Sunday, December 19, 2010

Azwan Ismail Gay Malay Coming Out of Malay Closet

I'm calling that 'coming out of Malay closet' because homosexuality is an ultra-sensitive issue in Malaysia, especially among the Malays. Being gay as a Malay guy is often seen as a crime in most Malay societies. Don't get it wrong, by the way. When I was in a university in Selangor, there were bazillion of gay Malay guys and in a friend's house I used to hang around, many of her neighbor friends are gay and some of em took hormones and have TITS, holyfuck!

Oh by the way, Azwan Ali, no, you're gay and it's not okay.

Or that's one of my ways of saying it. I have different views regarding this matter, as I have different roles as a Muslim, as a citizen, as a socialist, and some other bullshit.

Let's move on why it's not okay for me. It's nothing to do with my heterosexual sexual preference of course. The fact that you are a gay posed no threat to me as long as you're not shoving your dick to anyone's ass, especially my ass. I reserved its view just for my wife and just a few girls have seen it up until now (and few friends by accident and as toilet humors). In a liberal view, being gay in a society indeed will not impose any threat or harm to other people, unless they are rapist or murderer with homoerotic preference. That will be so fucking scary. Since you are not a murderer, rapist, child molester, and don't steal my motorbike, then your existence is fine with me. You being gay is totally fine with me.

But, as a Muslim, no matter what's your excuse, I have to say, it's not okay for me, in the sense that I will not accept your view that each gay must step forward and announce that they are gay (some gays don't even have to announce their homosexuality, they are FLAMING HOMO). I understand the concept of homosexuality and sexual orientation very well, though I have mixed views about it. I know it's difficult for gay people because large proportion of people on earth are heterosexual. The larger proportion of the heteros bound to have some uneducated bunch to go hostile against the homos because of their difference views on what is FUCKABLE, shitty asshole or wet vagina?

Okay, actually it's not just about sex. Sexual orientation is difficult because it's almost hard-wired. Let's say, I am a heterosexual guy who loves mammary glands with delicate shape. One day, all of a sudden a CIA agent kidnaps me and asks me to have buttsex with a hairy guy and asks me to fall in love and marry the guy after that. How the fuck would that feel? Our sexual preference is not something that we can alter with our own will. I can never love a man after knowing the beauty of woman tits. It's just unfortunate that some of us were born with the natural instinct to love their own kind.

I did mention that I have mixed views about the issue of homosexuality, right? Yeah, it's fucking mixed. In a different view, I used to have this theory that homosexuality is actually more like a fetish, not a sexual orientation. Just like obsession to girls in school uniform, obsession to staged rape, pedophilia, girls with 'tudung' having sexual intercourse and thousand other fetishes. In fact, before 1973, homosexuality was in fact considered as paraphilia; sexual arousal to objects, situations, or individuals that are not part of normative stimulation and that may cause distress or serious problems for the paraphiliac or persons associated with him or her. In actuality, homosexuality's acceptance even in the Western world wasn't that old. It's still new. So, there's a probability that homosexuality is not something that is wired to our brain or body or dick... biologically and physiologically. What creates homosexuals were the environment, the society, the media and most importantly the respective homosexual individual themselves, on how they deal with social life, problems etc. Well, that's just a theory though.

In my head there are many ideas and conflicting sides now. There is this religious side which is definitely against condoning homosexuality. Then there were liberals and socialist sides exchanging bullshits, conservative side bantering in the middle and communist side yawning at the stupidity of all the other sides.

I could just decide that I don't favor capitalism and the separation of religion and state. But FUCK IT, the government is too much of a bullshit for a so called Muslim country. If they really care about Islam as the official religion and Malaysia as a Muslim country, WHAT THE FUCK with prostitutions, corruptions, bribes, casinos, abortions, dead babies? Oh gay bars too LOL. What the fucking fuck? Those I stated just now have existed for some fucking moment already. If they really wanted to stop em they could have done it, no? Do they give a damn about it?

In conclusion, QUIT THIS FUCKING BULLSHIT. We've been living in sin already. We were already liberal and secular for quite some time already without a large portion of the society noticing it. Not to mention, capitalist too. This Azwan Ismail is just one of the gay bunch and he happened to be the perfect victim for religious wannabes and homophobic Malays.

