Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Vortex Infinitum

Totally in love with this!!! Much better than orgasm! Oh maybe not, but close.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Sorry, Dear

My honey, my love, my whatever,

or my blog,

I'm sorry

Because I'm so damn busy and a bit sick.

I'll be back to you.

I'll hug you.

Kiss you.

Love you.

Every single day.


Now I feel disgusted.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Another Lie

I don't know. Oh, I don't know. What am I thinking?

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps...

It's just another lie.

Just another lie.

Another lie.

A lie.

From me.

Ah damn it.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Another Day

Those bright smiles of yours and yours and yours.

Kept me alive for another day.

Thank you.

: ]

The Burdened

Dear world
trust me these words are bold
and these words I can't hold
how I wish I can turn everything left unfold

Dear, I gotta go
nothing matters, today or tomorrow
I know it's hurt to forgo
this heavenly venom I borrow

Leave me, forget me.
Love me, loath me.
Hold me, bury me.

*Nothing to do with real events*

*Title tribute to Takeharu Ishimoto*

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Utter Chaos

My state of mind now.
I don't even know what am I thinking.
Cliche, eh?
I just don't care anymore.
Whatever happens, happens.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Nothing good will come out from a scattered up mind, right?
I guess I will cease writing for a while.

See you!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hyperboleum Extravaganza

Calling upon the stars and the moons,
I shouted from distance, no you're not so bright.
Oh that's a bit too much of a hyperbole.
Staring at the receding cerulean colors of the sky,
I thought, "Why?"
In the end I feel too tired to wander and wonder.
Enough, cussing this irony.
Enough, just enjoy this irony.
For I am one to be none.
It's a brand new day, people.
But it promises nothing new.
It's a brand new day,
growing and closer to wither away.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Falling In Love?

Totally, yeah totally.
I've fallen in love with this font!!!
It's so freaking cool!

You can see it everywhere now.
Oh, see below.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spin Honey, Spin

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hot Air Balloon, Hot Air Balloon Yeah!

Even if I can't get aboard on you, at least I want to see you!

Hot air balloon, I'm coming.

Wait for me.

At Putrajaya that is.


p/s: Hate?? What???

Friday, March 19, 2010

I Wanna

I wanna, I wanna, I wanna get the hell out of here
To the land of nowhere of the make believe
I wanna, I wanna, I wanna be free and empty
anywhere, anywhere, take me away
to the sky, to the moon, to the stars
to the deepest corner of your thoughts
to the filthiest depth of your secrets
I wanna, I wanna, I wanna caress you
take you away where no eyes can prey
forget everything, forget the world
I need you to be here with me,
frozen in time, high in the sublime

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Simply Epic: God of War Music Video by G4

I've always been a fan of God of War. Kratos is my hero. But this video... You be the judge.

Garisan Abstrak

sendiri aku di ruang ini
mencari logik dan alasan
keliru tak berperasaan
untuk aku, begini

ingin ku cari
apa makna dibalik senyum
asyik dikuntum
walau buta apa terpateri

aku ingin erti
berlari kala senja
sembunyi bawah pelangi
lupa dan lupa segalanya

aku kadang benci
menjadi pacal dunia
mencari bayang sorga
esok lusa dan lagi

*Title tribute to Bin Jidan

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Goblin a.k.a. Toyol

Are you one of the people who depends on Goblin during tests?

Honestly I have nothing against any of you.

But I'd like to say that I'm proud that I'd never use one for these few years.

The first and last time I used it was during Form Four on a History exam.

The first time I used one and my result went down the drain. So I learned my lesson.

Never, ever, ever use one.

But right now, I've got a test for tomorrow. All of a sudden due to a confusion between two classes and it covers a whole lot of chapters. And the book is so dead boring and the good thing is I don't have the book.

How wonderful is that?

Oh by the way I didn't resort to Goblin because I simply am lazy to make one.

