Tuesday, January 18, 2011

He Who Embraced The World

It all began with a simple idea; he wanted to have everything. Whatever he sees possessed by others, he wanted to have it too. Once, he swore he could have killed a kid his age for a toy car his father couldn't afford. That toy car he held in his hand became the first emblem for his later conquests, an obsession beyond greed, a force that drove him alive. To possess just for the sake of possessing, ignoring the consequences of means and ways. To possess was his own brand of recognition he was unfortunate to lack.

And that's not insanity, no. He knew exactly and perfectly what he was doing.

"I believe what I have to believe and what I believe is my own existence and it matters." That was the evolved version of his childhood ideologies. Revolting, self-centric the ideology was, it worked for him and it made him invincible. He was not leashed to the redundant and occasionally hypocritical boundaries of morality. "What's there to conform to when I proudly piss on your norms?" He set his own norms, but he was not a fool, he knew exactly how to walk among people, even when his heart was screaming with disgusts and scorns.

Of course, with the pleasure of material possessions he needed to fill an empty void of his soul, the joy of tender warm flesh, the bosoms of attractive women where he poured his dreary facade. Unlike most men who chose to fall from their pride to the innermost thigh of women, never did he falter, not even once. Emotions and the burden of feelings were something he could effortlessly handle, in almost inhuman manner. Strange as it was, the more he refuse to submit to his inner feelings, the brighter he charmed those unenlightened.

The seemingly eternal cogs moved and alas he had to face the truth. Pride comes before a fall, the five words that shattered the dreams of many men who chose to liberate themselves from conscience. Thus before the foreseeable end, he figured he had to grasp that one last dream he had yet possess. He knew circumstances would not let him of easily but nothing had stopped him before so why should he stop now?

So finally he stood with pride, just a brief moment before his fall,

with a pair of breasts!



Hanis Manis said...[Reply]


okay, dah. :)

Hanis Manis said...[Reply]

omg, you just posted this 9 minutes ago. i felt like a damn freak stalker. dammit. haha.

Anonymous said...[Reply]


hey,ur header is cool!

clarky said...[Reply]

could i have a penis, please.
i mean, to insert.
not to be inserted.
heh. heh.

anyway what size are his?

Valossa Vicious said...[Reply]


Don't worry, if you're a stalker you would be a very awesome stalker! Haha


Didn't expect that huh?


But my penis is mine and mine only! LOL

I bet 34D? Gahahahahahahah

Clarky Afif said...[Reply]

rob a bank then. malaysian bras can go up to 40G.
hah hah!