Friday, April 2, 2010

Almost There

Dear world, I know this may sound insignificant to you. But here we go again, shamelessly telling things people could care less to know.

These assignments, this term, they are almost over!!!

Give them 2 weeks.

I'm getting my life back.

I'm getting my weekend outings back.

I'm getting myself sane again.


But there's one big problem.

I am almost broke.

A very thin line that needs just a snap to break.

Oh demmmitt.

I should start selling my stuffs.

Till then, blog.

We'll make love again soon.

Mors ultima linea rerum est.


Anonymous said...[Reply]

Jia you joe! ganbatte ne~ kesihan.. btw, mana pic ko microteach?? haha

Nerojei said...[Reply]

Thank you!!! Really need that. Hari ni baru siap drama. Oh!! Lupa!! But later I'll upload pictures of me wearing microteaching attire! :p