Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Few Facts About This Ignorant Guy Pt. 1

Here goes nothing.

1. I am not into text messaging. I often wonder why some people can't seem to take mobile phones off their hand, for like... The whole day? Is it really that fun to text about everything you do? Hey I've eaten. Woi aku dah berak. Hoi ada batu di tepi jalan. Woi rokok aku abis. Hey I'm having a leak. Alaa ashtray aku tumpah. Hehe kucing aku beranak. Aku maw tidur. Things like these. God.

2. I freaking hate phone calls when I'm busy on something, no matter for what reason. Probably due to my choice of ringtone. A low-pitched customized version of a metal song, Nymphetamine, which is very noisy and disturbing to most people. Lately, I'm becoming this most people too. But I refuse to change the ringtone.

3. Don't expect me to text or ask anyone everyday asking about how are they doing, have they eaten, how was their day whatsoever. I'd removed this activity from my routine at one point in my life and now I'm too used to it. I often text only when texted first. I call when there are needs, such as hanging out, going out, assignments etc. No exception. I bet I'll be single forever and die alone sooner than I thought. But seriously dude, I'm comfortable with it, too comfortable perhaps. I prefer to interact face to face or via internet.

4. I use my phone until its battery dies. Which takes almost three days. Heck, I charge my PSP's battery more often than my phone. The irony? I'm still using a postpaid line. Why? Because I fucking hate you, Celcom. I don't even want to go your office.

5. I smoke like no tomorrow. Most people say I'm a human train. Sugar said I'm an exhaust pipe. And yes, I'm not gonna quit no matter what you tell me. I do want to quit, but don't ever tell me to. Don't even tell me to smoke less. I'd smoke more just because you said that. Seriously. Anyway, I really need to quit. Someday.

6. I work faster with metal or music with loud bass in the background. And when I work, I don't like to wear earphones. Therefore, this habit is seriously disturbing. Sorry.

So for the first part, it's mostly about mobile phones. Wow.

--To be continued--


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hahahahaha.. aku xsngke ade lg org len yg lebih kurg mcm aku.. serious aku xheran pasal handphone.. dan aku boleh biarkan hp tu mati berhari2.. and nak reply message org pon selalu lambat sbb aku sgt suke silent.. and hanphone misplace tu adalah perkara biasa... im not into textin 24/7 and call even im in a relationship.. serious xfhm kapel yg dok mesej 24 jam.. call tiap2 jam.. gosh ! habes sweet r tuh ~

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no on brother. Spot on.