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The Concise List of Rempit, Meleis and Similar Stereotypes.

I was searching for a hot Ah Lian on Google just now and it brought me to the concise definition of of Ah Lian and Ah Beng from Wikipedia. Yes, that's right, Ah Lian managed to occupy an entry in Wikipedia, folks!

This Google search brought me to other terminologies in other cultures which brought similar meaning to Ah Lian and Ah Beng. Some of them are familiar such as white trash, rednecks, NEET etc. We've seen them in movies, TV series and we've read them in books and newspapers. Truth is, this social group could have actually exist in most societies! So let's not be ashamed of our own Mat Rempit, Meleis, Pungit, Ah Lian and Ah Beng.

By the way, pungit is a terminology I learned from my principal during secondary school. It's also a word oftenly used by my brother, it is used to address a certain degree of stupidity of a person associated with the term.

An example, "Hei pungit susah sangatkah tukar tayar kereta?"

Pungit is probably a Sabahan word.

Below is a concise list of some of the similar stereotypes.

Ah Lian
Origin: Certain group of Chinese girls in Singapore and Malaysia. Prevalent in neighborhood schools with lower educational standards. Bimbos.

Appearance: Outdated Japanese fashion, hair dyed in bright colours, straightened and usually with thick fringes. They usually wear hotpants and miniskirts.

Unusual Features: Talking loudly in public. Use sharp tone in their speech which they considered cute. Making their eyes big with force or contact lens. Speak hybrid mix of  Singlish or Manglish, creating English phrases with Chinese grammar. Curse a lot in daily speech.

Review: Well, some Ah Lians are totally hot you'll definitely wanna HIT THAT. But when they're not hot you'll definitely wanna HIT THAT WITH A BAT.

A kinda hot Ah Lian

Ah Beng
Origin: Certain group of young Chinese men found in Malaysia and Singapore, rude and often indulge in criminal activity.

Appearance: Unusual fashion styles and tastes. Flamboyant shirts, usually dragons and tight jeans and a comb in their pocket is compulsory. Sometimes leather jackets and pants too.

Unusual Features: Disagree and brawl with random people in the streets. Extreme car modification. Smokes and do dangerous drugs, usually ecstasy.

Review: Usually labeled as gangster wannabes who speak bad English. In Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, they usually occupy cyber cafes. By the way, the TV show Phua Chu Kang is a parody of these Ah Bengs.
A possible Ah Beng. Maybe no.


Origin: First used in UK but now used in many other countries. It means Not in Education, Employment or Training.

Appearance: Zombie-like features such as dead eyes, limp slowly, smells bad, constant 'Brains' moans, etc. 

Unusual Features: Unemployed, unmarried, not enrolled in school or engaged in housework and not seeking work or the technical training needed for work.

Review: This usually happen to graduates who took local, unacknowledged universities, or those who took a stupid course. Also those who abandoned education and focus on other stuff such as blogging, instead of studying.
His face tells the story


Origin: Americans, who are trapped betwixt (between) adolescence and adulthood. How is this possible? It's completely mysterious!

Appearance: Random. Might be naked and stalking you at the moment.

Unusual Features: Living with parents at the age of 28, or any other age which a person is considered to be independent to live a life. Failure to achieve financial independence. In Malay, "Menghabiskan beras.".

Review: Familiar in Malaysian culture. Still you remember Mat Rock Kampung depicted in Gila-Gila once ago? It rang a bell.
Twixters, featured in TIME magazine.

Parasite Single

Origin: Japan. A single person who lives with their parents till their late twenties or early thirties in order to enjoy a CAREFREE and ENJOYABLE life. Somewhat similar to hikikomori, but a little different. In English, they're called Sponge or Basement Dwellers.

Appearance: Probably similar to barbarian. Imagine a nerdy barbarian.

Unusual Features: Single, poor, not paying house rent, getting free meals everyday.

Review: The factor that caused the existence of parasite single is not primarily economic, mind you! It began in 1976. Read through the whole article.
"Please marry our son," says Yamaha and Akosuka.


Origin: Also called Arsim, their origin is Israel. Yes, you heard that right! Jews had lazy and low class people too, aside from geniuses and evil masterminds.

