Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year

Regardless of colors and beliefs, regardless of parties and races, I would like to wish everyone reading this blog, Happy Chinese New Year! Whether you celebrate it or not.
So, I'm like 25% Chinese. How do I celebrate Chinese New Year then? Logically, only about 25% or less of myself will be celebrating it. Now, now, how do I cut that 25% of me? Or which part should I separate myself from and how do I make sure it's only 25%? I wonder. And I even wonder, some of my friends who looked like Chinese but didn't actually have any Chinese bloodline, what do they do regarding with my previous statement? How many percents? Yes, I'm referring to you, if you're reading this now. Ha ha ha! Alright, now that didn't make sense.

Again, Happy Chinese New Year to my readers! To both the public and silent followers!

p/s: It's like a calm before the storm. Happy and empty night. Tomorrow I'll be busy working on my script. Sigh. I really want to go somewhere tonight. Anywhere will do.


Dict MFG said...[Reply]

huhu...I'm 20% Chinese. So 20% of me is having a blast for this new year...the others are just look at him trashing the place on his own.
Happy 25% Chinese new year!

Nerojei said...[Reply]

Happy 20% Chinese New Year back at you!
So approximately 25% of me are gonna have a lot of fun, the rest will be dead out of boredom tonight and along this hols.

kzee said...[Reply]

hey joe, 25% to you!
its about the same amount as my chinese blood.
really wish we could go karaoke last nite.
and sing chinese new year songs!!
not happy.
want to be happy.
cannot be happy.
pretend to be happy.
a little happy.

have fun during the hols!

Nerojei said...[Reply]

We'll never know the exact amount eh?
Then Happy Approximate Chinese New Year to us!
Sing Chinese New Year songs and awesome face-palm moments trying to understand the lyrics.
This holiday will be.
KL, I'm coming to observe you!

Anonymous said...[Reply]

i'm 16.666666% chinese :D

Nerojei said...[Reply]

Happy 16.666666% Chinese New Year Van! Wow. That's accurate.