Saturday, April 3, 2010

What? I don't even

Correction, ladies and gentlemen!
Regarding my post last night, let's forget about that.
Anyway, Mr. A was very satisfied with our play.
He said it was excellent and well done!
He said our marks will be more than 25, perhaps 27 over total of 30?
Ha ha ha!
Well, I think that settles everything.
And I think I'm very happy.
Who thought a few times of practice ended up quite a-okay?
And today I get to take a lot of pictures with Bianca too. Yay!
Thank you everyone!
We did a good job.
Though I forgot my lines by the end of the play
and forged a new one,
which turned out undetected and well? Um?
What's done is done
and plus it's done with flying colours.
Who cares?
Happy, happy, happy.


t a u f i k said...[Reply]


starRocker said...[Reply]

do you that he reads you blog?
oh btw, kaw memang a walking disaster!
love poem sendiri pon bole lupe!!lol.

Nerojei said...[Reply]

Taufik: Thanks!

Dayl: "Do you that he reads you blog?"
What do you mean? O.o
Is he reading my blog?
Oh that part, nervous bha baca tu poem. :p

kzee said...[Reply]

>do you that he reads your blog?

>do you that he reads your

>do you that he

>do you that

yes.I that.


Nerojei said...[Reply]

Now what dayl said is officially a meme.

I that, you that too?

Oh let's that.

Anonymous said...[Reply]


Nerojei said...[Reply]

Thanks! :D

starRocker said...[Reply]

to kzee and joe:
TYPO BHA TU!!!ngeng!!
memememememememe bikin panas.