Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Yahoo Messenger Poof!

Due to my action of oversleeping during the day, right now I'm enjoying this insomniac moment at 3.15 in the morning. I can't sleep! Is it because I kept listening to Epica with my PSP? Or because I was thinking too much? These couldn't be the reasons since these are my routine. Listening to symphonic metal as a lullaby is the best form of entertainment people usually miss!

So what's up with the title? Tonight, or technically correct, last night at around 10 or 11 p.m., I was happily clicking on that yellowish smiling face, the Yahoo Messenger icon to be exact. I'm not much of chatter and most of the time I stayed invisible to avoid certain-certain parties. Then during this happy and innocent seconds, I logged in into the Yahoo Messenger UI, checked who were online on my Friends list, suddenly something quite uncomfortable happened. One of the online participants in the list suddenly went offline. "Poof!"

I was like, "Eh?"

This is not something that is hard to guess, since it is a natural action anyone would do in the case of avoiding something. But in this case, I was that 'something'. Adoi, kecik hati aku. Also, I would not confidently say that it was coincidence when someone suddenly went "Poof!" seconds after I logged in. Connection problems? Perhaps, but I experienced it well enough to know that a group of people belonging to a same network won't disconnect separately. If one sinks there goes the others. Unless it's intentional or the power source dies. Or the Windows fucked up. What makes me so sure, suddenly it went online again, smoothly without disconnecting I may add, perhaps a change of heart? Oh well, I don't know. And the thing was that, I didn't even had the attention to chat with or bother this suspect. I lost my mood, logged out and checked Google News.

Did you know that there is robot sex slave released last week? The price is 9000 dollars. Most people in Malaysia would choose to marry for this price. Me? I would buy a 600cc superbike. Kawasaki ER6F. Plus, the robot is so fucking ugly.

The robot. I say, no. You?


Anonymous said...[Reply]

looks like gaga.meh.

Nrvnqsr Seras said...[Reply]

Yeah, it does. But Gaga is a man.