Saturday, November 27, 2010

The Lovely Bones Movie Adaptation

Last night, I painfully finished watching the movie adaptation of 'The Lovely Bones'.
Here's a one-liner to explain the whole experience;

It bloody fucking sucked.

If you think the movie is  bad, go read the book.

If you think the movie is good, go read the book.

The whole fucking great storyline changed.

The plot changed.

The portrayal of characters changed.

The part when Susie fell from heaven and made love with Ray with Ruth's body was gone.

The bloody time-frame changed.

The whole theme of the novel, fucking changed.

The total value of the story; obliterated to oblivion!

Don't watch it, if you did plan to.

p/s: The only good thing about it is I loved their choice of actress for Susie Salmon.