To hell with ethics, I am simply lazy and I don't care. Oh tomorrow. Please deliver.


why oh why
uneasy and restless I felt
if it is right to miss
those talks that drift me to feigned slumber
those random laughs that kept me awake
those awkward silences that left me staring at the ceiling
the touch of your hands
the scent of your hair
the heat of your skin
the sound of your breath
oh how I missed
those sleepless nights

Monday, March 15, 2010


Nigh, nigh, nigh
neither millis nor nanos permitted
nigh, nigh, nigh
late may I might as well I be ousted
nigh, nigh, nigh
it shall not wait, I shall not plead
nigh, nigh, nigh
it shall not regret, I shall not fret
nigh, nigh, nigh
time please do halt, I do worry
nigh, nigh, nigh
I'll do the part, I won't be sorry
nigh, nigh, nigh
and thou and only thee knew
no fuss no frets
for this one never I blew.

Fallen Leaves, Fallen Leaves

Fallen leaves, fallen leaves
why so warm
when you wither?
Dead people, dead people
why so cold
when you wither?
Morning sun, morning sun
why do you smile
when you blaze?
Angry man, angry man
why do you frown
when you blaze?

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mystery at Mydin Section 18

Today, this afternoon I went to Giant to buy a whole black-pepper-chicken for lunch and a barber scissors for layer cut. I couldn't find the scissors but managed to buy the chicken. But that's not the point of this story. I asked a staff and she said, "We don't sell barber scissors here, why don't you try Mydin?"

So to Mydin I went.

At Mydin I went up to the first floor and asked two sweet ladies where can I find the scissors. Lucky, it is available at Mydin. But not one for the layer cut. Damn.

So after staring at the rack for about 15 minutes just making sure if the layer cut scissors was hidden somewhere beneath the many normal cut barber scissors, I realized I was kidding myself. It was not there.

So I went down to the ground floor and wander around some more, in case the scissors was hidden somewhere it wasn't supposed to be. But no, apparently not.

Oh just for the note, it was a freaking boring day.

Then I bought a small packet of salad, whatever you call it and a loaf of bread instead. Might as well buy something, right?

Okay, actually you can skip all the above, here is the point of the story.

I went to the counter, paid for the foods, get the receipt and get the receipt stamped. Get the receipt stamped? Don't ask, that's how they do business at Mydin.

I went out of Mydin and I was about to fetch my helmet when suddenly...

Somebody gave me a pat on the back.

"Woi, lama tak nampak! Apa cerita?"

I turned and glanced at him.

He looked like an Indian but his Malay slang was perfect, perhaps a mamak from Penang. That was my theory. But that's not the point.

Honestly, I didn't know him, NOTHING rang a bell. I had never seen this guy in my life.

He continued, "Kerja kat mana sekarang? Apa khabar? Bla bla bla~" 
Dan aku berjabat tangan dengan dia.

Seriously, I had no clue and plus, I am still studying.

So I told him, "Serius bro, aku tak kenal kau. Sori kalau aku tak ingat. Jumpa dekat mana? Bila? Aku tak kerja lagi, still study lagi dekat UITM. Blablabla~"

His expressions was very good, it seemed very real, like he really knew me and it was me who had forgotten about him.

He answered with a somewhat disappointed expression, "Kau ni, macamana kau boleh lupa aku. Kan aku yang urus borang-borang kelas kau dulu blablabla~ Sekarang aku praktikal dekat Mydin~ (WHAT??) Aku sekarang ambik course physiology therapy doctor blablablabla~"

Okay, maybe not very accurate, but what he said was something like that. He kinda tried to connect to my memories though it did not work well and I was confused instead.

I thought, "Alamak, aku ka yang lupa mamat ni, kecil hati pulak dia nanti."

So I tried to remember if I'd met this guy before, but still, no. Serius, aku tak kenal kau.

But this guy was very persistent, he kept talking and talking. So I gave in and said,

"Ohh... Kau ke? Sori, sori, tak ingat. Kenal tapi tak pernah bercakap kan? Ohh..."

