Saturday, January 2, 2010

What I did on 1st and 2nd January 2010

1st January 2010

4.30 p.m. :
Went to Pusat Komersial a.k.a. 7 Bintang with to have a lunch (yes, lunch) with 6 others and later went to Seksyen 7 Baru to play Left 4 Dead 2. Tough luck, our favorite cyber-cafe was closed. Maybe the owner that we knew went for his new year vacation. Then we went to other unfamiliar cyber-cafe just nearby. I asked the cashier, "We'll need 7 PCs for all of us". She answered, "Yes, can, but you'll sit asing-asing lah." I answered, "Bah, mana ja kau". After a confusing session of discussion between all of us, we managed to get to the PCs. Then I try to start the game, a hacked version of Left 4 Dead 2 of course. It was confusing and I took 20 minutes to create a server and the computer got hang once and I had to do a hard reset which probably could have fucked up the PC. At last, we couldn't play a versus game for all 7 of us so we had to divide ourselves to two groups and play different campaign. This was practically a bummer. Then, my disappointment continued, the PCs couldn't really support the game in high detail so the graphics suck, a lot. The mouse was stupid and at times it moves on its own and I was left staring at the sky or the ground and the zombies hit me and I died. This was not fun. So my 1st January afternoon was not fun at all and I was secretly pissed.

7.30 p.m. :
Got bored and pissed off from playing with such uncomfortable condition, we went back early. Downloaded a A Perfect Circle and David Garret's music from Rapidshare. Asked Farah when she'll need to fix her laptop. Watched Californication. Smoked a bit and ran out of cigarette. Scratched my head. Whined when will we get our allowance. Wasted time until 10.30. This is a sign of another unproductive year. I hope it's not.

11.00 p.m. :
Went to Seksyen 7 to have a meal and a good shisha but my friend forgot the name of the place. Then we went to the section. We went to Pusat Komersial instead and later realised that was not the place! Redirected ourselves to Seksyen 7. The name of the restaurant was still not remembered but my friend said the name somehow contains the syllable "Ban". "Jamban?" "Bantal?" "The Barn?" We guessed all wrong. The restaurant's name is Ban-D which was recently opened during the holiday. We think it is owned by the vocalist of Amuk since his name is Bandi and since some Amuk related decors were on the walls. It was awesome! It got live performance and good shisha. A great place to hang out. And one of the waitress was really cute. I think I had a crush. Seriously.

2nd January 2010

2.00 a.m. :
We went to karaoke in Kepong which is cheaper than the Quality Hotel, Shah Alam. It was a bit far but it's really worth it. Screamed on the microphone. Oh, who cares, I can't sing but I can scream. The one hour package expired and we planned for our next destination.

3.00 a.m. :
As explained in the previous post.

4.30 a.m. :
Lepak-lepak at an unknown mamak restaurant.

5.30 a.m. :
Decided that we should get back and stop blabbering about nonsense. Got home.

6.00 a.m. :
Went to the loo for good business and wrote this post.