Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Goblin a.k.a. Toyol

Are you one of the people who depends on Goblin during tests?

Honestly I have nothing against any of you.

But I'd like to say that I'm proud that I'd never use one for these few years.

The first and last time I used it was during Form Four on a History exam.

The first time I used one and my result went down the drain. So I learned my lesson.

Never, ever, ever use one.

But right now, I've got a test for tomorrow. All of a sudden due to a confusion between two classes and it covers a whole lot of chapters. And the book is so dead boring and the good thing is I don't have the book.

How wonderful is that?

Oh by the way I didn't resort to Goblin because I simply am lazy to make one.

To hell with ethics, I am simply lazy and I don't care. Oh tomorrow. Please deliver.


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Scary? The Goblin you mean?