Monday, January 11, 2010

Sick and Sound x Safe and Sound

I've just got back from a hospital in Klang, visiting Dayl. She actually fainted at her home yesterday. Lucky it seemed that it was not serious (I hope) from the look of it. She'll be back on her feet in two days. Get well soon!

Judging from such situation, it really made me think. We are vulnerable to sickness, disease and apparently death. As God had promised it, we have no way to predict when we will get sick and fall like withered flowers. Yet what do we do?

We are nothing compared to this universe. If I die today, tomorrow will always be the same. A small part that is not even a cog or gear as its loss would shatter the whole mechanism. We are just dusts, a nano-particle in an endless ocean.

All I wanted to do is live this life and give my all as long as I own this vessel. Pardon my laziness. Pardon my stupidity. Pardon my procrastinations. Pardon my naivety. Pardon my forgetfulness. Pardon my arrogance.

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. I have no new year's resolution. But I will always live on. I will not give up. For a meaning that I will define.


starRocker said...[Reply]

am not swollen anymore!yeay!!
no longer a mutant.& i can walk!
but still not allowed to run.
love this picture!muahaha~

Nrvnqsr J said...[Reply]

Hahaha. Congratulations on your recovery.
Thanks for the picture!