Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Utter Stupidity

I'm sure at this very moment most Malaysians are familiar with this cheap ass shocking news; the leak of a somewhat immoral video of two minors, presumed to be Malay and related by blood, engaging in sexual intercourse. Or in other words, two biologically associated premature homosapiens with Malay ethnicity executing coitus, bypassing the possibility of limp dick and premature ejaculation. 

I find this news extremely revolting, though not by the nature of this video. Believe it or not, there are thousand other kids fucking the hell out of each other in Vietnam or Russia and they're not entirely fucked just by kids either but by creepy bastards. What's revolting is the nature of this news. Let's take a look at the news report again;

BUTTERWORTH: Penyebaran rakaman aksi seks sepasang kanak-kanak yang didakwa adik-beradik melalui telefon bimbit menggemparkan penduduk sekitar bandar ini serta mencetuskan kebimbangan mengenai semakin parah keruntuhan moral masyarakat negara ini.

Ini kerana usia pasangan terbabit masih terlalu muda. Budak lelaki terbabit dipercayai berusia antara 11 dan 12 tahun manakala pasangan perempuan antara 13 dan 14 tahun. 
Aksi berahi mereka dirakam dari pelbagai sudut dipercayai dalam bilik hotel atau motel oleh pihak ketiga berdasarkan katil dan keadaan sekitar. 

Kakitangan swasta dikenali sebagai Azman, 25, yang memperoleh video itu melalui bluetooth daripada rakannya, berkata dia terkejut sebaik melihat aksi pasangan terbabit kerana mereka terlalu muda dan dipercayai masih bersekolah.

“Budak lelaki itu seperti murid tahun lima atau enam manakala remaja perempuan mungkin dalam tingkatan satu atau dua. Kemungkinan mereka adik-beradik kerana fizikal remaja lelaki lebih kecil berbanding pasangannya.

“Saya menggeleng kepala sebaik melihat aksi mereka yang tidak ubah seperti orang dewasa. Bayangkan apa akan jadi kepada mereka pada masa depan dan bagaimana penerimaan ibu bapa mereka jika mengetahui perkara ini,” katanya, semalam.

Menurutnya, tindakan pasangan kanak-kanak itu menggambarkan keadaan moral masyarakat yang semakin merosot dan keadaan ini yang menyumbang peningkatan kes pembuangan bayi hasil hubungan luar nikah. 

“Jika murid sekolah rendah sudah pandai beraksi lucah dan dirakam pihak lain, bagaimana orang dewasa. 

“Apa akan jadi kepada moral masyarakat beberapa tahun akan datang jika gejala penyebaran aksi seks melalui telefon bimbit semakin berleluasa,” katanya. 

Justeru, dia berharap pihak berkuasa segera melakukan sesuatu sebelum gejala penyebaran aksi seks melalui telefon bimbit menjadi ‘wabak’ yang sukar dikawal.

Here's the original link to this news: Hot Superficial Action

Now let me quote a few uncanny lines from this report.

"Kakitangan swasta dikenali sebagai Azman, 25, yang memperoleh video itu melalui bluetooth daripada rakannya"

So, Mr. Azman, would you like to tell me, as a God fearing, law abiding Malay citizen, why would you joyfully request child porn from a friend? I assume you're a good Samaritan since you thought there was the need to report it on the news... Or else the whole news was just fabricated if Mr. Azman didn't exist. Oh, one more thing Mr. Azman, you're already 25, what you really need is getting laid instead of watching porn!

Or did I miss something, like 3gp (low quality LOL) porn file sharing is some kind of NATIONAL SPORT in Malaysia.

"Kemungkinan mereka adik-beradik kerana fizikal remaja lelaki lebih kecil berbanding pasangannya."

