Friday, February 5, 2010

Not Interested

I never posted my rants in this blog as far as I can remember. Or did I? Oh well. Here goes my rants. Lately I've been sensing this annoyance. I wonder if it's just me or is it true? Or is this just wrong? So here's the story. We were given a group work - a presentation. But unfortunately, on the day that this task was given, I and some of the others were absent. Why we were absent, don't ask. We have no clue what the work was about until then. 

So there is this dude who took the pride to inform us about the assessment. Told us that there will a be presentation so we needed to discuss. Okay, no problem, absolutely, I thought. But all of a sudden, by this week, he did all the job by himself, he did all the slides on his own. Oh, less hassle, thanks, if you do that sincerely, I thought. But what's with that expression or so I heard? Like we were not doing our job. We didn't ask you to that job on your own. When? The deadline? By the time the work was done,  we still have a hell lot of time for God's sake. Time constraint? Excuse me while I choke myself to death. Ugh.

I didn't get the slides. But I've got the paper. But the one I'm presenting will be based on the slides. I wonder how that helps. So perhaps tomorrow, if time permits, I'll be presenting those information without really knowing what it is about. I don't mind, really, I did that a few times when I was unprepared, but it was my own work, not others and I used no slides. Just, maybe, can we at least divide the tasks next time around? Or is somebody planning to take the credit for the presentation because he did it all on his own? Of course he will be pro-everything, since he did everything. Maybe we can read the slides. Yum. If you need the credit, you can have it all you want. I don't need it. You want to be a smart ass? Be my guest. But maybe if you think about it a little, maybe I'm not interested to compete? Maybe I don't feel intimidated at all? Maybe I'm waaay more interested in everything else besides this? Here's the bad news, you can erase all the 'maybe' in the previous sentences. I am not interested.


je who? said...[Reply]

chill je.. org mcm ni mmg suke kiss lec's ass.. they love to get the credits all by emselves and make others look bad..

Nerojei said...[Reply]

Yup. These ass kissers. They should know it head first.