Monday, April 5, 2010

The Shittiest Part of This

Dear Coma,
Since forever or yesterday, I've been looking for journals and research articles.
I looked for them from portals and especially from The Asian EFL Journal.
Yeah, there are many journals, including completely written and high quality thesis.
But the big problem is, I am required to find three research articles that support a single claim.
The word 'research' here indicates that the articles must include literature review plus methodology plus findings plus hypothesis whatsoever. In other words, the articles must be based full-pledged researches.
The Asian EFL Journal sure is good, but I was yet to find the three related research articles until...
I realized I forgot my best friend, Mr. Google.
Heck, what had happened to me?
I used to not bother looking for research articles from portals and specific sites.
I am not utilizing the internet to the most anymore!
I am a noob now. Holyshit.
Perhaps because there were too many assignments my brain stopped functioning?
Just 30 minutes ago, after I used my long abandoned Googling skill, there, I found more than 10 full research articles talking about common claim, each dated 2000 and above.
I used to read a lot of PDF books about Google hacking and Google searching techniques.
Now what have I done?
What the heck. I wasted a lot of time skimming through web portals.
Dear Mr. assignment, I'm making a comeback.
Just you wait.
The articles are interesting and now I'm interested to write.
And yes, something that is not interesting is not worth writing. Might as well be thrown into a pile of shit.
God. I've just noticed.
This semester I am as lazy as a sloth,
as slow as a slowpoke.
Might as well be shot.
Anybody, please do the honor,
shoot this lazy bump.
So that he'll be awake.
You, please motivate me. Now.


Dewi Batrishya said...[Reply]

Bang! Bang! Bang!
There! Die you Lazy Sloth!!
Just Bleed and Die!!!
Btw, ♥ Daisuke Ishiwatari : Missing ^^
Good Luck killing urself softly with the asgments! weee~

Nerojei said...[Reply]

Thanks for the shot Dewi.
Appreciate that a lot.
Daisuke Ishitari composed great music, try other tracks from him as well. :)
Good luck for you too, make sure you don't die before me!