Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Val's Paint Comic #3: Harga Rokok

If they really care about our health and not the profit, they should stop selling cigarettes at all. Honestly I won't stop buying cigarettes as long they're still available. Most smokers will smoke to their graves regardless of all the dumbshit cancer gore campaign on cigarette's boxes.

Disclaimer: I've lost track of cigarettes' prices now and then so the prices are just estimation.


❤NazirahMoktar❤ said...[Reply]

lukisan buruk...tpi aku sukkeee :)) lawak hihi

Anonymous said...[Reply]

Bru fkir mau buat comic mcm ni. haha. Bila visit blog ko ada uda~ Sa pun mau bt mcm ni blh ba kans~

btw ko x smoke sd ka?

Valossa Vicious said...[Reply]


That's the style.


Buat la! Hahaha Nanti suda ada jgn lupa bg link di FB.

Nope, still smoking. Tu la ada komik tu. :p

lolahunny said...[Reply]

heheh ban smoking ba? I think semua smokers will go on a strike nanti.

Valossa Vicious said...[Reply]


Incorrect use of ba, but good try. :p

Smokers' strike? Count me in. Ahaha Maybe not, that's a good time to quit.

lolahunny said...[Reply]

really? I thought "ba" is to replace "lah"... teach me how to use it =)

how bout " Tak tau bah..."

Valossa Vicious said...[Reply]

Sure! Its usage is somehow intricate, you have to hear it a lot to get it right.

Anyway "Tak tau bah" is correct. :)

An example of wrong usage:

'Kau pergi balik bah?'

It's wrong. It will not replace 'kah' or 'ke' in that context.


'Betul bah?'

It's correct. It can even be replaced with 'kah' or 'ke'.

Confusing? Hahahaha

Merissa K. said...[Reply]

susah lalu maok pake 'ba'.


they cant ban cigarettes. because the tax money that they impose on ciggies are one of government's main source of income.

and they know that no matter how high the price are, smokers will still smoke. just look at singapore, for god's sake. if pergi singapore tak bawak enough rokok, serious rasa nak menangis.

on the other hand, they have to keep on pretending that they care about our health, because that's the right image for the government. hence, the ugly pics on the ciggie boxes.

conclusion : theyre smart. they keep on making more money out of the profit. we keep on losing more money. yeay to the government! they really do care about us! (scoff)

Valossa Vicious said...[Reply]

Indeed, hahaha. U tau cakap melayu Sarawak pulak?

I've never been to Singapore. How expensive is ciggies there?

Yeah, for our health! Another yeay to the government!

Merissa K. said...[Reply]


and you, mister, i never took u as a sabahan!

back in 2007, it was about 12SGD for a pack of dunhill. that was 3 years ago. im not sure what the price is like now.

and do you know that over there, they actually have 'dealers' for cheap underground ciggies? hahaha. yes, cigarettes are on their way of becoming marijuanas in Singapore.

to the people who complains about smokers, at least we're doing something to help the nation generate income (or more specificially, help the ministers buy fancier and more expensive cars). what is your contribution to the country's economy?


bena sik?

Valossa Vicious said...[Reply]

Eh, so you're from Sarawak? I thought KL?

Oh really? What made you think so? Hahaha

I bet it must be shit expensive now, poor our cigarettes brethren there, they're oppressed!

Anyway, I heard MJ is actually less dangerous than tobacco and not to mention, better for recreation. Part of economic game? I dunno but heck I'm proud to contribute *pffttt*

Bena la nok dipadah kamek ya ngahaha

Merissa K. said...[Reply]

aok.. kmk 100% KL. hahah. rindu maok kelaka swak jak.

ye laaaa u were giving lessons on the correct usage of 'ba'. LOL.

hahaha. now its not so surprising why their government is so rich kan?? hahaha.

pandai pandai i je buat conclusion sendiri LOL.

Ive heard that too. theyve done scientific research and everything what. if you take it pure, it will not cause cancer or any damages to your lungs. come on la, dalam rokok tu byk gila harmful chemicals (as we've been told since we were about 3 years old).

*high five* fellow contributor! hahah

Valossa Vicious said...[Reply]

Hats off to you pasal boleh klaka sarawak. Kamek tabik. :D

It's really funny though, smuggling cigarettes like illegal drugs. Here in KK we have this smuggled cheap cigarette too, called ERA, you can get a carton for as lowest as RM13, but lately there was a raid so now it's RM20 but still cheap kan?
I can't guarantee the taste though!

Actually I'd prefer MJ over ciggy if it's legal. LOL But I doubt I can smoke joint while typing my work like I did with ciggy. What do you think?

*high five! XD*

Merissa K. said...[Reply]


(apa motif start comment dengan gelak? hehh)

RM13? you gotta be kidding me! but i bet it tastes like tar jalan kan? there was this one time when i was really broke, i tried Luffman which costs about RM3 for a box of 20.

omg. u can feel it eating up your lungs with each inhale.

cant say i disagree. hahaha. of course you can! haha. nanti pergi amsterdam kena try. LOL. and i bet if it was a 'join' instead of a cig, the amount of your blogposts will quadruple.

hahahahaha. mesti tiba tiba bertambah tambah byk idea!!

Valossa Vicious said...[Reply]

Ntah, u yg start ngn hahahaha. Hahahahaha

I kid you not, RM13. In fact I bought a carton just now. Economic downturn lol. Hey, I've tried Luffman too. More or less it tastes like Era. Yeah, it tastes like umm, a mixture of cockroach and dried leaves? Hahahaha A bit lah, but at the moment what really matters is nicotine does. (I must be crazy?)

Oh yes, dekat amsterdam legal kan? I bet the folks there are nuts and gay all the tiime.

Haha, maybe I should give it a try? MJ's expensive and rare here though.

Db Cooper said...[Reply]

gua sokong, susah sial nak brenti rokok

Valossa Vicious said...[Reply]

Lu berenti paling lama berapa bulan bro?