Err... I think we may have a slight misunderstanding here, or I might be a retard. What's with physical size and the possibility that they are siblings? I thought it has to do with facial features, skin color, or something like that? No? Gosh, I must be crazy thinking siblings must have similar facial features (unless either spouse commits adultery). All those women taller than me out there are actually my blood sisters. Damn, I'm not really tall either.

Or Mr. Azman, is there a possibility that actually that was your personal sexual fantasy? Child porn plus incestual love making = WINCEST. Or was that something that was just made up to increase sale huh, you bitch! This is ridiculous. It's not even logical.

"Justeru, dia berharap pihak berkuasa segera melakukan sesuatu sebelum gejala penyebaran aksi seks melalui telefon bimbit menjadi ‘wabak’ yang sukar dikawal."

If you haven't notice, the whole article was voiced by Mr. Azman, so the above sentence is presumably his original statement, the very same person who acquired the video from his friend in the first place. I doubt the original reason was for justice, I bet it's more for recreational 'masturbational' purpose you lying prick!

Plus, wabak yang sukar dikawal? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! It's not just an epidemic, sharing porn in real life is already a CANCER in our society (and not just 3gp anymore, we have HD porn now). Stop feeding lies to uninformed, gullible folks that we are that innocent. We are not Britney Spears.

By the way, these folks at Carigold mentioned that they have watched the original video and the supposed 'siblings' are not actually siblings and they're from Thailand. However, there's no sure way to pass this rumor as valid either. Most of these Carigold members are perverts too and they were also looking for the same video which is probably non-existent.


Anonymous said...[Reply]

stupid case that shows stupid meleis attitude of sharing is caring

Valossa Vicious said...[Reply]

Defining 'sharing' to a whole new way!

Bella Luna said...[Reply]

omg. honestly i x pernah tau berita ni sbb i tak suka amik tau but when i read this, i tot about the same thing too. i mean especially the part yang siblings tu. crap gila judge people are siblings by their physical. it doesn't makes sense at all but people in Malaysia mostly wouldn't doubt it. my statement could be prejudice now, tapi seriously, berita macam ni paper METRO akan keluar headline bombastic saying that 'AKSI LUCAH DUA ADIK BERADIK BAWAH UMUR DIRAKAM'. people wouldn't care to think critically. they would just absorb the whole crap and then make stupid statement saying that keruntuhan akhlak remaja kini makin meluas or something. i used to work at cc and the amount of old folks watching porn lagi ramai dr teenagers. irony is it? jap, ada kena mengena tak tu?

p/s: OMG i ada ramai siblings yang i tak tau kat luar sana so i better be careful before i start dating my 'brother' and then jadi superb headline. bahahaaha. crap.

Blood Seeker said...[Reply]

I wish this video is like 'The Ring' which will kill the viewer in 7 days. So that hmetro won't put that crap story on its paper.

Heh...the guy who bluetoothed it must be arrested to cuz he's a pedoberuang

Judiene said...[Reply]

The only thing that caught my attention, well other than the sex part, was Mr. Azman.
Fucking hilarious.
I mean, he asked the video from his friend and reported it to public?
Honestly, what's he trying to proof here?
I know he might have a good heart by reporting this but people must be talking about him right now.

belle said...[Reply]

LOL. Holycrap lah metro. Always come up with stupid news !

P/s : Say no to metro please :)

una berry said...[Reply]

believe me mr V,
although the originality of the vid still can be questioned, the fact of sexual activities among blood-related individual (or incest) in malaysia is far beyond that.
no doubt it scares me .

Ibrahim Ismail said...[Reply]

Agree with Bella Luna & belle. It's how a tabloid (e.g. metro) works, apart from publishing some celebrity gossips.

i'msosupernotcool said...[Reply]

ade lagi ke orang layan 3gp?

come on, dude.
we got HD now.

| Larasephia | said...[Reply]

ahh well, tabloid. Whats more to expect?

Poor Encik Azman.

yamanashi miyuki said...[Reply]

We dont have to actually ANALYSE these things thoroughly, as done by the writer.

