guess it happens all the time, regardless of your jobs. We toil our days for something that baffles me, the continuity of life.

Ahh, what's life anyway?

A big LOL to that.