Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Few Facts About This Ignorant Guy Pt. 2

7. Chilly sauce is supposed to be eaten with burgers only, not with fries, fried chicken, pisang goreng, popia or chicken wings. That's what I believe.

8. Slow, lagging computer and internet connection piss me off more than the action of someone breathing behind my neck. Seriously. Nothing else angers me more than these two things.

9. I used to be so fucking hot-tempered and aggressive and ended up physically beating a lot of people when I was younger. It continued until I was 16 year old, I somehow grasped anger management. But there are exceptions, just like the above example.

10. Owning a super bike is a dream that will make me happy more than anything in the world. Think constant orgasm. Okay, maybe not.

11. I adore girls who know how to smile, because I don't. :)

12. The first and last time I shaved my head clean was after SPM. Simply for fun. I tried to shave it on my own and later I noticed my scalp was bleeding and blood was running down my face, I had to stop halfway so the hair was all over the half-bald head. I hid in my room for the night and that morning I confessed to mama that I tried to shave and failed. So she finished the job and I learned a lesson, shaving your head bald is not a task you can perform without any experience!

13. The most disastrous event related to hair dye and bleach in my life happened last year. I bleached my hair white for about two weeks, than dyed it dark blue. Then dark blue faded, it turned to purple, then to green, then to light blonde. When I came to Shah Alam, I dyed it black. Shortly after, the colour faded again and it turned to red and after sometime blonde again, but with heavier tone.

14. People often say I'm good with computers and other geeky stuffs but really, everything I learned is from the internet and self-experiments. Everything comes with costs, to fix something you must first damage something.

15. I love T-shits with unusual labels. Oh how typical. Oh I don't care about the brand of my shirt or pants, only shoes.

16. In my previous experiences with girls, I was never the one to make a move so practically, I don't know how to woo a girl, actually. So if you like me, if any, please do woo me. Hahaha.

17. I often laugh to jokes people don't find funny. Duh.

18. When I said I won't care about something, I really mean it, I won't give a slightest shit about it.

19. I coughed a lot when I'm in the bathroom and when I bath. I don't know why. Allergy to water perhaps.

20. Kratos is the most bad ass character ever created in history, I wish I could be ignorant and angry just like him. Is that normal?

--to be continued--


starRocker said...[Reply]

woo him!woo him! :)

syam said...[Reply]

so agree with num 8!
num 12 reminds me of britney. lol
num 14 is funny and true in a way.
num 15 - i recently find statement shirts very attractive haha..

Jo Bizarro said...[Reply]

=.= Hahahahahaha!

12. Britney??? Gosh!
14. It is, right?
15. True, true, always!

Anonymous said...[Reply]

I'm Glad i ran across this blog.Added virusofimmortality.blogspot.com to my bookmark!

Valossa Vicious said...[Reply]

Why would you bookmark this blog?