Then he went on talking about memories that did not really connect with me and I kept on giving that awkward-Aaaah... Bila?-frown. And finally the whole awkward and bizarre episode made sense.

DIA: "Wei, kau ada problem tak sekarang?

AKU: "Hah, problem apa? Problem apa ni?"

DIA: "Tadi time aku salam kau, aku dapat rasa kau ada problem."

AKU: *Rasa confuse and macam mau menumbuk orang* "Problem apa jugak?"

DIA: "Batin, kau faham kan? Kau ada masalah batin kan?"

WHAT THE FUCK. There, everything solved.

Actually after that he kept on talking about balls (???), how he can feel people's sexual energy, sexual problems and other loads of bullshit. I knew I had no problem because I am sexually active. Eh?

So I said, "Aku nak gerak ni, member tengah tunggu."

And I went to my scooter and speedily got home.

Again, WTF???

Humans are interesting, aren't they?

Explicit Content. Do Not Proceed.

Sometimes I think the world is a place of infinite sadness.
So sad that we chose not to bother therefore we chose to be happy.
We're happy by ignoring the fucks that actually made us sad.
We chose to forget than to remember.
We chose not to see.
Yes, that includes me.
I am just too tired to bother about global warming.
Deaths of panda and whales.
Thirsty koala and the polar bear.
Those stupid penguins. Plunge, plunge to death.
I am too fucking helpless.
Blind men and women and that bluffing bastards at Section 7.
The increasingly expensive foods. Are they cooked with petrol?
Smoke and smoke and smoke more cigars and make them richer.
Citations and references and perpetuation of knowledge possession.
When I knew in the end nothing matters at all.
Everything is meant to end.
And unfortunately we can't save everything.
I'm too fucked to care.
When I can openly admit that I self-destruct.
For no reason.
I'm okay, damn it.
Yet too many fucking cats are alive. How adorable.
Sometimes I think the world that it had become today is not what it supposed to be.
The world and everything in it were made up by human's hands.
And most of them we couldn't see.
Things we wanted when we get old.
"Wanted". Why not things that we need? "Need."
Things that we want to achieve.
I want.
Money. Money. Money.
A house. In the shape of pyramid. All black inside.
A super-bike. Leyla.
Uber-cool desktop computer.
A private room for entertainment.
A large room for books that I don't really read.
A VTOL private jet.
A sniper.
10 gb/s internet connection
Someone who's always around and funny.
Like hell I want everything. I want them all.
But I hated it that I want more than I need.
I want to live a life that is mine.
Not a product of this world.
Not what it suggests.
Not what it promotes.
Not what they always said.
Do not talk about hypocrisy.
We are all a bunch of shameless hypocrites.
Do not fucking shit me.
Yet hypocrisy is subjective.
If you're not hypocrite then you're inhuman.
When you claim you're not one then you're one.
A hypocrite of hypocrisy.

Oh and by the way.
I'm perfectly fine.
Not even a sarcasm.
Just a little crazy.
But not high.
I am happy.
Though a little confused.
I am missing something.
Time is nigh.
Time is nigh.
Time is nigh.
It's time.

Anyway I know you'll proceed after all.
Now you get to meet the final boss.

The Chaos Theory

Friday, March 12, 2010

Okay, No. Not Okay.

Not that I mind neither anyone.

But remember.

Nothing will stop me from beating the shit of you.

Aggression was my middle name.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Imminent Danger of Facebook?

With that title, I'm referring to Facebook. A social network that I believe most of us are familiar with. If you've never heard about it, much less using it, you're probably someone from the past. Or you were frozen in time.

Now, now, what's so dangerous about such friendly and convenient social network?

It helps you to connect with your friends.
It enables you to search for an old friend you met in standard one, provided you still remember his or her name.
It lets you monitor your friends activities.
It can be used as an announcement board, such as notice for assignments deadline.
It reminds you of your friends' birthdays as you might have forgotten about them. Ouch.

