Thursday, January 20, 2011

Late Reply

I was on a temporary hiatus after I wrote that entry 'Utter Stupidity' which you can see HERE. After I got back, I didn't immediately write but just lurk around; there was buttload of comments which I hesitated to reply and kind of forgot about it. BAHAHAHA (I laugh in that sudden, loud, and awkward way in real life)

My reply is kind of long so I made an entry out of it. Nothing interesting, you can just skedaddle and skip this entry.

@Miss Hanis

Annoyed the hell out of you didn't it? They're willing to do anything just to score for the headline-- and this surely isn't the first time. It's not like we should ignore the problem, I know it exists, but should they propagate more problems than the actual issue?

@Blood Seeker

Hey, maybe we should direct a localized version of 'The Ring' based on that premise.


Digging his own grave? Bahaha Goodie two shoes!


Just for the hit yaww just for the hit.


Sure, there's no denying that. Incest is a global problem but that doesn't mean they have the right to fabricate news.

To create problems when there isn't any and ignoring the actual problem in the society.

@Imrahib (intentionally)

Should tabloids be banned then? But it's Malaysian's favorite, just like nasi lemak and teh tarik!

@not cool guy

Yeah. HD now. Who knows in 10 years Astro will actually have porn?

Wait. Porn is already there.


Ban the tabloid, ban em.

@yamanashi miyuki

Analyse that thoroughly? Excuse me missy, that's not thorough, in fact that's not even an analysis.

There's a high probability that wasn't done by Malaysians in the first place, then why fabricate problems when they can write about ACTUAL problem in this country?

Anyway, this blog is the place where I talk cock, cuss, and let off some steam - in real life, I have my job to make a change, I educate individuals to do good. Never did I tell them "Hey go have sex yaww it's good!"

Wasting time and debating over the news? Well, it's not exactly a debate, but maybe you should do a reality check,

Isn't it redundant to say take actions now and go out of my home when you yourself is WASTING YOUR TIME commenting here? What change did you make so far? In real life, I make changes. Here, I talk cock.

@Peminat Katie Holmes



1. Yep. 90% probability.
2. Oh, homemade? lol
3. Okay, that's true.
4. That's true too.

I was on hiatus. Hahaha




Plastik kan? Macam orang-orang yang suka lepak blog or sites hiburan then bising-bising "Ish... Gini la anak bangsa kita..." "Ish ish ish... Seksinya..." "Ish ish ish nampak lurah" "Kembalilah ke jalan yang benar."

They must have accidentally teleported to those websites kot. HAHAHAHAHAHA

Absolutely mental and hypocrite.


belle said...[Reply]

copy paste dari comment box tuh ke? haha

Valossa Vicious said...[Reply]

Haha copy paste dari notepad ke comment box and ke entry ni.

Clarky Afif said...[Reply]

nothing beats those perverts in chatrooms.

"hai, nak fonsux tak?"

gosh! sucks.hey thanks for reading mimpipoppy anyway ;p

Valossa Vicious said...[Reply]

Don't forget those 'real chatroom' in toilet cubicles too.

"Nak hisap batang? Call me 01x-xxxxxxxxx"

Some people are that deprived. Hahaha

Hey I like mimpipoppy.

$RauLZaiDi$ said...[Reply]

o0o.... ada org suruh dakwah.
di sini la aku diperlukan kali, joe.ahahahaha

Valossa Vicious said...[Reply]


Dipersilakan. Hahahaha