Wednesday, July 7, 2010

So How About The All-Girls School?

I know I should work on my LP instead.

I've been in St. Francis Convent for two days. I have three classes on afternoon session.

1 Efektif.
1 Progresif.
2 Efektif.

So what about the school?

First, I'm very glad that most of the colleagues are very helpful. I've been asking them lots of questions and the teachers conveniently provide detailed list of students' performance, pinpoint the better, average, the naughty students, the attention seekers, and problematic students. I'm very, very much grateful for that.

Short descriptions about the classes:

1 Efektif
I teach English for this class. Loud. Outspoken. Very attentive. Cooperative. Polite. Likable. Quite okay in language proficiency. Had groups of manageable attention seekers. Speak English most of the time. Ask a lot of questions. I told them I came from Berlin and I said "And you believed that?"

1 Progresif.
I teach English. Pemulihan class. Less loud than 1 Efektif. Polite. Likable. Occasional chit-chats. Both average and low proficiency. Less attentive than 1 Efektif but still cooperative. I set ground rule that they MUST speak in English whenever they talk to me.

2 Efektif
I teach Civic. God, I know nothing about this subject and it's in Bahasa Melayu. I can write well in Malay but when talking in a formal manner with the language, it's a little problematic. I just can't project my voice well and maintain the formality. And less formality equals to less authority. Maybe I should use English instead. I should hit the books pretty darn hard!

All in all, two days of teaching the 2 classes, I think I began to like my two English classes.
it's kind of a difficult task to remember almost 100 names in a week.
Let's see if they'll grow more and more significant to me.

Three months!

This picture is taken from the internet, not my phone.


Dewi Batrishya said...[Reply]

LOL.. Sekadar gmbar hiasan semata mata...

Judiene said...[Reply]

i really want to look how you as a teacher
maybe you can ask one of your student to capture your moment
jealous lah!

Anonymous said...[Reply]

apa drg pggil ko? Sir? hihi.. slmt menjadi cegu~

luxperpetua said...[Reply]

all the best bro..(:
would like to see how you haha