And many other benefits that you knew yourself.

But the biggest problem about it this social network is, it is good. Perhaps too good.
I didn't say perfect, mind you.
And it is free. No strings attached. Oh really?

And I remember,
"Everything that is good comes with a cost."
"Nothing good comes for free."
Or something like that.

Right about now as I type these words,
how many of us are online in this social network?
Honestly, I am.

Since the moment Facebook was established on 2006, how many of us have adopted it as a routine?
In a day, how many times do we scroll down the news update?
And check what our friends are doing.
What's their status.
Write a status or a shout out.
Talk about nonsense.
Flame other people.
Flame them back.
Talk about politics and become famous and get a free trip to court.
Rant about your feelings and love life.
Attempt to become a celebrity.
Upload more photos.
Send birthday cards and wishes.
And everything else, self-explanatory.

As common as it is now, Facebook really is a mystery.
Why is it created?
What's its purpose?
Why are we sticking our butts on our chairs for hours just to check out people's activities, thoughts and rants?

A recent news for me,
I noticed there were more birthday wishes for me on Facebook rather than in my phone's inbox.
There were almost 30-40 wishes I received on my Facebook wall.
Less than 10 for my phone's inbox.
I'm not a wish-my-birthday-you-idiot fag, just stating the statistic.
Facebook now replaces everything. Not literally, just an exaggeration.

I wonder, is it really necessary
to know what's in everyone's mind?
to post how hopeless you are about your life and love life?
to post shout out just to get people's attention?
to 'Like' everything that is relevant to your interest?
to prioritize Facebook over real-life commitment?
and many other questions you may have thought of.

And by saying all the above, I am not excluding myself.
At the moment,
I'm not going to delete my Facebook account.
I'm not going to logout yet.

Because it made me feel...
That many people are around?

not everything that makes you happy is good.
Like drugs. But it feels good so what the heck? Like that.

Perhaps there's something beneath this that we don't know.
Perhaps not.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Best Wish Ever

Tonight at 12:22 according to my laptop clock, I received my best birthday wish this year.
The promise was it will be the last wish to arrive and it really was.

I received a call which started with,
"Hello hello hello hello hello hello?" (^o^)

I was like, "Huh?" (=.=")

I heard a birthday song sang for me on the phone! (O.o)

That's the sweetest thing I've had since forever. :)

I laughed and smiled from ear to ear. XD

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. :]


High on serotonin,

Edit: Seriously, I see 1 'Hate' down there. WTF??
Edit: Oh now there are 2.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Art of Arse Kissing

A few worthless advices for anyone out there. Nothing offensive, but please read with caution. Not recommended for practitioners of arse-kissing. Persistent still? Read on.

1. Whatever you do, reach for the sky, but arse kissing is the worst choice you could have chosen.

2. When you're on top due to arse kissing, you should shoot yourself in the head, point-blank.

3. And also, if you still insist to kiss arse, make sure you're good, so fucking good that you'll fuck up anyone getting in your way. That's what we call arse-kicking-arse-kissing. Do it with style.

4. When you kiss arse(s) half heartedly, please do remember that it will bloody annoy everyone in the nearby radius and this of course include your friends, well, if you still have any. So when you kiss arse, do it discreetly, do it aesthetically.

5. Oh, and even if you kiss arse(s), a tool is still a tool. Get some books. Search the internet. Learn to read and commit. Look up responsibility. And don't be a parasite. Or somebody will eventually fuck you up, because they really can if they wanted to.

6. In the process of getting your lips or tongue on any arse(s), please don't drag anyone on the way. They are probably not interested. Not even a bit. I'm not talking about cunnilingus. No.

7. When you kiss arse(s), please, be aware, you are not cool and people are not listening to your orders. It's just your imagination. Perhaps they hate you, no?