I don't give a fuck. At least for now.

p/s: I kinda snapped in the middle of writing this.


Clarky Afif said...[Reply]

im pansexual.yeah.

Valossa Vicious said...[Reply]

a.k.a. omnisexual? Cool. But seriously?

Judiene said...[Reply]

You just won me over with your writing.
This is great man.
You should be doing the journalism thingy and writing a column instead of a blog.
This is fucking good.

And regarding the matter, I couldn't agree more with you.
I mean you just took all the words right from my mind.


Anonymous said...[Reply]

yeah, this is fucking bullshit. what a perfect victim. great words, bro.

una berry said...[Reply]

self-righteous ppl is annoying.
they've been commenting on certain issues like they holier than the others. dislike that.

syam said...[Reply]

main pantat pun mo heboh2 ka.. tsk tsk mr. azwan.. arent u realize ur society is a bunch of conservative hypocrites, do u think they will be in any way to accept ur confession.


.Gory. said...[Reply]

Doesn't mean that you gay you have to come forward and tell the whole world. Dah tau Malaysia ni sampai bila bila takkan terima, tak payah nak buat liberal or modern la. Takkan nak kena bala dulu, nak kena laknat dulu baru nak sedar.

Mat Jun said...[Reply]

ur review was great dude,balance !

azwan ismail and the community,both have a big deal to "deal" later

being gay,ofcoz it was not ok but then would people try to see from other side to "change" this man ?

mocking change nothing !

be cool malaysian and try to solve in the better way for both not only for the community also the "victim" azwan ismail


Hani Mynis said...[Reply]

i like ur perspectives in this sensitive matter better than obe's~ not judgemental but u kw where u stand also...huhu...gud one..just balance~

Neuroneko said...[Reply]

joes i'm also writing abt this on my tumblr. i'm promoting ur theory there. haw haw haw. good theory. i'm accepting it.

Valossa Vicious said...[Reply]


Nah, I'm not into conventional writing. Thanks!


It's a war with neither side on the right track

@una berry

When in fact, they're closing one eye to other religious offense they see, eh?


True. This is totally a bad move in this society. It won't work.


They shouldn't come forward in the first place, wrong place, wrong time, wrong side of the map.

@Mat Jun

My review is a bit emotional. But nothing will change by keep on condemning without trying to understand, then find a solution. Gays will always exist, kucing member aku pun ada yg suka mencocok lubang jubur.


Obe has got his own opinion, but I don't think he really thinks homosexuality is absolutely right.

@Mimi chan sung kit (lol)

Promoting my theory? lol Let's say it's a collected understanding.

Bella Luna said...[Reply]

they are just some bunch of losers that is begging for recognition acceptance. they just cant accept the fact that they have to keep their so called urban fabulous awesome orientation to themselves.

hey, a crazy brain actually does says serious matter. :)


Db Cooper said...[Reply]

barua, panjang lebar lu berforum perdana, 5 minit juga gua nak abiskan baca. memang 2 la hakikat sekarang, dalam 10 orang lelaki kat malaysia nie, mesti ada 1 yang gay. gua ramai je member gay, slagi diaorang respect gua, gua kan respect diaorg.

Valossa Vicious said...[Reply]

@bella luna

Hello bella, nice to meet you. I agree, it's a very stupid move knowing you're living in Malaysia. Gila ke?

@Db Cooper

Haha, tapi lu baca habis kan. Thx. Gua pun respect diorang, no problem, tapi to come out macam Azwan Ali buat tu memg silap besar.

Strunk said...[Reply]

I've noticed Malaysian Muslims seem to think that Turning to Allah, requires Turning one's back to good English and Grammar.

Which I guess in a sense is good, not bothering to master the international language probably means they're content to keep on living their 7th century Melayunistan.

Strunk said...[Reply]

In all this flurry, I've noticed Malaysian Muslims seem to think that Turning to Allah, requires Turning one's back to good English and grammar. Not bothering to master the international language probably means they're content to keep on living their 7th century Melayunistan.