Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mystery at Mydin Section 18

Today, this afternoon I went to Giant to buy a whole black-pepper-chicken for lunch and a barber scissors for layer cut. I couldn't find the scissors but managed to buy the chicken. But that's not the point of this story. I asked a staff and she said, "We don't sell barber scissors here, why don't you try Mydin?"

So to Mydin I went.

At Mydin I went up to the first floor and asked two sweet ladies where can I find the scissors. Lucky, it is available at Mydin. But not one for the layer cut. Damn.

So after staring at the rack for about 15 minutes just making sure if the layer cut scissors was hidden somewhere beneath the many normal cut barber scissors, I realized I was kidding myself. It was not there.

So I went down to the ground floor and wander around some more, in case the scissors was hidden somewhere it wasn't supposed to be. But no, apparently not.

Oh just for the note, it was a freaking boring day.

Then I bought a small packet of salad, whatever you call it and a loaf of bread instead. Might as well buy something, right?

Okay, actually you can skip all the above, here is the point of the story.

I went to the counter, paid for the foods, get the receipt and get the receipt stamped. Get the receipt stamped? Don't ask, that's how they do business at Mydin.

I went out of Mydin and I was about to fetch my helmet when suddenly...

Somebody gave me a pat on the back.

"Woi, lama tak nampak! Apa cerita?"

I turned and glanced at him.

He looked like an Indian but his Malay slang was perfect, perhaps a mamak from Penang. That was my theory. But that's not the point.

Honestly, I didn't know him, NOTHING rang a bell. I had never seen this guy in my life.

He continued, "Kerja kat mana sekarang? Apa khabar? Bla bla bla~" 
Dan aku berjabat tangan dengan dia.

Seriously, I had no clue and plus, I am still studying.

So I told him, "Serius bro, aku tak kenal kau. Sori kalau aku tak ingat. Jumpa dekat mana? Bila? Aku tak kerja lagi, still study lagi dekat UITM. Blablabla~"

His expressions was very good, it seemed very real, like he really knew me and it was me who had forgotten about him.

He answered with a somewhat disappointed expression, "Kau ni, macamana kau boleh lupa aku. Kan aku yang urus borang-borang kelas kau dulu blablabla~ Sekarang aku praktikal dekat Mydin~ (WHAT??) Aku sekarang ambik course physiology therapy doctor blablablabla~"

Okay, maybe not very accurate, but what he said was something like that. He kinda tried to connect to my memories though it did not work well and I was confused instead.

I thought, "Alamak, aku ka yang lupa mamat ni, kecil hati pulak dia nanti."

So I tried to remember if I'd met this guy before, but still, no. Serius, aku tak kenal kau.

But this guy was very persistent, he kept talking and talking. So I gave in and said,

"Ohh... Kau ke? Sori, sori, tak ingat. Kenal tapi tak pernah bercakap kan? Ohh..."

Then he went on talking about memories that did not really connect with me and I kept on giving that awkward-Aaaah... Bila?-frown. And finally the whole awkward and bizarre episode made sense.

DIA: "Wei, kau ada problem tak sekarang?

AKU: "Hah, problem apa? Problem apa ni?"

DIA: "Tadi time aku salam kau, aku dapat rasa kau ada problem."

AKU: *Rasa confuse and macam mau menumbuk orang* "Problem apa jugak?"

DIA: "Batin, kau faham kan? Kau ada masalah batin kan?"

WHAT THE FUCK. There, everything solved.

Actually after that he kept on talking about balls (???), how he can feel people's sexual energy, sexual problems and other loads of bullshit. I knew I had no problem because I am sexually active. Eh?

So I said, "Aku nak gerak ni, member tengah tunggu."

And I went to my scooter and speedily got home.

Again, WTF???

Humans are interesting, aren't they?


kzee said...[Reply]

balls?outside of mydin?fucking wrong...

luxperpetua said...[Reply]

haha.gile funny?!!
joe kene harrassed...?
by an unknown guy?

NexCorvus said...[Reply]

OMG! I THINK HE THINKS THAT U R HIS LONG LOST GAY PARTNER! Or maybe ko terminum potion mcm dlm citer dr jackyll and mr hyde yg bila ko minum, ko berubah jadi seorang psycho gay. XD

Raf Rafail said...[Reply]

tis is hilarious hahahaha lmao

Dewi Batrishya said...[Reply]

Moral of the story..
Don't talk to 'strange' strangers..
Haha.. Lucky he didn't follow u home.. :P

nashrah khan said...[Reply]

:O:O this is just plain weird hahaha. not too mention scary!

Dict MFG said...[Reply]