Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Adventure of Bizarro (and Munro)

It was one fine day, the previous day before Bizarro began his adventure. As mentioned previously, of course it was fine day, but only until the dawn. The night and morning before the adventure began, Bizarro had a sleepless night. He was doing something, but unfortunately he himself could not remember what it was, let alone I as the writer. Perhaps, a lack of sleep is indeed a good kick start prior to an adventure.

Now, now, he remembered something. The previous day, Bizarro received news from his friends that the free pass for the flying saucer which he was going to board was available that day. This free pass was supposed to enable him to fly back to the land below the wind without costing a penny. However, blame the flying saucer’s management or rather the learning institution, the free pass was given a little too late. Any changes for a pass of the flying saucer should not be done 48 hours before it takes flight. Now, how is that possible when Bizarro received the pass at 5 p.m. on Friday and the flight was due on Monday? He had about 60 hours before the actual flight, but rather unluckily, he fell asleep that very afternoon and missed the chance to meet the flying saucer folks and change its date.

I bet none of you are clear what in the world this adventure is about yet. Is it about flying saucer? No. Bizarro’s last chance to change the flying saucer’s departure date was the day after, the day that the adventure began. Now he just remembered the reason why he must change the date of his departure to the land below the wind. He needed to sell Frei, his trusty scooter on Monday. The flying saucer’s departure date was also on Monday. Don’t you see that there is something slightly wrong there? Thus, he needed to change the date or he would have to keep the cursed yet lovable scooter. The only possible way and perhaps his last chance to do that was the day after, which was Saturday and only until 9.30 in the morning. His only chance was to go to this station called KL Central where all sort of people with different colors and smells meet up for God-knows-what business every single day.

In order to ensure that his last resort to be fail-proof, Bizarro thought he should not sleep that night, until the morning comes. In that night too, he met this friend of his which was called Munro. Adding more to the already troubled circumstance, he asked Munro, “Hey, would you like to come along? I need to change my ticket!”

Of course, Munro replied, “Oh yeah, why not!”

So Bizarro answered, “Alright, I’ll pick you up at 6.30ish like that. So you better get ready, Munro!”

“Aye, keptin’!” replied Munro.

As planned, Bizarro did not sleep the whole night till the break of dawn. What did he do through the night in order to stay awake? He bloody smoked and went online without any purpose that it’s not worth mentioning. Slowly the morning crawled and there it was, the time finally came. It was almost 6.30 so he went to the bathroom and prepare for the supposedly short trip. Shortly, since Bizarro was such an amazing bather, he was done. Then with utmost confidence and hope he went down the stairs from his house at the 5th floor. He called Munro and asked her to be ready and ready she was. All the while, it seemed to be everything went according to plan. Or so he thought.

To be continued whenever I feel like it.

23 years and counting

first of all I need someone to ask me what's my current state of mind.
then I'll answer her,
it's mixed up but mostly blue.
so sudden i felt 22 years passed by fast.
tomorrow and next week,
i'll be attending an event which will decide a large part of my life.
will i be truly happy?
and most of all, will i be content with the choices i made?
didn't they say,
happiness is 'not regretting the path that you took'?
23 years
i felt like i haven't risked enough
i haven't been crazy enough
because we're the dwellers of safer grounds
and universe works in an equivalence
neither stones can be traded for gold.
nor glory can be traded with peace.
90, 60 days, i can't wait.
monday, that day we'll see.


In one of the previous posts, I've mentioned about


In English, it means "the inevitable". More or less it could mean fate or destiny but not quite.
According to this confidential source which some of you might know,

"there is no coincidence, only the inevitable".

Lately, I came into a realization.

With eyes wide open,

it's actually true.

Trust me, everything happened, happens, and will happen for a reason.

What's AE?

AE stands for Anonymous Emporium. Or so I wish.
Truth is, the AE in the title is referring to Academic Exercise, the final thesis for TESL course.
This thing is a kind of toothache. A throbbing toothache of the mind as Billy Joe Armstrong once said.

First, the title that I chose for this AE is irrelevant and now I have to think it over.

The title I proposed for the AE was "Comparison Between the Previous And Current Literature Components". Illogical, because it will be crazily difficult to find samples whom have studied both literature components

Second, the original and previous research I did during the Research Methodology course back in Shah Alam is totally mind-blowing. Mind-blowing in an awful way that is.

How can a research entitled "Smoking Habit and Academic Performance" be applicable in secondary school environment? It's a good joke though,

Thus, I have to think of another title of research by this week before time goes nigh.

No matter what, I'm still interested to base this research on literature.

I must!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Coma, I Miss You and The New Practicum Hair

Due to the lack of internet access back at home since my parents do not possess the immediate need of internet just like us, the corrupted ones do, this blog had been abandoned for... How long? About two months? So hello, Coma is back on her feet. Sorry baby, now I'll love you tenderly for each passing day (if possible).

Yes, Coma is my first girlfriend. So I'd officially broke up with her for about two months. Exclude the two posts I wrote during the previous holiday.

Oh, holiday. It's over and practicum commence! This week is what we call the pre-practical week. A sincere reminder from Madam Rose, this week is going to be hectic. Let's see how it turns out.

Big news for me for this semester and officially after almost three years, I cut my hair short, very short for the first time. Below is the summary of my visit to the hair salon.

