Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Facebook and Virtual Death


Lately, for about a week I stopped my usual activities on Facebook, well almost. I log in, scroll down the News Feed and log out. I ignored the posts on my Wall, pretending I never logged in at all. I turned off my phone for about a week too. Except for blogging, but my posts were scarce too anyway for the last few days.

And with this I literally died, virtually. Nobody knew about my whereabouts and it was funny to discover that a friend of mine who stayed just next door was wondering where I was, when in fact I was just in my room and lived my usual routine. When you're gone online, isn't it similar to death?

At first people will be looking for you, drop comments and ask your whereabouts. Next you'll be forgotten and people will move on with their virtual life.

For some moment, I think I'm getting tired with this virtual life. How most people around me lived a large part of their lives on Facebook. Mobile phone itself is a phony way in maintaining integrity of social relationships, well, that's my opinion. We're relying too much on technology.

I'm getting my real life back. I am not planning to live as a hippie though.


belle said...[Reply]

dont stop writing !!!

Valossa Vicious said...[Reply]

I won't. Blogging is a different case.

belle said...[Reply]

haha.. u are somehow my virtual english teacher.. :)

Valossa Vicious said...[Reply]

Don't learn from me. My language is explicit. Hahahahh

The Rebel Kid said...[Reply]

i deactivate my fb account for how long now...? um, maybe for a month already. and nobody seems to notice.

i agree with u, ppl nowadays are living a virtual life - a damn sad life.

p/s: currently trying so hard to enjoy this 'real' life of mine (even though it is so lame n full of sh*t.) :p

Merissa K. said...[Reply]

ahhhhh, mister, mister, though there's a huge portion of the society who wouldnt let go of their BlackBerrys to save their lives, there are still people who'd enjoy a glass of teh tarik and face-to-face conversations more than they would poking each other on Facebook.


good luck on getting your groove back.


Valossa Vicious said...[Reply]


So you died too? Hah. I used to perceive that Facebook is just a tool we used to deny the fact that we are lonely... Or did Facebook make us feel lonelier?


Hahahahah you make it sound so funny. How about poking each other in real life?

Thanks. You're seldom online too lately.

Merissa K. said...[Reply]

believe it or not, my hands have been (sorta) glued to my keyboard.
really. all i do all day long is lie on the bed, reading Harry Potter ebooks and illegally downloading songs.

but just like you, ive been taking a break from the virtual world as well. ambik MC. hehh.

if poking includes a good glass of frothy teh tarik, i really wouldnt be able to say no. hahah.

(oh, and just because i havent been writing much these few days doesnt mean i havent noticed u acquiring a new, ehem, fan. heheh. congrats! your writing deserves the recognition)


Valossa Vicious said...[Reply]

Same case here. The past few days, I've been downloading music videos from the past.

You know, I have this syndrome few times a year, at times I will feel guilty, awkward and squeamish when I use Facebook...

What I meant is the act of literally poking in real life. I bet it won't be much as fun hahaha. A glass of teh tarik sounds great though.

You noticed that too? Yeah. Actually it feels awkward. -.-

Merissa K. said...[Reply]

Which music videos from the past did you raid? (considering that im now on a downloading frenzy, i wouldnt mind a few ideas)

i was going through Blonde Redhead's old albums and some not so old ones by Holy Fuck (you know, if you're into those kinda music..)

haha. it happens a few times annually to me too! except that, in my case, i just dont feel like talking to anyone over the internet. it irks me to have to go through the whole 'hey how are you? what are you up to these days?' cliched questions over and over again. during those seasons je la though. haha. time lain okay je.

i know what you meant. it wont be much fun cuz it will look kind of retarded. haha. even more retarded if the poking is done while drinking tea at the mamak.
heheh :P

all the more reason to do it ey? hahahaha.

awh come on, how could i not? LOL. hey thats flattery at its highest point okay. haha.

Valossa Vicious said...[Reply]

I was downloading old videos from Buck-Tick, do you know this Japanese band? I love how they experiment with their music.

Actually this is the first time I heard about Blonde Redhead and Holy Fuck. Wiki-ing instantly. Haha

I couldn't help but laugh at my own imagination. Happily poking each other with retarded face while drinking tea. Hahahahaha It sounds tempting though!

LOL I really don't know how to react to flattery. Should it be acknowledged, ignored or brushed off?

Merissa K. said...[Reply]

havent heard of them as well. but i also did some wiki-ing of my own. heheh.

sounds tempting? you have gotta be just as retarded as i am? heheh.

how to react to it? well that depends on how you want to come off. would you wanna be appreciative, pretend not to care, or a douchebag?