Thursday, July 1, 2010

Gratitude. Digi and Celcom.

First of all, I'd like to say thanks to visitors of this blog for dropping supportive comments, after about 2 months abandonments.

I appreciate all of the comments! :)

But. The problem is I can't reply any.

I've been using the hostel's free wi-fi, no more Streamyx here. The connection is snailish, I can't seem to open the Comment link to reply any of the comments.

The second I get my allowance, I'm getting a Digi broadband. Though in general internet broadband providers suck, but at least Digi's offer is a lot better than Celcom phony promises.

Celcom Berukband

Celcom's Fair Usage Policy is about 5GB per month (the basic), for RM68 per month. The speed is 348Kbps. Mind you, kbps, not KBps. b means bits and B means bytes. So if 348kbps is converted to bytes a.k.a. the actual download speed, it's about 40-50 KBps, kilobytes per second. Bits is a smaller unit. I've tried this, after you finish the 5GB limit, trust me, the curse words you utter will be a lot faster than the internet speed. After that small 5GB limit, your connection will be throttled. "Throttled"? No, it doesn't mean that your connection will be faster, like the motorcycle throttle. Network-terminology-wise, "throttled" means your bandwidth will be down-scaled to a cute little fugly thing. Celcom's speed after the 'throttle' is about 56Kbps, if I'm not mistaken. So the actual download speed is about 5-10 KBps, the most 12? 13? Surfing is about dysfunctional at this speed, since web contents nowadays are larger compared to those dial-up connection days. Bravo.

 So how about Digi?

The basic package is RM68 last time I checked at Digi centre. No more student package as I asked the fellows. Digi's basic Fair Usage Policy is 3GB, with 700Kbps speed. Smaller download limit, but higher speed. This sounds ridiculous, since faster speed could only mean that you'll run out of that 3GB faster! However, the perk about Digi is... Drum-rolls please~~

The speed after the throttle is 128Kbps! (if I'm not mistaken but I'm quite sure)

So that's a sufficient reason why I prefer Celcom over Digi. Though actually, I'd prefer Streamyx over any of these broadband services. But I'm afraid this hostel won't permit that. Maybe, maybe, I miss my house back in Shah Alam a little.

Don't get me started about Maxis. No.

Alas, this country's internet capability is still below average.
Just be grateful, damn it!

p/s: My friends in KK told me there were Wimax banners around KK sometime ago. Now I wonder, where the heck is Wimax? Judging from KK's road flyover development, I bet it will be next year.


Dewi Batrishya said...[Reply]

They say its coming July this year..
But taking into consideration the setting up of the network,
It'll be fully functional after several months.
Life w/out fast connection SUCKS!
Hang in there!

kzee said...[Reply]

its wimax alright.mind you,its not P1.