1. Opened the door.
2. Stared at the hair stylist/barber/whichever you prefer.
3. Stared at her again. (She's actually kinda pretty)
4. She said, "You wanna cut your hair ah?"
5. I said, "Ummm... Yeah."
6. She said, "How would you like to cut ah boy?"
7. I said, "I wanna cut it err... Short? And leave some layers here and there?"
8. She said, "Okay, I just cut lah, anything you just comment loh."
9. I said, "Okay."
10. Sat angrily as I saw my hair cut leaving only little remnants.
11. Felt like screaming at her "Stop!"
12. Done.
13. Still angry.
14. Looked at the mirror and feel kind of naked.

In short, I felt devastated (yes, devastated) seeing how short the hair is now.

Anyways, since it's short, I decided that I should give in to hitsuzen and comb the hair very neatly and go the first pre-practical day with a super nerdy hair.

Hell, it worked.

Oh one big news you may have missed,

I've got Convent St. Francis for my practical.

An all-girls high school.

I'm speechless, yet curious.

It looked a bit like this. I'm not Sylar, by the way.

Monday, June 7, 2010

There She Goes Again

For many years, I’ve always been a lover of cats. Some died, some got lost, some were abducted, some were sick and vomited blood, and some were buried at my front yard. In short, most of the time my cats don’t last too long.

Except for this one cat I liked so much, Athena. See, I don’t love, I prefer to like because when we love we’re bound to dwell in sorrow sooner or later.

I am not so sure of the origin of her name, whether it was from the Greek myth’s goddess Athena or from the game Soul Calibur III or God of War. But anyway, let’s say the name was of Greek’s origin. I named the cat Athena because she’s a female of course and primarily because of her uncanny ability to fight with other cats like an epic cat warrior.

Before you get it wrong, Athena is not that expensive Persian cats costing from RM800 to RM2000 or if you like, they can cost higher than that. I don’t care anyway. Athena is not even a Siamese cat. She’s just a run of the mill cat from the gutter. My little brother found her on his way him from school. Athena was shivering in the rain and her mother was nowhere to be seen within the vicinity. At that time, she was still just this little cat. Even until now, she’s not getting any bigger, her size is considerably small. She is a forever a small cat, but thank God, she lasts long.

A domestic cat, or rather a village cat, Athena is a great hunter. She can catch birds when they’re swooping for foods, or simply when the birds are pestering her. Now isn’t that too cool for a cat? Athena is that cool, really. She can catch squirrels, lizard, small birds, snakes, grasshopper, you name it. She can even slap a dog in the face and no, I’m not kidding. Once, when there’s fucking stupid dog was roaming around the yard Athena was so mad (I think), that she ran so fast towards the dog, jumped and used her front leg to kick the dog’s face. It looked so much like a slap. Athena is really that awesome.

Not in the nature of a domestic village cat, Athena was not a tame cat which you can cuddle around because she used to be afraid of human except my family. Throughout the years, she learned a few things which I barely consciously notice until now, that I decided to blog about it.

These are few things that she had learned:

1. To certain people, the cat is rather clingy and of course that includes me. Hence, she likes to sit and lay on my lap, chest, buttock, shoulder, or anywhere depending on my positions. Due to her very sharp claw (which I don’t cut because she’s a hunter), I unconsciously taught her a rule. She must not sit or lay on areas which are not clothed. As an example, if I’m wearing a short pants or a boxer (as I rarely wear shirts at home), automatically the cat will choose the clothed areas of body and avoid the exposed areas. This works automatically each time, so I’m safe from her very sharp hunter claws.

2. The most wonderful thing about the cat is… She remembers her name! Actually she was the first one of my cats which remembers its own name. Thus, I finally get to call my own cat with its own name instead of the uncool and lame “Meow, meow, come here, meow, meow.”

3. She learned not to bring anything that she captured back to me or anyone in the family. Those days she used to bring corpses of headless squirrel, dead lizards, half-dead birds, snakes, back into the house. Once she brought this headless and of course, dead squirrel while I was sitting at the couch. It was a sign of love, I think.

4. She learned this habit of jumping and laying on anything that I focused too much doing, such as laptop, books, comics and fortunately excluding a plate of food. As an example, when I was reading Archie or other comics, she would be stalking around from a corner, then came nearer and nearer, than she would quietly stand on top of the opened comic and lay herself on the two pages. As if telling me, “Focus on caressing on my fur rather than reading this comic.” How adorable and annoying is that?

Black Out

The memory I had was vivid, though not a pleasant one. Speaking of vivid, that is quite doubtful too. If you ask me, I was barely sure of the time that the event occurred. What’s vivid is only the sequence of events and forcefully memorized disturbing details.

The day was bright and good, the kind of day which you expect for laundries and family vacations. I was doing something at the town, though it is really a mystery for now why it seemed to be difficult for me to recollect my memories of that day. I remember, I took a lot of time at the town, probably for some unfinished business. Now, you see, my memory of that day was a little, if not, a lot blurry and this added more mystery to this story.

Since I was a little busy doing that unfinished and unknown business at the town, of course I was bound by a foreboding problem. It was late and the day slowly crept into evening and swiftly the sky was as dark as hell. The night approaches and the business were not finished yet. Soon, I realized that I had to go home and it should not wait until later. There were two reasons that I needed to get home. First, those days rain usually pours around that hour and it was not a good occasion for a motorcycle rider. Second, it was getting pretty dark and on my way home, you would find yourself lucky if you could find lamp posts on the road. It was here that the story began.

The roads that led my home were pretty dark and the source of light ws solely from the moon.

-To be continued later on-