Friday, February 12, 2010

Five Dilemmas.

Here, I want to list few things. These in a way are related to my dilemma on finishing this Writing Methodology assignment. Enough said, I need not to elaborate.

1. Stupidity. This isn't a problem because nobody is born stupid. Only laziness or they are simply assholes. Or they were born retarded. No offense here by the way.

2. Laziness. Being lazy is pardonable. Nobody is perfect, laziness is a part of human nature, even for the Japanese. Japanophile not included. You can be lazy, you can procrastinate, but when needed, be committed.

3. Ignorance. Yes, this is problematic. When you notice that you don't have a group yet for a particular assessment, it's your job to contact particular persons and tell them you wanted to join their group. They are not your caretaker nor they will call you and ask you to join their group, especially if the deadline for that assessment is 8 hours later and you did nothing for the group, not even contacting the members.

4. Being too clueless. Hello? Where do you live? At least get some idea what the assessment is about. The course information is available there. So is the book. You can read, I can read. Now, can we, like, live happily ever after? Questions are good, but answering too much of them can be a bit overwhelming.

5. Plagiarism. For God's sake, I don't plagiarize my work, I never plagiarize, I will never plagiarize my work. Maybe I'm laid back, but when it comes to work, that's a different story. I can be so damn fussy that I'd do the work alone. To that extent. Yes, I'm psychotic like that.

That's all for this happy morning. Just a little bit more! I can do it!


luxperpetua said...[Reply]

go joe! you can do it!
i know you can!

Nerojei said...[Reply]

Thank you Fawa! Everything was done at 9 a.m. this morning. After that I went flat.