Saturday, November 13, 2010

Kristina Svechinskaya

Kristina Svechinskaya
Right, her name is a real tongue twister. Till this moment, I still have no clue how to pronounce her name correctly. Let's just call her Kristina.

Obviously from this picture, I bet it's easy to guess that this babe is a Russian. Only Russians have such name pattern. Rrright rreaderski? So who'z this hot ladyski? (read with accent and intonation)

A. Russian model
B. Russian pornstar
C. Stalin's descendant
D. Russian hacker

The answer is D. She's among the 37 people charged for participating in an Eastern Europe-based bank hacking scheme in which 3 million was siphoned! Kristin is still a student studying at New York college and now she's on trial. How sexy is that? As long as it's not your money.

My point here is, this lady is super-duper-fucking-hot for several reasons.

#First, because she's a Russian and I have a thing for actress with Russian accent. 

#Second, because she's a hacker and that automatically add 9000 points to her sexiness.

#Third, she's on trial for cyber crime and that is an uber cool way to go to jail.

#Fourth, she's considerably and provenly intelligent and that automatically puts her to A+ list.

#Fifth, based on this case I bet she's fun and crazy.

#Sixth, just look at her picture LOL

She used Trojan to extract other people's account information via email. I forgot what's the name of the virus that her hacker team used. But it's not that impressive because the she used the virus as email attachment and that require a very IT illiterate dumbshit to fall for that. I'm not so impressed but she's still sexy though.

Kristina, please marry me! But don't steal my money. I don't do MLM, I'm a poor student.

Eh, but it's a lot that better than our local MLM, yes? At least she's intelligent and fun and crazy and she's got skills. At least the hacking scheme required true efforts despite of the intention. Hahahaha

*Correction: She's not actually a hacker. She's just a voluntary mule used by hackers, so she created a few bank accounts with fake names for money transfer. She got 10% profit from her cooperation. WHAT A BUMMER

More of her pictures

I wanna push her down the fountain and run merrily

So uncool. Lame.


$RauLZaiDi$ said...[Reply]

yup. emel la medium paling noob. dan hanya noob yg terkena. dan. noob yg kena tu lesap 3juta?hahahaa.

Valossa Vicious said...[Reply]

Ramai yg kena tu, lbh dari satu. Tp rupanya dia bukan hacker pun. Jadi mule ja untuk hackers. Jadi bila yg lain kantoi dia pun dpt la bahagian dia. LOL Padan muka! X seksi sudah!