Saturday, July 3, 2010


That's officially the longest word used as a title ever written in this blog.
(Wait, is the above sentence correct?)

Anyway, Monday is coming nearer and nearer and I'm getting more and more nervous, mixed with a tiny portion of excitement. God willing, things will be okay.

I'm still considering, what kind of persona should I adapt that very first day?

A. A tight and very stern look on my face.
B. Steroid OD face.
C. Angelic halo on my head.
D. Just the old plain me.
E. Chicken out and fly to Antarctic and live with polar bears.

Tough choices, man. Tough choices. Antarctic sounds like fun though.

Few things that messed with my head currently:

1. Mixed feelings. (Just like pau mixed fillings)
2. A proper AE title.
3. Early life crisis.
4. Global warming.
5. My cat back at home.
6. Identity crisis.
7. Allowance.
8. Lack of fast internet connection.
9. Impromptu decisions.

Absolutely off topic but,

God has his own way to deliver his reminder.

Really. And none shall ever know what happened.


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I suggest E. lol!

1st day mesti lah garang n tegas.. nnt drg x take serious..