Wednesday, February 3, 2010


First of all, what's going to be written below are not necessarily true for everyone else a.k.a. you. But at least these are the lessons I learned in my journey of life so far. And for this reason, these became what I called my own codes of ethics. My own truth. Principles that kept me sane. A personal discipline as a form of self-refrain. Agree or disagree, that is not the question. LOL

1. To gain power but not to corrupt

2. To seize opportunity but not to take advantage

3. To love yet not to possess

4. To gather knowledge but not to brag

5. To speak only with reasons

6. To care yet not to bear

7. To trust and remain cautious

8. To put anger next after rationality

9. To live and remember death

These are the basic I could think of. Perhaps, most people would have wished for similar things, eh? It's just not written down. How many of these can I maintain and achieve? Only God knows.

Less serious ones version:

1. To get allowance and still cook at home

2. To stop smoking and save money

3. To focus on study and less procrastination

4. To be interested in my course

5. To not laugh at politics in Malaysia. Hahaha. Oops.

6. To use less sugar for drinks

7. To be healthy since medicines are expensive

8. To practice self refrain. You really have to, dude.

9. To use internet only for practical purposes


Anonymous said...[Reply]

kunun lah!

Nrvnqsr J said...[Reply]

Kunun2... Hahaha

t a u f i k said...[Reply]

i like number 7 to be healthy since medicines are expensive.... i never thought of that. tada..

Anonymous said...[Reply]

3. To love yet not to possess. Explain?

luxperpetua said...[Reply]

berangan je..

Nrvnqsr J said...[Reply]

Taufik : Brilliant, isn't it? (kedekut sebenarnya)

Ibrahim : To love often means belonging to each other yada yada. But in no way one can treat the other like a possession. Personal experience, yes.

Fara : Berangan membina imaginasi.