Thursday, November 11, 2010

Aidid Muaddib VS AC Mizal

The Ultimate Battle Ensues! Aidid VS AC!

 I know, lately my posts were a lot about MLM schemes. In fact at this moment I am supposed to be doing my second chapter of mini-thesis. Why do I bother writing about this when my future is at stake?

These few days I've been reading a lot of materials related to MLM. I just can't get enough, the more I read about it the harder it was for me to stop reading. Really, it baffled me to discover the degree of stupidity people can fall into.

This is a statement, I've never joined any MLM business so I have no reason to unleash my wrath to AC Mizal or any MLM freak, unless they meddle with my life and force me to join. Though once my friends did ask me to join, but they were not that persistent.

However, it's rather embarrassing to tell that I did buy a magnetic bracelet once ago. That was before AC 'betrayed' E-Dymium and founded AC Konsortium. I bought a magnetic bracelet from E-Dymium for RM238 if I'm not mistaken. Embarrassing now, isn't it, now that I read lots of plausible facts about its unproven benefits to health?

To save me from further embarrassment, the reason I bought the bracelet was totally not because of the marketing plan or income, but rather its placebo effects to health. I did try some of the tricks they showed in convincing buyers. Hell, it worked, I did ask my friends to push me down, before and after I wore that bracelet. There was definitely difference though I'm not sure whether it was placebo or real.

The thing is, that's the only criteria that is real about the bracelet. Other healthy benefits? I still smoke like a motherfucker, my skin is still not that smooth and I can still fall sick from time to time. What cuntery is that?

It's a shame, but I'm proud to say that I did try its effectiveness, so you can't tell me I'm accusing blindly. The magnetic bracelet is a fraud. E-Dymium or AC bracelets, both were made with the same kind of magnet, neodymium, the strongest known type of permanent magnet. Wait, permanent? So it must be good! Not that fast you dingbat, read on. Neodymium is widely used for that cheap magic magnet rings, hard disk drives, speakers, and also the drive motor of Toyota Prius! Isn't that fucking wonderful?

I wrote the title as 'Aidid Muaddib VS AC Mizal" just like Pokemon match. Why the title? Here I would like to tell you that between these two strangers, Aidid is more of a stranger to me. Before all these uproars on Facebook about AC, I didn't even know that this guy exists. Yet, at the moment I can honestly tell you that I trust his facts more than AC's horseshits.

I trusted the former guy because of simple factors.

I believe in the notion that money comes from hard work. Hard work is not necessarily that kind of work which you have to work your ass doing labor and breaking your back bone. Hard work in this context means something that requires you ability, either by using your brain or your physical abilities, with good intention. In most MLM business the most important skill is talking and convincing people for your OWN good, while people on the top hierarchy laughing and partying with your money.

I don't believe that anyone in this world is kind enough to give you a large amount of money solely for good intention. Nothing is free but stupidity and gullibility. I'm not denying the existence of this kind of good fellows, but they are especially not the ones you saw holding GIANT cheques on TV, neither those bastards who're proudly showing off their expensive exotic cars and their stupid money fans. Not these dipshits. Have you seen Donald trump proudly fanning himself with dollar bills? Never did I yet he is filthy rich. You think this kind of money crazy fanatics really care if you fail? Guess again.

If people are really this good hearted, there won't be people dying from hunger in this world, there won't be beggars pleading for money, there won't be abortions - We'll live merrily ever after and then go to heaven. Hell will be cold and empty.

Why are we so crazy to use this kind of shortcut to be rich? Are we really that powerless and talentless? What's with the slogan "Duduk diam boleh dapat duit?" that most MLM peeps were so proud about? This is the silliest, most ridiculous of cuntery I've ever heard. Even as a lazy person this is just beyond me. Just by sitting on your chair reading dumbshit useless stuffs, watching stupid reality shows on TV and joining quick rich schemes on the internet, you expect to be rich? How about working your ass to the top and be rich with your own sweat? How about working your brain to do stuffs? How about trying out new things? There're so many cool ways of not going to school or having proper education then becoming rich but MLM is the lamest way you could ever choose. At least be creative, invent a pyramid scheme, con people and be on top! As dirty as it may sound you're still a genius motherfucker compared to those suckers who followed and trusted you.

But more and more people are blinded and we're subconsciously taught that money matters, money matters the most. Money became something that 'matters' rather than 'necessary'.

When you are rich most of the time you will not flaunt it. But then if you really want to flaunt it, make sure you are so filthy-fucking-rich, with something you properly and truly own, not by flaunting cash (which is probably not yours) and your dreadfully loaned cars.

Let's see who's gonna win this battle! Hellyeah!

p/s: What is cuntery? Here.


syam said...[Reply]

ppl can really go to the extend of doing anything just for the sake of money. with money comes fame and I guess the seduction is almost unbeatable.

the magnetic bracelets.. from the moment i heard bout it, i failed to relate with the idea of a bracelet to cure a sickness. if its true, there wont be ppl lying on the hospital bed, waiting dat one day perhaps they will be able to be healthy again. ( a bit emo here.. coz these MLM thing..*actually i dun even know what MLM stands for*.. they just give ppl false hopes)

Valossa Vicious said...[Reply]

Yeah, the temptation, it's almost irresistible!

The formula is simple:

Rich + Famous lifestyle = Happy

More and more people in our society adopted this kind of mindset. Easy targets.

Embarrassing yeah? That was back when I was young and foolish... I bet that time I watched sci-fi too much. So I believed in pseudoscience.

Oh MLM stands for Multi Level Marketing and more often than not pyramid or get rick quick schemes were disguised as MLM.

wan80 said...[Reply]

biarlah yg lepas lepas lah..kepada yg nak start bisnes baru, saya cadangkan bisnes ni

insyaALLAH boleh try

wan80 said...[Reply]

feeya fariesya said...[Reply]

Memandangkan pilihanraya pun fie tak mengundi.. hehee~~~ bz working i'm suppose therefore I'm not going to judge Aidid, Ac or you... coz life is such a karma...

anyway you are so creative in writing.. have your own tagline, be different be U. Jangan buag masa dgn research yang tak berbaloi ni.. better focus on your studies. BTW GOOD LUCK IN LIFE and FUTURE.