Friday, November 19, 2010

The Logic of Judging

A cool judge.

I have no clue when this clichéd hype began. I'm sure you're familiar with the phrase;

"It's my life, I don't need you to judge me."


"Who are you to judge? You have no clue how's it like to walk in my shoes."

It's ironic you see? When you utter such statement, that statement itself is actually judging other people for judging you. We judge people because we feel insecure that they are judging us for our actions. It's merely a backlash because we have our own insecurities that we don't want others to know and wipe it to our faces.

"Who are you to judge me that I'm judging you?"

Everybody judges everybody. That's the truth. It's a redundant cycle. Even after death we're still judged for our actions. Let's quit this judging bullshit. We're just imperfect creatures with our own insecurities. Let's keep on judging each other for God's sake. It's our nature as human beings.

If you're trying to claim that never once have you judged anyone, I can assure you

you must be retarded.


syam said...[Reply]

i dun think we are even aware that we sometimes judge ppl .. (eseh sometimes, indenial lol).

Valossa Vicious said...[Reply]

Yeah. I bet we're the best creature on earth when it comes to judging our own kind. Haha

mrskzee said...[Reply]

yeay! saye shuke entwy ini. *grrr*

Anonymous said...[Reply]

yup.i agreed that well.

Blood Seeker said...[Reply]

TS;DR version

Questioning people who judge you = judging the people who questions you.


Stephaine said...[Reply]

kudos my friend for a great post. you are right about that...
when it comes to judging people were the best of the best and yet some people say I never judge people... thats really a big BLST, its either they are retarded as you say or simply born Idiots. one and the same.. hehehe

Valossa Vicious said...[Reply]


Grrr ko balik


So now do you judge me? lol

@Blood Seeker

Endless loop? Toilet paper debate??


Agree. Judging is just a sign that our brain is truly working.

The only difference is either we say it out loud or keep it to ourselves. Right? Feel free to judge. Haha

una berry said...[Reply]

i love this post
I remembered I've read it somewhere in ur blog n I glad I found it
it seriously can relate what's happening now in the blogsphere

they're all being judgmental no matter what they said.

Valossa Vicious said...[Reply]


Care to enlighten me what's going on in the blogsphere now?

I'm kinda left out.

una berry said...[Reply]

I don't know what to say
but indeed it scares me like hell.
everybody is trying to prove they're this and that. euh~

and as u stated in ur post, everybody judges everybody. that's what happened.

Valossa Vicious said...[Reply]

@una berry

Then what else can we do? It won't stop. Not necessarily good but at least it proves their brains are functioning... That's good enough.