8. BEWARE. It's stated in the Guideline of Arse-Kissers 1907, an arse-kisser should not ever kiss another arse-kisser's arse. That's against the law of nature! You'll create a time paradox! Noooo!!!! Snake!!! What happen!!! Don't get it? Never mind the joke.

9. Do not kiss anyone's arse. It's that simple, really. You'll live prosperously and happily ever after. Or maybe not.

So now you know. It's simply art, that's all that matters.

Now go.

Happy Birthday To Me.

Today, it's my birthday.

So I have chosen two songs to celebrate it.

"Bohemian Rhapsody" by Freddie Mercury

"Birthday Dethday" by Deathlok

Though I've done nothing to celebrate it tonight.

And I've yet to receive wishes from the few persons I loved the most.


Happy Birthday to me.

I want to get high.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Plateau Stigma


Sunday, March 7, 2010

Soda Pop

Spinning crazy shit vortex
empty yet fun
troubles all flown

Freddie Mercury

Best melancholic song ever. By Freddie Mercury, Queen.

"Love of My Life"

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hari-hari Bersama Fuhrer

Semalam saya ada kerja.
Hari ini saya ada kerja.
Besok pun saya ada kerja.
Lusa juga ada kerja.
Tulat ada kerja lagi.
Hari minggu pun ada kerja.
Hari-hari saya ada kerja.
Tapi bukan hari-hari saya buat kerja.
Pasal itulah hari-hari ada kerja.


walau sedetik
kerana dia tak punya hati
kerana dia tak mengerti
kerana dia iri
kita yang tertunggu
kita yang asyik termangu
dibuai mimpi dibawa bayu
walhal hakikat itu satu
kita tidak tahu
apa yang berlaku
bila esok ketemu

Friday, March 5, 2010

Kabus Ribut

langit merah bawa kabus dan ribut
jiwaku kacau, mataku kelam, hatiku kabut
aku rindu untuk hanyut
dalam gelora aku terpaut
hati tak kenal takut

*Title tribute to Butterfingers*

Weekend? What Weekend?

This weekend, there is no weekend.

Because there are thousands and millions of tasks to be done.

And we've got a test on Sunday.

Mr. Sunday is brutally killed. Rest in peace, bro.

So is Miss Saturday.

And also that lovely, single and kinky Mistress Monday who used to be free.

I miss your procrastinating and lazy embrace.

And how you warm my bed with Shah Alam's sauna. Oh Mistress Monday.

Farewell, those good old days...

Oh, what the heck. Let's get the hell out of here!

I miss you so fucking much.

p/s: Weekend? What weekend? Are you fucking kidding me? Is there such term as 'weekend'?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

You and I, Kau dan Aku

In the living room now, I, Awang and Pojie were joking about making up an official week of campaign for our bachelor house. What week? What campaign?

That is to use 'you' and 'I' among each other, in Malay conversations. Isn't that wonderful?

Of course, we were only joking. We tried to do that for a few minutes and felt kinda... Gay.

Mungkin aku tidak pernah terangkan, tapi bagi aku sukar sekali untuk menggunakan 'you' dan 'I' dalam perbualan bahasa Melayu. Bagi aku benda ini tersangatlah janggal. Dan paling penting sekali, I rasa geli lah. Tengok? Menggelikan kan? Haish! Gelinya aku! Atau mungkin aku seorang saja yang rasa pelik? Perbuatan ini jadi lebih menyeramkan apabila frasa 'you' dan 'I' ini digunakan sesama dua orang lelaki maskulin. Haram betul. Entahlah. Ini pendapat aku.

Thus, I use 'you' and 'I' only when I'm speaking in English to the other person. And these person whom I speak in English with are very selected few. I prefer to speak in English only when I knew the person in the first place via English language, in other words, the language I first use when I speak to him or her was English. Or in rare circumstances, I would just speak in English with them out of the blue. In "Oh, what the heck!" way.

