Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I Am a Monkey

Trampoline Is Fun

Literally I am not. But I love high places. I am not really a good climber but when there's a chance, I'll climb as high as I could.

When I was in Form 2 in SMESH, 2 Cygma to be exact, I had this hobby during night prep classes. That is, jumping down from the first floor to the yard, in the middle of the building block. Surprisingly, I quickly became the pioneer of this dangerous activity, more and more fellas were joining this 'decisive plunge'. This activity usually started when the prep classes were about to end. This actually became a habit and at times I jump from the first floor of the hostel block just to take a bath at the kolah downstairs. Today, the only thing that I'd like to tell myself and my friends is,

"If you want to impress girls, that is certainly not the way, dude."

Then I can't really remember whether during Form 3 or Form 4, but most probably Form 4, we had this weekend activity, climbing from the first floor of the hostel to the second or third floor. Mind you, not using the stairs. We climbed the concrete tiang, in the middle of the night, when the wardens were away. Then some would record the time, who were the fastest. Oh, you can forget safety whatsoever, we climbed half-naked, only with short pants and bare hands. Who the fuck started this activity? Now that I think about it, that was really dangerous, eh?

Being a kid is the best moment ever! We are simply crazy fools!

Another popular activity we did that time was something like cliff-hanging? It's a bit hard to explain. It went like this, about three or more guys on the third floor will put down that hos bomba to a person on the second floor. Then, from the first or the second floor, that person would climb to the second or third floor (ikut kemampuan) by using that hos bomba. Then when you reach the designated floor, satisfaction! No prizes whatsoever. I think this activity was pioneered earlier by our seniors. I did it maybe about two or three times, but then I gained weight through time and realized I was too heavy to do it anymore. Damn!

Hmm. Kalau la hos bomba tu putus kan. Nasib lah.

Then, when I was in Form Four too, I had this one incident. I was smoking at the corridor perhaps near 10:00 p.m. and most probably I skipped the prep class too, then I remembered, I forgot to watch Smallville! So without thinking twice or thrice, I walked along the back corridor to the one just above the Bilik TV, and jumped. Unfortunately, my landing sucked a bit, so I had to use my hands to stabilize the fall. But it was okay, then I entered the Bilik TV via one of the broken windows. Then I noticed that something cold was flowing from my right hand, my right palm to be exact. I asked the juniors to turn on the light, and there, blood were all over the floor. My right hand actually landed on sharp stones. So until today, you can see a 'thunderous' mark on my right hand, similar to that one on Harry Potter's forehead. Cool eh? Not!

Somebody reported it to the warden and I got my first stitch that I got to see live!
Note: I hate stitches. So I often choose not to do it, you can see the proof on my forehead.

My latest experience being a monkey was in IP Gaya. Faris, which I could not really remember his name that time, was locked outside of his room that time because his roommate went out (also can't remember who). So, I offered to get into his room and get the key from Pojie's room which was just beside theirs. How? "Through the window, then I'd climb through the small roofs and get to their room," this was my thought that time. Unfortunately, again, the tiang in the middle of the wall that separated the two rooms were slippery. I was't sure whether it was because of the paint or dusts, but my hand slipped and I fell in a slow-motion perception, with Pojie, Dutz, and other one I don't remember watching me as I struggle to hold on to the roof. I was too far so their hands could not reach me. I fell on a concrete tiled floor, backward. Pojie said he thought blood would start pouring from the back of my head. But it didn't, the only body part that actually injured that time was my left leg. Menggeletar semacam my legs as I rise from the fall and screamed, "Aku okay!"

Moral: That's why buildings should be cleaned regularly and why high-quality paint should be used!

So that's my story about climbing and falling which turned out to be a long post! Enough!

p/s: I'll upload the picture of the thunder's symbol on my right palm, whenever I want to. Hahaha!


N3_XieRRa said...[Reply]

Wahahaha...ko mmg saru sejati...;)
and to imagine those experience of urs mmg bikin aku gelak tahap gaban..ni la budak smesh *geleng2x
mgkin u shud get seriously involve with rock climbing ke plak..cewah...cam cool/pro ckit..;p
tp aku terperasan ko ckp ko berat, dun wori joe...u can do it..hehe

luxperpetua said...[Reply]

aku suke tempat tinggi tapi aku ni gayat.
tapi dulu, aku pon dipanggil monkey.ahaha

tapi skarang tak lagi.hee

Nerojei said...[Reply]

Nui: Saru forever? Meh. Oh aku memang minat rock climbing. Siapa berani jom lumba dengan aku. Tapi sekarang stamina kurang suda.

Fara: Kau pun monkey rupanya. Monkey tapi gayat, sedih la.

Sekarang ko dah evolve?

luxperpetua said...[Reply]

hahaha.aku munkey yang chomel dan nakal.
bukan yang merapu tak tentu pasal.haha

Nerojei said...[Reply]

Ooo. Gitu. Mulai besok aku panggil kau munkey boleh tak?