Thursday, March 11, 2010

Imminent Danger of Facebook?

With that title, I'm referring to Facebook. A social network that I believe most of us are familiar with. If you've never heard about it, much less using it, you're probably someone from the past. Or you were frozen in time.

Now, now, what's so dangerous about such friendly and convenient social network?

It helps you to connect with your friends.
It enables you to search for an old friend you met in standard one, provided you still remember his or her name.
It lets you monitor your friends activities.
It can be used as an announcement board, such as notice for assignments deadline.
It reminds you of your friends' birthdays as you might have forgotten about them. Ouch.

And many other benefits that you knew yourself.

But the biggest problem about it this social network is, it is good. Perhaps too good.
I didn't say perfect, mind you.
And it is free. No strings attached. Oh really?

And I remember,
"Everything that is good comes with a cost."
"Nothing good comes for free."
Or something like that.

Right about now as I type these words,
how many of us are online in this social network?
Honestly, I am.

Since the moment Facebook was established on 2006, how many of us have adopted it as a routine?
In a day, how many times do we scroll down the news update?
And check what our friends are doing.
What's their status.
Write a status or a shout out.
Talk about nonsense.
Flame other people.
Flame them back.
Talk about politics and become famous and get a free trip to court.
Rant about your feelings and love life.
Attempt to become a celebrity.
Upload more photos.
Send birthday cards and wishes.
And everything else, self-explanatory.

As common as it is now, Facebook really is a mystery.
Why is it created?
What's its purpose?
Why are we sticking our butts on our chairs for hours just to check out people's activities, thoughts and rants?

A recent news for me,
I noticed there were more birthday wishes for me on Facebook rather than in my phone's inbox.
There were almost 30-40 wishes I received on my Facebook wall.
Less than 10 for my phone's inbox.
I'm not a wish-my-birthday-you-idiot fag, just stating the statistic.
Facebook now replaces everything. Not literally, just an exaggeration.

I wonder, is it really necessary
to know what's in everyone's mind?
to post how hopeless you are about your life and love life?
to post shout out just to get people's attention?
to 'Like' everything that is relevant to your interest?
to prioritize Facebook over real-life commitment?
and many other questions you may have thought of.

And by saying all the above, I am not excluding myself.
At the moment,
I'm not going to delete my Facebook account.
I'm not going to logout yet.

Because it made me feel...
That many people are around?

not everything that makes you happy is good.
Like drugs. But it feels good so what the heck? Like that.

Perhaps there's something beneath this that we don't know.
Perhaps not.


Dewi Batrishya said...[Reply]

Its just another medium.. of expression..
For People with feelings.. cant help but express themselves..
People with lots of ideas.. cant help but express their ideas..
People with problems.. cant help but to spit out their problems..
FB is for everyone.. >.<
Shit! I sound like a promoter.. WTH..

Maariv said...[Reply]

It is a place to develop people skills. You cook up plans and put your elaborate fronts on FB and see how people will react. If you start thinking like an advertiser, publicist, or politician, or a person who needs feedback over their work (these people are not aspiring celebrities), the whole net, FB included is nothing but an arena for presentation skills. Ulterior motives lurk behind every word you put there.

Problem starts when people start looking at how things are done and products as capitals for fame.

Even flaming requires skill.

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one advice, do not go to FB and try to hire XxyaS cuz I just made him up.

A good arsenal consists of motives in normal shells and arguments in torpedoes.

N3_XieRRa said...[Reply]

i like fb...and i hate it too..
though we are afar, we can still know about the ppl in our circle's news..
and i like the games..that have make me addicted really...hehe lucu... tp kin happy...
agree to u joe!

kzee said...[Reply]


Nerojei said...[Reply]

Let's just witness this till the end! Hahaha! Thanks for the words of wisdom people!