In conclusion,

Apa-apa yang aku cakap menggunakan 'aku' dan 'kau' dalam bahasa Melayu

brings exactly the same meaning as when I use 'you' and 'I' in English.

Dan lagi satu, bagi aku perkataan 'kau' dan 'aku' itu lagi ikhlas dan tidak plastik.

I treat both 'you and I' and 'kau dan aku' at par. They have the exact same status, caste.

This is my opinion. Is it weird?

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Exclusive Analysis

Analisis secara kasar bagaimana assignment dibuat dari kacamata aku.

Seminggu sebelum deadline:
Cari ilham. Lepak dulu makan-makan, jalan-jalan, minum-minum, suka-suka.

Enam hari sebelum deadline:
Masih lagi cari ilham. Duduk-duduk. Baring-baring. Baca-baca benda tidak berkaitan. Buka-buka Facebook.

Lima hari sebelum deadline:
Ilham belum lagi ditemui. Ilham! Dimanakah dikau? Kembalilah sayang!

Empat hari sebelum deadline:
Mula buka Microsoft Word. Taip satu ayat. Marah. No inspiration yet. Not even a nerve of stress. Main-main game. Dengar-dengar lagu. Hisap-hisap rokok. Lepak-lepak lagi.

Tiga hari sebelum deadline:
Ulang proses empat hari sebelum.

Dua hari sebelum deadline:
Inspirasi dan ilham belum ditemui. Mereka telah diculik! Shit!!! Marah-marah. Salahkan sistem pendidikan Malaysia. Download-download movie and series, lepas tu tidak tengok pun.

Sehari sebelum deadline:
Ilham dan inspirasi berjaya ditemui. Rilek dulu. Idea sudah diperolehi. Tidur-tidur. Mula menaip. Dengar lagu. Rilek lagi. Malas-malas. Tengah malam start buat. Buka-buka internet. Baca lagi benda-benda yang tidak berkaitan. Buka Facebook. Tulis blog macam sekarang. Sambung menaip. Stop lagi. Sambung lagi. Stop lagi. Hisap rokok. Sambung lagi. Hisap rokok. Sambung lagi.

Hari deadline:
Assignment siap pada pagi hari. Print assignment. Hantar! Yay!

Die Helios, die!

Quote of The Day

If I am stupid, you must be a retard.

Suka hati la aku malas.

Oi! *Not About Skinhead*

Bila kerja melampau banyak begini, satu saja benda dalam fikiran aku,

Tidak payah peduli.

Aku rasa aku kehilangan semangat hidup.


Memalukan betul.

Baik pindah keluar dari Malaysia.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I Am a Monkey

Trampoline Is Fun

Literally I am not. But I love high places. I am not really a good climber but when there's a chance, I'll climb as high as I could.

When I was in Form 2 in SMESH, 2 Cygma to be exact, I had this hobby during night prep classes. That is, jumping down from the first floor to the yard, in the middle of the building block. Surprisingly, I quickly became the pioneer of this dangerous activity, more and more fellas were joining this 'decisive plunge'. This activity usually started when the prep classes were about to end. This actually became a habit and at times I jump from the first floor of the hostel block just to take a bath at the kolah downstairs. Today, the only thing that I'd like to tell myself and my friends is,

"If you want to impress girls, that is certainly not the way, dude."

Then I can't really remember whether during Form 3 or Form 4, but most probably Form 4, we had this weekend activity, climbing from the first floor of the hostel to the second or third floor. Mind you, not using the stairs. We climbed the concrete tiang, in the middle of the night, when the wardens were away. Then some would record the time, who were the fastest. Oh, you can forget safety whatsoever, we climbed half-naked, only with short pants and bare hands. Who the fuck started this activity? Now that I think about it, that was really dangerous, eh?

Being a kid is the best moment ever! We are simply crazy fools!

