Saturday, March 13, 2010

Explicit Content. Do Not Proceed.

Sometimes I think the world is a place of infinite sadness.
So sad that we chose not to bother therefore we chose to be happy.
We're happy by ignoring the fucks that actually made us sad.
We chose to forget than to remember.
We chose not to see.
Yes, that includes me.
I am just too tired to bother about global warming.
Deaths of panda and whales.
Thirsty koala and the polar bear.
Those stupid penguins. Plunge, plunge to death.
I am too fucking helpless.
Blind men and women and that bluffing bastards at Section 7.
The increasingly expensive foods. Are they cooked with petrol?
Smoke and smoke and smoke more cigars and make them richer.
Citations and references and perpetuation of knowledge possession.
When I knew in the end nothing matters at all.
Everything is meant to end.
And unfortunately we can't save everything.
I'm too fucked to care.
When I can openly admit that I self-destruct.
For no reason.
I'm okay, damn it.
Yet too many fucking cats are alive. How adorable.
Sometimes I think the world that it had become today is not what it supposed to be.
The world and everything in it were made up by human's hands.
And most of them we couldn't see.
Things we wanted when we get old.
"Wanted". Why not things that we need? "Need."
Things that we want to achieve.
I want.
Money. Money. Money.
A house. In the shape of pyramid. All black inside.
A super-bike. Leyla.
Uber-cool desktop computer.
A private room for entertainment.
A large room for books that I don't really read.
A VTOL private jet.
A sniper.
10 gb/s internet connection
Someone who's always around and funny.
Like hell I want everything. I want them all.
But I hated it that I want more than I need.
I want to live a life that is mine.
Not a product of this world.
Not what it suggests.
Not what it promotes.
Not what they always said.
Do not talk about hypocrisy.
We are all a bunch of shameless hypocrites.
Do not fucking shit me.
Yet hypocrisy is subjective.
If you're not hypocrite then you're inhuman.
When you claim you're not one then you're one.
A hypocrite of hypocrisy.

Oh and by the way.
I'm perfectly fine.
Not even a sarcasm.
Just a little crazy.
But not high.
I am happy.
Though a little confused.
I am missing something.
Time is nigh.
Time is nigh.
Time is nigh.
It's time.

Anyway I know you'll proceed after all.
Now you get to meet the final boss.

The Chaos Theory


Farzen Master said...[Reply]

For some reason this post makes me LOL!!

I guess seeing some problems in life listed down as words makes it all seem trivial.

Nerojei said...[Reply]

Hahaha. Yeah I LOLed a lot writing it too.

Seems so!

Just random thoughts written into words.