Sunday, January 24, 2010

Love Hate Complex

Recently, I've been listening to this Malay song entitled "Bencinta' by Faizal Tahir. Not much of a local pop genre fan, this song is simply spectacular. Why? I don't know if it's true for everyone else, but this is the first Malay song particularly themed about love and hate complex I've ever listened to. Maybe I'm wrong, but what's told in this song is truly a reality.

Love as I understand it, does not exist in an objective sense. "If it's love than love that is, nothing else", this a false and naive statement. Love, much like the existence of darkness and light, exists in equivalence with hatred. I love you, yet I hate you but I love you despite of the everything that I hate about you. I love you, I hate you but I love you much more than I hate you, thus I don't give damn about everything that I hate about you and the fact that I hate you. I hate you but I love you. I love you yet I hate you. Being able to love and hate is a privilege that I would treasure, ever.

By saying this, I'm not referring specifically to romantic relationship of course. Remember those times when you feel annoyed about your friends, situations like, "Ui, pengutur juga si anu ni nda pandai buang sampah." or "Oi, pinggan pun nda mo basuh lepas makan." or "Hutang aku dia bila mau bayar ni?" or anything else, use your imagination. But then you realise it, maybe after a few days, weeks, months or years, that a good friend of yours is still the best. Despite of what made you felt annoyed, pushed away, ignored, angry etc etc, after all they are still the few persons you would appreciate forever.

Interested about the song? Google it. Use Mediafire. Or buy the album.


N3_XieRRa said...[Reply]

true..tu la cinta..."benci" tak la tahap gaban...
tp tolak segala annoyance & etc, dia juga la yg jd penyeri hidup. (dia= kawan, rakan, cinta, kucen &etc)

luxperpetua said...[Reply]

the poison and the remedy.
that's him.