Friday, November 26, 2010

The Lovely Bones and I

Currently I'm reading this novel entitled "The Lovely Bones" authored by Alice Sebold, which I bought in June this year. Anyway, I am not an avid reader like how most people I just knew have always assumed. Therefore, if you see me reading a book eagerly, that book must have held something really significant to me.

The Lovely Bones

This novel is a story told from the perception of a 14 year old girl, Susie Salmon, who was raped, murdered, and mutilated to bloody chunks, after her death. In a limbo which is similar to heaven, she was able to observe her family, her friends, and the murderer who shredded her to pieces. The most interesting part in this novel is how she was able to witness how the reaction of her family, friends and the people following her murder. Being killed and dead is really troublesome, especially when you are not able to tell other people who was the bastard who killed you. Do you think the universe will shed her tears and let the truth unfold so your death could be judged or avenged? Bad news, it doesn't. This world is swarming with sick bastards. 

I assure you, it's worth reading.

The first time I read this novel was when I was 15 year old. I borrowed this book from a junior who was much into reading. The guy had a chronic problem with his spine due to a fall or something, so reading books became his world. That time, I've long abandoned reading as my habit but the title, 'The Lovely Bones', seemed to capture my attention. I was immediately interested to read.

As a teenager with raging hormones and issues, guiltily I admit that the part when Susie was raped took my attention, as a boy with limited knowledge about female's anatomy and my curiosity about the strange, attractive nature of sex. That was when pornography was still scarce and getting a porn was similar to holding a Holy Grail. At the same time, I feel disgusted thinking what sick creatures humans are. As intelligent as we often admit, we're just animals with developed ability to think. We are able to think in a far more sophisticated way than other animals. But when it comes to sex, we're back to nature. The nature of sex is animalistic no matter how you try to deny it. And I think for that reason for most normal people the idea of sex is both naughty and exciting, regardless of whether you're open about it or prefer to keep it as bedroom business.

But the curiosity stopped when she was murdered and cut to pieces. Instead I thought, is it possible for me to commit murder? How does it feel to cut people into chunks of meat after having sex with them? What is 'normal' for him and why is it not 'normal' for me? Can I change the borders of normality that I have now? Who created these borders of normal and abnormal anyway? These questions drove me crazy for sometime.

Just for the note, I didn't finish reading the novel because the guy was transferred to other school. So few years later, I found 'The Lovely Bones' again. The novel was adapted into a film with the same title.

And lucky was I, I found the same book which I was searching for a few years, now with a different cover which was based on the movie poster. Reading the novel, back from the beginning as an adult is a unique experience. As I read through the novel, I can feel the differences of the 23 year old and 15 year old versions of myself; how my perception changed, how my ideology changed and how I see things. Also how Susie, the dead girl in a heaven meant to me, now and then.

By the way, the girl who acted as Susie in the movie has really beautiful eyes and hair! I must be pedophile.

The New Cover based on the movie adaptation.

The Old Cover.


mrskzee said...[Reply]

watched the movie. quite disturbing. but good nevertheless.

Assistant said...[Reply]

paradigm shift?

btw I called the police and told them that there was a pedophile running loose on the internet.

Valossa Vicious said...[Reply]


Read the book bah. Better.



Thanks dude, I need that. I'm beginning to doubt my sexual preference now.

NekochanMiruku said...[Reply]

sounds interesting la... will hunt the book. hehe

Valossa Vicious said...[Reply]


Go for it! Tell me what you think! :D