Only we have to know is that the video is depicting the deteriorating moral values of malaysian nowadays. Even if the action is not between the minors, isnt adultery a blasphemous and immoral action regardless of WHOM did it?

Instead of wasting time analysing and debating over this news, how about taking actions on it, then? Move away from your home and DO DAKWAH! Dont just cocking around with scorn words and bullshit yet u have done NOTHING to prevent this things from happening.

Peminat Katie Holmes said...[Reply]

its not metro.
the real name is Metroseks.

Clarky Afif said...[Reply]

1. Mr Azman s simply a pedo
2. hey hey I got a 3gp of a minor act from a friend without even requesting it, oe even discussing bout it :p
3. before the age of puberty, females do look bigger/taller/more mature than males.
4. Thais involve in porn/sex industries in early ages.

hehe. HEY where the heck are you? missing your rants!

Syafiq Fadeli said...[Reply]

hidup mr azman!!!

Merissa K. said...[Reply]

this is my delayed LOL reaction. i know being on hiatus means that ill miss all these bashing sessions, but this time, i cannot resist! i simply have to have a dig at this.

mr azman, oh mr azman.


berharap pihak berkuasa segera melakukan sesuatu?

dude, you're the one fapping for cheapo underage 3gps and ur expecting the Big Brader to do something about it?

something doesnt seem right. weish ni typical Meleis la! everything pun nak blame on the government. salah sendiri pun nak blame on the government.

'Saya berharap pihak berkuasa segera melakukan sesuatu untuk menangani isu ni' should be made into Meleis punya tagline lah i ingat.


Valossa Vicious said...[Reply]

Okay that's a buttload of comment when I was away, here's my reply:

@Miss Hanis

Annoyed the hell out of you didn't it? They're willing to do anything just to score for the headline-- and this surely isn't the first time. It's not like we should ignore the problem, I know it exists, but should they propagate more problems than the actual issue?

@Blood Seeker

Hey, maybe we should direct a localized version of 'The Ring' based on that premise.


Digging his own grave? Bahaha Goodie two shoes!


Just for the hit yaww just for the hit.

Valossa Vicious said...[Reply]


Sure, there's no denying that. Incest is a global problem but that doesn't mean they have the right to fabricate news.

To create problems when there isn't any and ignoring the actual problem in the society.

@Imrahib (intentionally)

Should tabloids be banned then? But it's Malaysian's favorite, just like nasi lemak and teh tarik!

@not cool guy

Yeah. HD now. Who knows in 10 years Astro will actually have porn?

Wait. Porn is already there.


Ban the tabloid, ban em.

@yamanashi miyuki

Analyse that thoroughly? Excuse me missy, that's not thorough, in fact that's not even an analysis.

There's a high probability that wasn't done by Malaysians in the first place, then why fabricate problems when they can write about ACTUAL problem in this country?

Anyway, this blog is the place where I talk cock, cuss, and let off some steam - in real life, I have my job to make a change, I educate individuals to do good. Never did I tell them "Hey go have sex yaww it's good!"

Wasting time and debating over the news? Well, it's not exactly a debate, but maybe you should do a reality check,

Isn't it redundant to say take actions now and go out of my home when you yourself is WASTING YOUR TIME commenting here? What change did you make so far? In real life, I make changes. Here, I talk cock.

Valossa Vicious said...[Reply]

@Peminat Katie Holmes



1. Yep. 90% probability.
2. Oh, homemade? lol
3. Okay, that's true.
4. That's true too.

I was in hiatus. Hahaha




Plastik kan? Macam orang-orang yang suka lepak blog or sites hiburan then bising-bising "Ish... Gini la anak bangsa kita..." "Ish ish ish... Seksinya..." "Ish ish ish nampak lurah" "Kembalilah ke jalan yang benar."

They must have accidentally explored those websites kot. HAHAHAHAHAHA

Absolutely mental and hypocrite.