Thursday, November 4, 2010

Between "Join" and "Joint"

After reading some entries by Aidid Mu'addib in my previous post, I went to check AC Mizal's page on Facebook. Mostly the page is about his company, the AC Konsortium.

I'm not going to explain about Aidid's research on MLM and implausible effects of magnet bracelet to our health. But for one, the testimonials from some random white people in AC Mizal's notes section were taken or rather plagiarized directly from a cheapskate website of magnet bracelet in Canada. Apparently, in Canada, magnet bracelet are not as famous as we have in Malaysia. You can read more about the fake testimonial here.

That is not the key-point of this entry. What I really wanted to talk about is...

How dumbshit can people be?

 As I mentioned before, I rummaged through the Facebook page, stalked the posts, preyed my eyes on the photos and banners and whatnot... Then I saw this over and over.

The word "join" misspelled as "joint" for zillion times by majority of the members in the group!

The word "join" is a four-letter word. Just four. J-O-I-N. How hard can it be to spell it correctly?

Let me copy Cambridge's definitions of these words.

This is join;
join (CONNECT) /dZOIn/ verb

1 [T] to connect or fasten things together:
A long suspension bridge joins the two islands.

And this is joint;
joint (SHARED) /dZOInt/ adjective
belonging to or shared between two or more people:
a joint bank account

Their failure to spell this word just proved a fact. They are so keen about getting rich yet this proved how ignorant are they to read, to gain knowledge. Simply said, wanting to get rich quick but refusing to learn and value knowledge, which you can relate with my previous post.

'Join' is not even a complex word, you dumbshit.

How sad.


Merissa K. said...[Reply]

it also bugged me endlessly when i saw the FB pages (also via aidid's blog).

joint doesnt make me wanna buy a thousand bucks on a magnetic bracelet. it only makes me wanna get high.


syam said...[Reply]

ngamlaitu c 'joint' punya geng dengan penyebar gelang nya.. memang 'joint' jua kapala dorang. Lol.

mrskzee said...[Reply]

like and lulz :)
gile panas eh grammar sam sampah.

$RauLZaiDi$ said...[Reply]

ok teacher...haha

NekochanMiruku said...[Reply]

yes sir! *standing straight with salutation*

Valossa Vicious said...[Reply]


It'd be better if they're selling joints instead of those bracelets! At least it really makes people happy literally.


Hahahaha! Kapala joint tu!


Tu la buduh.


Bah sekarang ko buat latihan 100 muka surat tulis 'Join'!


Good girl!

Assistant said...[Reply]

There was one woman abbreviating testimonials as "testis". May have been an innocent bystander, but funny nonetheless.


Valossa Vicious said...[Reply]


I saw that too. HAHAHAHAHA Testis his testis