Monday, November 22, 2010

Day Away Faraway

It's holiday and everyone is now away
leaving me alone since home is faraway
Monday, Tuesday... Friday
Just another day, weak and useless lifeless I lay
There's nothing worth to play
There's not enough prayer to pray
Just the same shit, different day


The Rebel Kid said...[Reply]

slm, hi. just curious, awak ni budak tesl ke? english mcm gempak je. =)))

Valossa Vicious said...[Reply]

Salam~ Yup! You got that right.

The Rebel Kid said...[Reply]

whoaaa.. i love ur writing. keep it up boy! :)))))

Valossa Vicious said...[Reply]

Sure. You English is quite good too. I bet you were in English related course? Anyway, I don't think I can go on with my current field, there's just too much bullshit to keep up with...

The Rebel Kid said...[Reply]

English has been my fav subject ever since I was a kid.

I took Engineering n along that hellish 4 years, I gave up like, 1000 times?

Ended up graduated, but, no job for me. (Now working in a line that has nothing to do with my studies.)

Make ur decision wisely keyh. Wish u all the best! :))))