Appearance: Wear tight clothing in unsuitably bright colors with excessive gold jewelery. Gay much?

Unusual Features: Disrespectful to women and behaves rudely in public. Misogynist Israeli huh?

Review: I've never seen Ars for all my life. So no comment. I rarely heard or read about em.

Not Ars, but his name is actually Arsim. LOL?

Origin: United States. Refers to the poor white people in US, suggesting lower social class and degraded living standards. 

Appearance: Hooligans. Uncivilized behavior, irrespective to authority etc. Similar to Mat Rempit.

Unusual Features: Calling black people niggers, while black people taunted them back by calling them white trash. Funny?

Review: They are funny. I think you can see them in the TV show Accidentally On Purpose.

White Trash perhaps?


Origin: United States too. Refers to the poor White Southern farmers. Similar to white trash but it gives me greater depiction of stupid and rude people. I'm not gonna tell you about its history.

Appearance: Maybe stark naked. Wear wool hats. Hahahahahaha

Unusual Features: Get offended for the slightest criticism. Paranoia. Usually hate Muslims and think all of us are terrorists. Idiotic.

Review: These were the people who held that 'Burn a Koran Day'. Unspeakable idiocy. 

Essex Girl
Origin: United Kingdom, it is used to imply the promiscuous and unintelligent woman from Essex. 

Appearance: Wear stiletto heels, pale-colored blonde hair. ORANGE IN COLOUR, due to the excessive use of fake tan. 

Unusual Features: Verbal vulgarity. Tarty. Sometimes they are hot. Sometimes they have many chins.

Review: Just another variant of dumb blonde in US and the KLCC girl in Malaysia. 

Playboy Essex girl.

Mat Rempit

Origin: The Bolehland, Malaysia. They are the daredevils of the road. Usually Malays, they enjoy pulling off stunts while occasionally getting killed. Free live gore show, people!

Appearance: Dress code changes according to states and teams. Mat Rempit's popular attire is Adidas jacket bought from Uptown (maybe original though), the one worn by Farid Kamil in his sucky movie Rempit V3 or Samseng Jalanan V3. These movies actually inspired Mat Rempits all over Malaysia.

Unusual Features: Pulling off stunts out on the street such as wheelie, stoppie, scorpion and superman. Mencuri motosikal orang, which is really bad and the main reason they're hated. Dying in grotesque fashion. Voluntary actors for 3GP porn, a popular type of porn in Malaysia.

Review: Don't we love our local version of Bosozoku? What's Bosozoku? Up next.
Typical wheelie stunt by a Mat Rempit.

Origin: Japan. It refers to the Japanese subculture associated with motorcycle club and gangs. They actually look cool in manga and anime, especially in Great Teacher Onizuka. I don't know about the real bosozoku though. The members were usually under 20 years old.

Appearance: Often depicted as wearing jumpsuit, boots, and baggy pants. Their jackets are usually adorned  with military slogans, rising sun symbol, kanji, etc. Their most prominent feature is the pompadour and the punch perm hairstyle. You'll see how it looks later. 

Unusual Features: Pompadour hairstyle? They will level up as Yakuza member when they reach 20 years of age. Their popular event, massed rides - up to 100 bikers cruising slowly in the major highway, ignoring tollbooths and police. Is that cool or what?

Review: I would like to see ultimate battle between Bosozoku and Mat Rempit. Is it possible? 

An actual bosozoku gang. Click this image to go the actual source.


Origin: Afaf Ibrahim Meleis is an Egyptian-American nursing scientist and educator. Hahahahha. Okay that link is fake. There are actual people with the name Meleis. Here's a basic subcategories of Meleis, according to Obefiend.

1. Mat Rempit.
2. Minah Melayu buang baby.
3. Melayu perogol anak.
4. Melayu kaki nombor.
5. Parents Melayu smoke depan anak yang masih baby.
6. Melayu bising dalam wayang macam tengok VCD dalam bilik.
7. Melayu pakai tudung tapi buat 3GP.
8. Melayu kaki ragut.

For thorough comprehension, please do read the whole post about Meleis, the Niggers of Malays, here.

This is Afaf Meleis, not Meleis. She's probably a nice person.

So now you know! We Malaysians are not alone!

Image source: Google Images, dammit.


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