Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Night In Brickfields

Tonight, I went to Brickfields with my friends for the second time. Second time for the three of us, and the first time for the other two.

Now, if the place doesn't sound familiar to you, Brickfields is a street behind the monorail station in front of K.L. Central. So what's interesting about Brickfields now? It's because here lies lair of harlots. Or in other words, I mean prostitutes. Rather cheap ones, just around RM30 to RM40. Okay, stop, stop a moment. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I went there to have cheap, steamy and kinky sex with any of them. No thanks.

I went to the place to observe and enjoy the ironic scenery and especially for the value of experience. Why ironic? Because here you can find police patrol bikes parked right in the same alley and the police station is obviously nearby. Yet here, the business is good. Not only prostitution, but also illegal gambling, there are at least two jackpot premises here. In addition to this, all the parking spots here are controlled by Indian gangsters. So, if you want to park your car here, you have to pay them RM3 or your ass will be beaten or you'll get all your tires flat or maybe tomorrow you'll be crying over your scratched car. Now do you see the irony?

Let's talk about the harlots lair. After I checked and took a tour into most of the rooms (I practically went in to most of the available spots), these are my founding. Typical to Western and Japanese red districts, these premises used the same iconic signature. So if you're looking for them, just look for stairs and lots with red lights. That's a sure sign that business is running. And for your inspiration, for such price, the harlots here are considerably attractive and tempting. Not all of them of course, minus the old ladies, the younger ones surely will somewhat make you think twice and maybe thrice. Some looked really young, perhaps around 16 to 18. You'll see the true concept of 1Malaysia here, Filipinos, Indonesians, Pakistanis, Indian, Chinese, Malays, you name it.

The last time I went here, I was culturally shocked, really. I was very shocked to see how the prostitutes were lined up from room to room similar to how you choose which fish or meat to buy in market. It's really that easy. Just pay the cheap amount and there you go. The first time, I went here to see if I can resist temptations and I did. So this second time, we went to the place again to see if these other two friends of mine will be able to make it safe till the trip ends. Ha ha ha. They did it! Give a standing ovation for them. Salute!

Brickfields oh Brickfields. What irony do we have here in Malaysia.


Nicky In Wonderland said...[Reply]

its like u guys r playing 'truth or dare' and the dare is dat u have 2 say no 2 cheap sex....^_^

Latonia said...[Reply]

yuck Joe. don't you dare. or i shall severe all ties we have. what 1Malaysia?? classic case of misinterpretation.

Nrvnqsr Seras said...[Reply]

Lato: Of course not!!!

Nexcorvus said...[Reply]

Malaysian still sucks even in prostitution industries XD

That night, we suppose to have fun by awwing at the 'magnificent' world of such oldest kind of bussiness in the world but all I can see is yawning all the way...

But anyway, it's a nice input we got that night, that is, our country suck, in both good way and in corrupted way.

p/s: When will Malaysia produces its own product or civilazation? I yonder...Yaaaaawwwwwnnnnnnnn

Nerojei said...[Reply]

Yawning? Are you sure Nexcorvus? Wait till you see that Maria Ozawa look-alike. Heh.

Anonymous said...[Reply]

lol, where you get the info from on the price range? from the pimps standing outside each doors?