Sunday, February 14, 2010

Fuck You Valentine's Day

Today is Valentine's day. And the funny thing was, I've forgotten what's the date of Valentine I had to Google it and reconfirm the date.

*Before reading, you should know that my profanity alarm is broken while writing this posts. So if you worry you might be offended, please do not proceed reading.*

"Oh, it's today." I thought.

It's no good at all! Why should you waste your time being cloudy and dovey on 14th February? Valentine, Valentine, Valentine, you think it's gonna seal your love forever? You wish. Nothing ever lasts. Chocolates and roses. Hopes and wishes. What childish dreams! I'd burn them into ashes!

Oh. For those who were in love, pardon my harshness. It will come into sense later.

Valentine's day. Is there the need to celebrate? Tell me what good will come out of it? It's only a day and it promises nothing. Practicality, that's what I'm talking about. Humans, they are so helpless. We enjoy doing things that only last for a while. And here comes the word "worthwhile". Who the fuck coined such word? Something that doesn't last is never worth experiencing. You know what I want? Something eternal. Forever. No matter how impossible that is.

But, life ends no matter what. Nothing lasts forever after all. So fuck my arguments.

Valentine's day, fuck you.

After all, the saddest part of this is that I was actually affected, by the fact that I'm alone on 14th February.

No matter how I tell myself that it's not meaningful. Shut up!

Oh well. I'm coming to KL!

And Happy Valentine's day to all! :)


Dict MFG said...[Reply]

Oh sob. Oh wail. :p Jk

Valentine's day is overrated anyways.

Anonymous said...[Reply]

hahaha.. aku pon mcm, buto r to those yg celbrate valentine.. walhal jeles.. haha..

Fanzi said...[Reply]

untuk yg single, teda makna tu Valentine's Day.. kesian kita.. =P

Nerojei said...[Reply]

Dict: Damn. Yeah. Who likes Valentine anyway? ;p

Atonq: Cibai la sapa celebrate. Hahaha! Dengki.

Fanzi: Tiada lagi makna 14 Februari. Ceh!

starRocker said...[Reply]

joe!aku pon lupe!and for the first time, x celebrate ape pon.haha!best perasaan itu!! :)