Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ultimate Human Sauna

Second Language Acquisition (SLA) test today. Here's the condition:

1. Air-conditioner died for unknown reason

2. Picked the wrong seat. Fans were far, faraway like those fairy tales.

3. There were two groups taking the test. Which means almost 40 people in a small classroom.

4. The questions were essay. Only two questions though.

5. The weather was perfect for boiling eggs.

Conclusion: Ultimate Human Sauna

Pro: At least the sauna was free.

Con: Not a good condition for a test.

What actually happened: I answered the questions very quickly just for the sake of getting my ass out of the class.

Where else can you enjoy sauna while answering test questions?


Dewi Batrishya said...[Reply]

"Where else can you enjoy sauna while answering test questions?"

Urm, well.. the Parking Lot looks cozy enough.. >.<

Nerojei said...[Reply]

Hmm. That's a good idea. Mind if you try it on your next test? ^^

Dewi Batrishya said...[Reply]

Gerenti capat siap..! (^^)

kzee said...[Reply]

i died a little in that class today....

luxperpetua said...[Reply]

confirm la jawapan test kau sume betol.
sebab kau dah menghadapi banyak dugaan semase mengambil test tersebut. haha

Nerojei said...[Reply]

Memang cepat!!!

I answered the questions with "Get the hell outta here" in mind. Hmm. I wonder how it will turn out.

Harap2 la... Dugaan betul tadi tu.