Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy Belated New Year

Oh hi. This blog was abandoned for about two weeks since I was busy and I figure I should take a break from blogging for a while. I'm gonna reply all those dusty and cobwebbed comments later on.

Eh, so how's your redundant new year's resolution? Did you manage to list down 'things-that-I-thought-I-wanted-to-achieve-but-actually-I-don't'? Hahahaha. Seriously though, resolution is a good thing but it doesn't need to wait for another year. So officially this year, I managed to stop that annual "I must quit smoking this year fuck yeah!" resolution.

So in actuality, actually I managed to achieve my new year's resolution in 11 days!

Since it's new year, I've just created another blog with a better defined purpose and content. It's named "Black Spiral". It's still in progress though.

Anyway, Happy Belated New Year for everyone out there!

Eh, what's with this never-ending hype about new year actually huh? It's just numbers lah. LOL


Anonymous said...[Reply]

yeah. waiting for ur new entry

Hanis Manis said...[Reply]

mine is to learn how to drive manual car and eventually stopping myself from getting tickets again again for having WILAYAH-BAPAK-AKU-PUNYA-SUKA- LESEN-MALAYSIA.

btw, its common for most smoker to wish they will stop smoking every year. seriously, i know.

Clarky Afif said...[Reply]

on new year eve, i slept early and i woke up the next day thinking "damn it's just another day to live."

hehe. cheers you too.

Valossa Vicious said...[Reply]


I'm back, but I'll be away for a while. My LCD monitor's broken just now.. Lost most of its vivid colours and super slow response time!

@Hanis Manis

Good luck with that. I've finally got my driving license last December. Yay

I stopped doing that because it's way too redundant.


It's just the same, kan? I can't relate self improvement with the advancement of years