Another popular activity we did that time was something like cliff-hanging? It's a bit hard to explain. It went like this, about three or more guys on the third floor will put down that hos bomba to a person on the second floor. Then, from the first or the second floor, that person would climb to the second or third floor (ikut kemampuan) by using that hos bomba. Then when you reach the designated floor, satisfaction! No prizes whatsoever. I think this activity was pioneered earlier by our seniors. I did it maybe about two or three times, but then I gained weight through time and realized I was too heavy to do it anymore. Damn!

Hmm. Kalau la hos bomba tu putus kan. Nasib lah.

Then, when I was in Form Four too, I had this one incident. I was smoking at the corridor perhaps near 10:00 p.m. and most probably I skipped the prep class too, then I remembered, I forgot to watch Smallville! So without thinking twice or thrice, I walked along the back corridor to the one just above the Bilik TV, and jumped. Unfortunately, my landing sucked a bit, so I had to use my hands to stabilize the fall. But it was okay, then I entered the Bilik TV via one of the broken windows. Then I noticed that something cold was flowing from my right hand, my right palm to be exact. I asked the juniors to turn on the light, and there, blood were all over the floor. My right hand actually landed on sharp stones. So until today, you can see a 'thunderous' mark on my right hand, similar to that one on Harry Potter's forehead. Cool eh? Not!

Somebody reported it to the warden and I got my first stitch that I got to see live!
Note: I hate stitches. So I often choose not to do it, you can see the proof on my forehead.

My latest experience being a monkey was in IP Gaya. Faris, which I could not really remember his name that time, was locked outside of his room that time because his roommate went out (also can't remember who). So, I offered to get into his room and get the key from Pojie's room which was just beside theirs. How? "Through the window, then I'd climb through the small roofs and get to their room," this was my thought that time. Unfortunately, again, the tiang in the middle of the wall that separated the two rooms were slippery. I was't sure whether it was because of the paint or dusts, but my hand slipped and I fell in a slow-motion perception, with Pojie, Dutz, and other one I don't remember watching me as I struggle to hold on to the roof. I was too far so their hands could not reach me. I fell on a concrete tiled floor, backward. Pojie said he thought blood would start pouring from the back of my head. But it didn't, the only body part that actually injured that time was my left leg. Menggeletar semacam my legs as I rise from the fall and screamed, "Aku okay!"

Moral: That's why buildings should be cleaned regularly and why high-quality paint should be used!

So that's my story about climbing and falling which turned out to be a long post! Enough!

p/s: I'll upload the picture of the thunder's symbol on my right palm, whenever I want to. Hahaha!

Monday, March 1, 2010


langit biru
tidak tahu berlagu
tetap ku tunggu
kerana katanya
senja merah
bakal membawa berita

I Am A Stalker

I like to read people's writings. But I am not a stalker. Though at times I stalk people's blogs. People's journals. People I knew and strangers alike. Well, I do stalk, do I? Stalking is fun.

Humans are difficult creatures. Their thoughts are abstract, so complex that most of the time they're incomprehensible by their own kind. They chose to live though they know they're going to die. They chose to love despite of knowing the fragility of hearts. They chose to bet, despite knowing that the world is never fair till late. They chose to plunge to desires despite knowing its consequences. They are fools, with meaningful stories. They are clowns, with unending comedies. They are fireflies that shone brilliantly, if brilliant, despite of their short lives.

Yes, I am one of them and I'm proud to be one.

Then again, why do I like to read their writings?

Because it's a window, an opening, the safest place that I can take a peek, stalk and see their souls. Even just a little. Deep or shallow. When people write, their souls glisten, though in too short of a time. Even when they write bullshits. Even when they write for wrong purposes.

So when you write about bullshit, you're officially a joke. You are what you write. But wonderful still; 'a writing bullshit'. How cool is that?

Anyway, I write for no purpose and perhaps writing a blog itself wasn't a part of my plan. Opening up is one the hardest thing for me to do. So I blog because it helps me to open up, even just a bit. Even if no one is interested in it. In case you're interested,

here is a window to my soul.